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How to Set An Electrical Outlet: Follow These 5 Easy Steps!

An electrical outlet is as important as it may need anywhere at any time.

But you can not fix that issue as you don’t know how to do that. You either call an electrician or change the plan.

You can actually do it and that is simpler than you think.

How to set an electrical outlet anywhere I need it?

To set up an electrical outlet, you first fix the place. Then install the electrical box which can be either metallic or non-metallic. After that, you measure and cut the surface accordingly. Install the wire after that. And finally, install the receptacle to finish off the setup.

This is just the introduction to the main part. You can get into the details that we got here coming up. 

Get started now!

How Do I Set An Electrical Outlet Anywhere I Need It?

Setting up an electrical outlet at random places may be needed at times. This can be for various reasons like removing and fixing a sunken electrical outlet.

And setting an electrical outlet does not require an electrician all the time. You can do it on your own. But you need to know about the steps properly.

If you do not understand how to go one after another, there will be issues. And that is why people are nervous or confused about it. 

Fortunately, today we have got the entire process with detailed steps. You can follow these to get it done completely. But before that, you need the tools and supplies.

The first thing is the electrical outlet. With that, you need a metallic or non-metallic electrical box, gauge wire, and plier. 

Do not forget an anti-cutter, screwdriver and drywall saw too. Once you have these, take a look at our steps to get started.

Step 1: Fix Your Desired Place

The first thing is to fix the location of your installation. Observe the place for a few minutes where you want to install the outlet.

You most probably are going to set it up on the drywall. Now, measure 12 inches from the base or floor to place the outlet. 

But if you want to put the outlet at a greater height for safety, you can do it. Just make sure it is at least at a height of 12 inches or 1 foot.

Once you set the place, you need to turn off the power supply. It’s always better to turn off the power supply when you are working with electrical stuff.

You can just turn off the power of the particular room or area. So that you get power everywhere other than the place.

Step 2: Install The Electrical Box 

Now, you need to take the electrical box. This step is crucial as making mistakes may lead to common electrical accidents.

Remember that it can be the metallic or the non-metallic ones too. It really does not matter but the durability. 

The metallic electrical boxes are life guaranteed. Whereas, the non-metallic ones may be damaged after 20 to 30 years.

To install the box, you need to find the stud first. Once you locate it, mark the place and you need to place it at the edge.

Once you mark the edge, place your electrical box on it. And then mark the other 3 sides to install the box at the place. 

Step 3: Cut The Surface

There are a number of ways to cut the surface actually. But let us go with the most common way that is followed.

Take your anti-cutter and start cutting on the mark of the electrical box. You can not do it for a while. But you rather have to keep on cutting until you cut through the surface.

Once you cut the surface, take the drywall saw and keep on going further. Like, you need to keep on sawing with the drywall saw.

If you want, you may use an oscillating tool as well. That would actually be easier than using the drywall saw.

But if you do not have an oscillating tool, don’t worry. Take a look at our suggestions.

Product 1
Product 2

Hope this helps!

Once you get the oscillating tool, cut the surface and take the remaining part off. After that, rub off the surface a bit to get off any dust or debris.

Remember that cutting off the surface needs patience. Because people often overcut the surface. But you can still fix the overcut drywall for an electrical outlet though.

Step 4: Install The Wire

This time you need to install the wire. Take the cable and pull it about 8 inches out of the box. Then cut the cable about 2 inches to expose the wire inside. 

Just cut it on a side and then tear it up to the point. But make sure you do not overcut the cable. 

Because that would just spoil the wire that you are using. And you may also fall short if you cut longer than you need to do so. Once you cut the cable, you would see the inner wire.

To be precise, you notice 3 wires and take them out. You would see a white wire and a black wire as well. Along with that, there would be another wire too.

Now, you need to reckon the wires. The white one is the neutral one and the black is the hot wire.

And the last one would be the ground wire. Now, take the plier and strip the black and white wire. 

Step 5: Install The Receptacle

Now you install the receptacle. You would see 4 ports covered with screws where you connect the wires. But don’t worry as the ports indicate where to connect which wire.

But remember that you would notice the push in terminals. And you must not try to use those. Because those terminals may be problematic to use.

Now, take the voltage meter and inspect the wire of the box. See, if there is any current in the wire and ensure no current is there. 

Then curve those 3 wires and make a loop with the plier. You do this to attach the wires with the screws of the receptacle. 

To attach the wires to that, you first loosen the screws of the terminals. After attaching the wires, you tighten the screws. 

Now, you just need to push all the wires into the electrical box. And then place the receptacle to fit properly. 

You tighten the receptacle, screwing it onto the box. There would be 2 screws up and down the receptacle. 

You know some people consider tightening only one of the screws. But it is better to tighten both of the screws properly. 

Finally, you put on the cover to finish off the electrical outlet installation. And that is how you can add an electrical outlet anywhere you want.

Remember that some people try to get the electrical outlet or switch wrapped by tape. But you need to know about the legal issues of this if you want to do it too.

And other than this if you have found any issue, do not overlook it. Because you need to look at any kind of issues related to electrical stuff.

For any special assistance, you can reach an electrician. Make sure you do not bear any kind of risks or undesirable consequences.

Precautions While Adding an Electrical Outlet

I took a few precautions while adding an electrical outlet:

  • You need to ensure the legal issues before you start working with an electrical outlet.
  • Make sure that the electrical outlet is not anywhere around a wet place.
  • You need to take safety measures like turning off the power and no wet hands.
  • Do not keep any children around the place while you are working with the outlet.

These are the few precautions you need to take while adding an electrical outlet.


Is it actually safe for someone to set up an electrical outlet?

Yes, it is safe for anyone to set up an electrical outlet. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or an electrician, anyone can do it. If you can follow the general guidelines and safety measures, you would be fine. In fact, this would just save your money as well.

Can I include a switch to the electrical outlet I set up?

Yes, you can definitely include a switch to the electrical outlet you set up. In fact, there are some electrical outlets which definitely need a switch to be included. But remember that a switch may be complex to add at times. This is because of the internal structure of the wall.

Can I run the electrical outlet just after I set it up?

Yes, you can run the electrical outlet just after you set it up. You do not have to be waiting for anything. You can get started whenever you have finished up all the processes. But make sure you test the outlet before you get started finally. A small appliance would be better for this.

The Final Words

Now you know how to set an electrical outlet anywhere you need to! You must not have any more confusion left regarding this now.

But remember one thing about it. Try not to add an electrical outlet very close to a water area. That means, see if there is any watery stuff around. In that case, it would be risky due to probable accidents.

Be very careful about it!