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How to Tell The Age of A Griswold Skillet [5 Options]

It’s very confusing to determine the age of Griswold’s skillet that’s lying in your pen tray. But it’s very important to find the age to evaluate the skillet as an antique. 

How to tell the age of the Griswold skillet? 

Griswold frequently changes their logo and sign. Notice the mark on the bottom of the skillet. Generally, the city mark Erie can be a sign of determining the age. Check for signs and the style of the logo to determine the age. The logo can be written in different styles, italic or bold. 

You might still be very cloudy about this matter. Read the detailed article to clear your head out!

Tell The Age Of A Griswold Skillet in 5 Ways 

Are you a passionate cook or collector of fine antiques? The Griswold skillet is always a good antique to furnish your painted kitchen cabinet

Griswold skillets are highly valued, collectible and rare. And those attack the real collector’s attention and American history lovers.

Griswold company started to produce hinges and accessories in 1865. And expanded their production to cast iron in 1870. 

And you can say they are two centuries long. 

If you have a Griswold skillet laying in your pantry, it could be worth a great fortune. 

But like any other antique the condition and the age of the skillet matter the most. That’s why it’s best if you find out the correct age of your antique skillet. 

With the proper knowledge it’s easy to find out the exact age of the pan. Because the Griswold company has reputedly changed its logo every year. 

Here we have some options for you. If you notice that then you may be able to know the age of your Griswold Skillet. 

Option 1: Erie 1st Generation Skillet 

Check for the manufactured city name. The city name was generally listed on the bottom of the skillet. 

Some of the oldest skillets have the city name erie listed on them. If you have a skillet that has the city name listed erie and doesn’t have any accompanying name. 

Then you can say the skillets were manufactured between 1865 to 1909. And it is the first phase of the iron-cast skillet. 

Also, it has a higher value to the collectors. 

Option 2: Griswold Diamond Mark Skillet

Generally, you will find the mark on the bottom of the skillet. The mark may vary from one another. 

But the placement was permanently set at the bottom of the iron cast skillet. 

If you have a skillet that has the diamond shape on it, and also the Griswold logo then you can say you have got a piece of history. 

It is considered that the diamond logo Griswold skillet was only manufactured for one year. From 1905 to 1906. 

That’s why it’s a very rare item. And it has a huge value to the collectors.

If your Griswold skillet doesn’t have the diamond logo on it then you can look for the slanted logo. 

It is considered that Griswold manufactured the slant logo skillets between the years 1906 to 1957. 

You might have a skillet that has the circle cross slant logo on it. And below that it has only the city name erie and doesn’t have any pa, USA stamps. 

Then you can say your skillet was manufactured between 1906 to 1916. 

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If you have a skillet that has the same circle cross slant logo but it has also stamped the city name Erie , pa, USA then you can say it’s from the period 1906 to 1926. 

If you have a single circle cross slant Griswold logo skillet. Which does not have any city name then you can say it’s from the period of 1909 to 1920. 

You can say from 1906 to 1920 the Griswold company manufactured three variants. 

If you have a Griswold circle cross-block logo. Also which have the city name erie, pa, USA and the heat ring. 

Then you can say your skillet is from the period of 1920 to 1930. 

If your Griswold circle cross-block logo doesn’t have any heat ring and Italian lettering. 

Then you can say your Griswold skillet is from the manufactured period of 1930 to 1939. 

Option 5: Small Block Logo Griswold 

If you got a skillet that has the small circle cross-block logo. And underneath the logo, it has stamps Erie, pa but doesn’t have the USA stamps. 

Then you can say your skillet is from the period of 1939 to 1957. Also, you can say these are the last generation Griswold skillet.

So, you are now familiar with 5 methods. You might notice a griswold skillet in your friend’s kitchen or in a commercial kitchen.Well, now you can figure out the age.


Question: What is the rarest Griswold skillet? 

Answer: One of the rarest Griswold Skillet is the block  Erie, pa, USA ( bepu). Because at that period few were made.

Question: What is Griswold skillet worth? 

Answer:  The value of a Griswold skillet can be similar to a new one but an antique skillet can be worth up to $1,500. 

Question: why are Griswold skillets so expensive? 

Answer: The Griswold skillet is so expensive because it is built with higher quality materials. And it has higher durability. Also, the company got a quiet reputation.


Thank you for reading the whole article. Hope now you are well known about how to tell the age of a Griswold skillet

Griswold skillets are one of the collective items for American history lovers. You can collect them or you can use them as a skillet. 

Best of luck with your Griswold skillet!