How to Get Sticky Feeling Out of Carpet: The Complete Guide

How to Get Sticky Feeling Out of Carpet

Carpet cleaning products are applied with hot water and high pressure. While these products clean your carpet, they can leave some of the cleaning agents behind that results in a sticky feeling.  How to get sticky feeling out of carpet? You have to follow a 6-step process to get the sticky feeling out of your … Read more

How to Hide A Camera in Your Bathroom

How to hide a camera in your bathroom

Hiding a camera in the bathroom can be quite reasonable for someone’s safety. Some might find it creepy, but you have your reasons. However, hiding a camera can be really tricky for you. If you are searching for how to hide a camera in your bathroom, we’re going to help you with that today.  In … Read more

How to Clean Aluminum Door Threshold

How to clean aluminum door threshold

We get it, you’re worried about the threshold of your door. Besides, it doesn’t look pleasant either with white chalky substances built upon it.  As if that’s not enough, these white chalky substances can further damage your thresholds. Turns out, these substances are corrosion which can destroy the metal on your thresholds permanently.  How to … Read more