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Attic Temperature vs Outside Temperature: Compared!

An attic is definitely a very small part of your house. But it actually plays a big role in your place. Because it can change the way you live there. An attic is enough to drive your monthly bills. And remember all these happen for its temperature.

What is the difference between an attic temperature vs outside temperature?

The attic temperature is definitely way more than the outside temperature in general. But in winter, the warmth of an attic is actually comfortable. Because it is not hot. But in the summertime, the attic gets so hot that it becomes a human oven. Thus, you need to maintain its temperature accordingly.

This is not the entire part that can fix your concern. Rather you need to read along as I have got here everything in detail.

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Comparison of Attic Temperature and Outside Temperature

Maintaining the attic temperature is important. The attic temperature generally contrasts with the outside temperature.

Here, we can see how to compensate for the temperature accordingly.

What is the Temperature that the Attic Needs to Maintain?

I think we have always been trying to maintain a balanced temperature in our attic. But it turned out to be not that easy, to be honest.

The first thing we are confused about is the temperature inside and outside. Well, the temperature of our attic should be close to the outside temperature.

But it actually varies a bit in seasons. That is mainly the temperature of the attic in summer and winter. 

The rest seasons don’t actually have that much significance on the attic temperature. Now, what would be the ideal temperature in these seasons?

In summer, the temperature should be around 15 degrees, compared to the outside temperature. 

The attic temperature does not even remain close to the outside temperature. Because it keeps on increasing rapidly in the daytime.

You know, the attic temperature tends to increase a lot in summer. But you need to make sure the temperature is balanced. 

Or else, you would feel like microwaving yourself. Because the temperature would be close to an oven or cooker. But remember this can be good to keep off bats, if any.

In contrast to that, the attic temperature in winter falls significantly. The temperature is close to the outside temperature. 

But that wouldn’t be comfortable at all as the temperature is very low in winter. Although the attic might stay a bit warmer, it might still be uncomfortable.

Thus, maintaining a balanced temperature in your attic depends on different seasons.

How to Maintain Attic Temperature in Summer?

You already know that the temperature in summer is too high. It can exceed more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit in no time. 

As a result, you must maintain the temperature of the attic properly. A lot of people get confused about maintaining this. But I have got here how you can do it very simply.

Build A Ventilator

For an attic, ventilation is really crucial. You can build a ventilator for your attic. And the ventilation has to be properly built. These can either be ventilation fans or ridge vents.

You need to make sure that the ventilation is good enough to have proper airflow. This would help the attic to let out the air regularly. 

Thus, there would be no congregation of hot air in the attic. This keeps the attic at a balanced temperature with proper airflow.

This is how you can maintain a balanced attic temperature in summer.

Trying to get a ventilation fan for this? Here’s an idea:

Product 1
Product 2

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How Would The Attic Temperature in Summer Affect You?

Attic temperature can actually affect you significantly. But how? Well, although the attic is a small part of your house, it can drive the environment. 

And this would actually cost a lot like installing central air and heat.

In the summertime, the temperature of the attic can rise rapidly. And this would increase the temperature of your entire house too.

To counter this heat back, you have to lessen the temperature. Thus, you must keep your fans and the air conditioner turned on all around.

And that would actually need to have a continuation to cope with the heat. This would increase the electricity usage of your house significantly.

As a result, your electricity bills would go up so high in the sky. And that is the effect that you would have on the attic temperature.

If you can keep your house at a balanced temperature, you would be fine. Or else, you might fall sick in no time due to this heat.

How To Maintain Attic Temperature in Winter?

If you live in cold regions, an attic can be great in winter. Because the attic of your house is generally warmer than the outside temperature.

When it is winter, the attic is comfortable as it keeps warmer. But if there is ventilation, the attic might get cold.

In that case, try to block the ventilation for a certain period. This would help to preserve the warmth of the attic.

But do not just try to take the warmth of your furnace to the attic. This would wipe away the comfort that you need. 

This is how you maintain the attic temperature in winter.


Question: How hot can an attic get in summer?

Answer: Well, an attic can get hotter than you could imagine in summer. An attic without proper ventilation can get as hot as 150 degrees celsius. And it is so hot that it can cook any food item. An attic gets hot as there is improper or less airflow due to no or poor ventilation.

Question: What is the average temperature of an attic in winter?

Answer: An attic has generally the temperature as the outside with proper ventilation. But bad ventilation can make it hotter. In winter, the attic remains a bit warmer than the temperature outside. It could be around 5 degrees Celsius warmer. Thus, an attic is comfortable in winter.

Question: Can I measure the temperature of my attic?

Answer: Yes, you can at least give it a try to measure the temperature of your attic. It might not always be accurate but would be close. You can use a temperature calculator for this if you have one. In addition, you can also measure the temperature from the air passing through vents.

The Final Words

Now you know all about the attic temperature vs outside temperature! I assure you that you have got enough information about your concern.

Remember one thing. If you can then build a small window in your attic. This would keep your attic even more balanced with temperature. And you would be able to feel the freshness.

All the best!