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Are Antique Mirrors Considered a Traditional or a Contemporary Style?

Mirrors are such beautiful enhancements to any style and décor. They serve a functional purpose while adding grandeur to the space they are placed within. Antiques further these qualities by adding value to the mirror and history to the overall home. With a significant amount of time to their story, antique mirrors offer much more than a simple reflection. 

If it looks classic, why is it used in contemporary interior décor?

Contemporary décor is always changing. To be contemporary means to be current in the latest fashions and designs. With how things are presently being decorated, classic fashion has returned to the mainstream. With a focus on simple lines and clean edges, classic items, such as mirrors, are used in modern homes and offices no matter the style. 

Classic décor lands more than just aesthetic appeal, it also provides history and roots to the room. A classical antiqued mirror can act as a conversation piece or a focal point. The overall scheme of the room may then flow from one area to the next as your design elements work together in harmony. 

Also, some styles work best when they’re arranged in contrast to another décor choice, simply to highlight certain items. This is true for mirrors. While a room might be decorated in a fashion style such as rustic western or bohemian, adding a classic mirror will differentiate the living space and add dimension to the overall appeal. 

Where should I use Antique Mirrors?

Antique mirrors look amazing in many places throughout the home. Some of the most common areas include vanities, centerpieces in hallways, and as a highlight to an entryway. There are other trendy spots where antique mirrors can add charm and bolster the interior design. 

The Antique Mirror Splash back

The novel idea to add a mirrored splashback is decorating genius. Placing the mirror behind a cooktop in the kitchen provides numerous benefits. The wall, which is now a mirror, is cleaned easily without the use of harsh chemicals. Glass will not absorb the grease and grime of cooking as wood or vinyl may. Also, the mirrored surface captures light and adds to the openness of the room. This is especially helpful for a small kitchen. 

The Antique Mirror Ceiling

Installing antique mirrors to a ceiling is the perfect way to brighten and open a small or dimly lit area. Because the glass catches and reflects light throughout the day, the room will always appear warm and inviting. This expanse of light increases the illusion of space, making the room feel taller and wider than it truly is. This effect is in use in even the smallest details, with the mirrored tiles accenting light fixtures and focal points.

Types and Designs of Antique Mirror Glass

As with all types of mirrors, there are certain types and designs that are well-known and go with most décor styles. Each mirror is as unique as its appearance as it is in bringing fashion to the room.

Various Glass Types

Though the shape of the mirror can heavily influence the style, so too can the glass itself. With the popular choices being metallic veins, cloudiness, water spots, and crackles, these glass appliques can greatly alter the mood of your interior decoration.

The Foxed Mirror: having brown spots on the mirror glass to appear aged

Foxing, which refers to the brown spots that are added to the glass to make it appear aged, is a stylistic choice that resonates with traditional and contemporary décor options alike.

The Baroque Mirror: bordered by craved designs and natural theme

Luxurious and dramatic, these mirrors are bordered by intricately carved designs and elaborate nature-themed details.

The Starburst Mirror: resembles the rays of the sun

Aptly named for having an outer ring that resembles the rays of the sun, this mirror has been a staple to the furnishings in Europe for the last 100 years.

The Eglomise Mirror: metallic leaves like style on backside of the mirror glass

Given its name because of how the backside of the glass is decorated with metallic leaves, this mirror style is delicate and charming.

How are Antique Mirrors suitable for both traditional and contemporary styles?

Antique mirrors are beautiful in any style choice, including contemporary and traditional. With each décor focusing on different elements and textures, one thing is for certain: a solid and bold mirror can tie together the whole look.

In contemporary style, an antique mirror glass offers stability and substance. Using a large, heavy antique mirror as a centerpiece for a wall arrangement can give the modern appeal of the room added value. 

For the traditional style, an antique mirror provides the emphasis needed to draw the elements together and strengthen the overall elegance of the space.

Regardless of the design choice, mirrors bring beauty and light into the home, increasing the stylishness while offering quality.   

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