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AquaPEX vs PEX: Which One Should You Choose?

Wondering which pipe would build the best leak-proof piping system between AquaPEX and PEX? Then proper research is a must, especially if you’re new to plumbing. 

It’s not your fault if you confuse AquaPEX and PEX.It’s quite obvious as their names also give out a vibe of similarity among them. That’s why we’ve come to your rescue.

Which one to go for: AquaPEX vs PEX?

AquaPEX is better when it comes to kink resistance. PEX on the other hand has a wider collection for you to choose from. Both provide almost the same longevity. Strength and flexibility are better in AquaPEX pipes.

This short overview might seem too vague for you to differentiate. You obviously can’t decide without more information. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the details you need right here-

AquaPEX vs PEX: A Quick Review!

AquaPEX and PEX are both great choices in their own fields. But there’s a number of insignificance that sets their ground apart. To help you differentiate, we’ve made the following table:

TypesHas no specific typePEX-A, PEX-B, PEX-C
Strength & FlexibilityVery strong & flexibleVaries according to type
DurabilityAbout 50 yearsVaries according to type
Temperature resistanceCan resist both hot and coldVaries according to type

You might still be confused about which one of the pipes to use. It’s not unusual to face such a dilemma if it’s your first time.

That’s why we’ve prepared a head-to-head comparison between the two. It has all the details you need to decide which one fits your criteria better. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

AquaPEX vs PEX: A Detailed Comparison!

To ensure proper comparison, we’ve laid out all the details for you. We hope this segment will answer all your questions. Keep reading-


When buying pipes, we understand that pricing is important. The price of AquaPEX and PEX doesn’t have much unbearable difference. 

AquaPEX’s price starts from $0.35/foot. That might sound cheap but there are additional costs. For instance, the 90° elbow cost $1.00 each, while the sleeves cost around $.15 each.

PEX on the other hand costs $0.50-$2.00/foot along with additional costs. The 90° elbows cost around $1.44 and the sleeves cost $0.20. 

Keep in mind, the prices might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

An elbow is important even if it costs more. Here are some great elbow recommendations for you:


Now that this is out of the way, let’s move on to the types!

Types of AquaPex And PEX

Just like different options of PVC pipes, you have several options for PEX pipes. When it comes to AquaPEX, there are no specific types. AquaPEX is actually a PEX-A. On the other hand, PEX has three main types. And they are PEX-A, PEX-B, and PEX-C.

In industry, the Engle method is the go to method to form and create a PEX-A pipe. It’s also known as a hot cross-linking method. This certain method gives the PEX-A pipe consistency, the desired cross linking uniformity and the accurate control of degree. 

PEX-B is usually made using the Silane or moisture cure method. Chemical crosslinking is performed here, resulting in a much stiffer product than PEX-A.

PEX-C is manufactured using irradiation, a method of cross-linking. In this method, the tubing is evenly crossed. And it leaves no weak links in the chemical chain.

You just need to do a little research on the sizes of PEX for your bathroom and you’ll be all set!

Strength And Flexibility

When it comes to the deciding factors, strength and flexibility are the first in the row. Lack of these aspects can render your PEX useless.

In terms of AquaPEX or PEX-A, they are extremely strong. They can withstand a burst pressure of 800 psi. These pipes are also the most flexible out of all PEXs. If there are any kinks, they can be fixed with heat guns. PEX-A can also be buried underground if needed.

On the contrary, PEX pipes are not very flexible. If there are kinks, they can’t be fixed. PEX-B and PEX-C pipes can withstand a pressure of 160-475 psi or more. But temperature plays a huge role here.

If you’re still concerned, you can do a pressure test on your PEX at home.


Durability varies from PEX to PEX. AquaPEX is said to last for 50 years, while PEX is said to last for 40 years. 

Both the products have an average guarantee of 25-30 years.

Temperature Resistance:

When it comes to resistance, AquaPEX has the best freeze performance and kink resistance. AquaPEX can withstand up to a temperature of 200°F.

PEX on the other hand is slightly less freeze resistant. Different types of PEX can withstand a temperature of 180-200°F.

Special Tip

All PEX pipe manufacturers print the ASTM code of compatible fittings on their pipes. Be sure to verify you’re using an approved fitting system. This will help you to make the best PEX connection

Final Thoughts

Still confused? Let us shed some light to clear your doubts.

If you’re looking for durability and flexibility, AquaPEX is the one for you. It can even be fixed if there are kinks.

But if flexibility, strength, and durability aren’t a factor, pick PEX pipes. They have a variety of pipes for you to choose from. And the fitting cost is 2-3 times less than AquaPEX.

We hope you now know which pipe is compatible with you. 


Question: Can I use PEX to install a tub spout?

Answer: No, you can’t. Because PEX pipes cannot withstand the weight of a tub spout. It’s better to use any other type of piping.

Question: Is PEX toxic?

Answer: No, PEX is not toxic. Through various lab tests, PEX has been proven to be safe and durable.

Question: Is PEX ok for potable water?

Answer: There is no health risk associated with potable water from PEX. Some PEX-pipes might cause unwanted taste and odor. If the water remains in the pipes over time.


Using the right product is very important when it comes to plumbing. We hope you can now choose between AquaPEX vs PEX pipes. We are sure you will pick the best one.

See you next time! Happy plumbing!