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7 Features of a Pressure Washer that Make Everyone Love it

Is it worth the expense? There’s no question. The market for pressure washers is quickly expanding because these tools benefit consumers in more ways than one.

Should you buy or simply hire? By the end of this article you’ll probably want your very own, but luckily there are many agencies renting these innovative gadgets out to the public. So, whatever makes sense for your budget—Go for it.

What are you missing out on? Here are the 7 best features that make them value for money investments.

7 Best Features

There are many ways to get your car, pavement or roof clean. But here’s why you should be using a pressure washer. Those who do, love the results.

1. Pressure Settings

Being in control is the primary reason why you’re considering cleaning your premises or car yourself, right? You don’t want unfamiliar people around your assets. They don’t care as much as you do so they won’t be as cautious working with your belongings.

With a pressure washer at your disposal, you’re given the power you need to do a deep clean, without risking damaging your valued items. Quality pressure washers give you the option at which psi (pounds per square inch) level you want to work:

  • Use settings up to 1900 psi for general cleaning, your car’s wash, and emptying gutters
  • Washing floors and swimming pools need up to 3200 psi
  • Removing paint or stubborn marks from floors require 3800 psi

Of course, you can’t wash your car at 3000 psi because the pressure can dent the body. With a power washer, you have control so you can prevent damages. The range of options means one tool helps you clean many different features at home.

2. The You-Stay-Clean Design

When it’s time to clean up you usually get filthy yourself, right? Not with a pressure washer.

Compare washing your car with a bucket and a sponge, to using a pressure washer. The smart designs most manufacturers employ place you far from the area of contact so filthy water won’t splash over you all the time.

Even challenging tasks such as cleaning your walls or deck don’t require getting dirty by climbing on a ladder or dropping to your hands and knees. Do everything from a comfortable standing position; Then simply aim and see the dirt disappear.

As a bonus, you often won’t need any detergents as the high-pressure stream is strong enough to remove grime. This means soapy water won’t affect your plants, leave marks on your car or stain your pavement.

3. Designed for Comfort

As mentioned, these tools allow you to stand comfortably during the entire process. Top brands don’t simply invest time in making sure the power washers wash effectively; These designers also think about the users. You’ll get ergonomically designed tools that ensure you don’t get as tired as you think you would.

You also have the option of comfortably working without the hindrance of a cord if you invest in a gas pressure washer. That means no electrical outlet is required and you can use your favorite new machine anywhere on the premises.

Even if you do have access to electricity a cord can be bothersome or become a safety risk if there are children around. A portable gas unit allows you to work with peace of mind, focused on the task at hand instead of making sure you or someone else doesn’t trip over that cord all the time.

4. Space Saving Storage

When you invest in effective tools you often have to sacrifice floor and counter space. A pressure washer is quite different.

Tool boxes

Compact Design

A pressure washer is surprisingly compact and the upright design means most of your precious floor space won’t disappear. You can even consider hanging it up against a wall.

Storing Accessories

One of the perks of buying a high-end pressure washer is you’re bound to get some accessories with your unit (more about that below). Instead of making your storage space seem cluttered, many power washers have appropriate hooks or compartments to store these items. After all, you’ll use them during your cleaning session so they must be on hand at all times. Smart brands make it easy for you to carry.

5. Eco-Friendly Approach to Cleaning

The new trend of cleaning with a power washer also puts a smile on the face of a growing group of people: Environmentalists.

As mentioned you’re bound to use fewer detergents and soaps since you don’t always need them when using one of these machines. Power is enough to get rid of most dirt. That means fewer toxins find their way into water resources, the ground, and eco-systems.

You may even save water when you invest in one of these. Consumers appreciate how little water it takes to loosen dirt or even paint. In addition, water is aimed directly at the problem area instead of splashing all over the place such as when working with a bucket of water.

6. Accessories Make Everything Easier

We mentioned accessories earlier and this is a huge attraction for these kinds of cleaning utensils. A pressure washer can work even better if you attach one of these:

  • Power nozzles: A nozzle can shorten cleaning time even more by enhancing the pressure and by rotating the water stream.
  • Brushes and brooms: Apart from doing some scrubbing these make it less likely that the powerful water jets will damage the surface you’re working on.
  • Soap nozzles: Your nozzle can also help you distribute soap evenly if the detergent is necessary for the type of cleaning you’re doing. Such a nozzle ensures the soap travels as far as possible towards the surface you’re cleaning, instead of simply falling on the floor in front of you. The nozzle can also help create a foam which works well when cleaning cars.

Once again they minimize the effort you put in and you don’t have to exert power or scrub with your own hands. The tools do it all.

7. User-Friendly Wheels, Hoses, and Cords

Brands keep on innovating and making appliances more user-friendly. Your modern pressure washer may have wheels to make it easier to transport the unit to where you need it. Why carry it if you can pull it along?

Hoses and electrical cords can easily become safety risks, but popular models have specially designed bodies: You can either roll them up tight and store them on the machine, or remove them completely to safely place in a cupboard.

If you use a pressure washer near your lawn, it might wash away some all the glyphosate or fertilizations on your lawn. So, make sure that you keep an eye on the amount of glyphosate or fertilizer you’re providing your plants regularly. 


Pressure washers have evolved from simply being handy tools for professionals to bring the appliances every household should have…you’ll instantly fall in love with yours. They’re user-friendly, effective and puts you back in control of managing a certain aspect of your life: Cleaning can now be fun.

When are you ordering yours?