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Autotrol 460i Troubleshooting: All You Need to Know

The Autotrol 460i has become a popular name in water softening. 

Just like any other appliance, the Autotrol 460i can have problems. So, knowing how to solve any problem can be crucial. Solving problems early can massively improve the longevity of your softener. 

What is the basic Autotrol 460i troubleshooting? 

There are a few common problems in the Autotrol 460i. These include problems with the display, defective circuit boards and switches, closed pipes, etc. You have to understand the problem first and then solve it accordingly. The solutions include fixing regulators and timers and replacing faulty parts.

These are only a summary of the entire troubleshooting. In this article, we’re going to discuss troubleshooting for the Autotrol 460i. If you have a minute, read along.

Let’s begin!

Autotrol 460i Troubleshooting: Problems And Solutions 

The Autotrol 460i can have several problems. Understanding what the problem is can make the repair process a lot easier. It will save you time as well as additional effort. 

Here are a few common problems for the Autotrol 460i and similar water softeners. With the ways to solve them-

Control Regeneration Problems 

Your water softener is supposed to clean itself. Termed regeneration, the Sodium in the salt you use in your softener will soften the residues. Afterwards, it will remove the excess from the drain pipe. 

Usually, regeneration happens once a day. You set the time for the regeneration, and the machine does the rest. However, in some cases, the regeneration might continue for too long. In other situations, it might happen at the wrong time. 

The most common problem with regeneration is controlling it. The regeneration might not work even after turning it on manually. This generally happens due to a broken controller or timer. 


To begin with, check the timer of Autotrol 460i. It could be stuck, or the clock might not be working. In that case, you need to reset the timer and clock. You have to open the jumper to access the timer.

Use a small nail or tweezer to open the jumper first. Then, press the time set button to set the time accordingly. Keep in mind that the factory-set time is 2:00 am. If you haven’t changed the time, but it’s not at 2:00 am, there’s a problem.

First, set the time to the factory-set version to reset the timer. Once the timer has been reset, set your preferred time. This should fix the issues with your timer. 

If the problems continue, it means your timer is out of order. In that case, you need to get your timer replaced. 

Water Flow Display issues

The water flow display shows what’s going on with your Autotrol 460i. Whether it’s at rest or flowing is shown in the display. Sometimes, the display might not give the correct reading.

Your display might not show whether water is flowing through it or not. This is due to problems with the valve or the meter probe. If any connections aren’t in place, it won’t give the correct reading. 


To deal with this, you have to check the connections. Make sure your softener is getting the right amount of water and the correct pressure. In case your water valve turns continuously, it might affect the pressure. Thus, affecting the right amount of pressure.

Check the bypass valve in Autotrol as well. If it’s not working, the meter won’t respond. Finally, open the meter turbine rotation. Look for any foreign material like stones or debris blocking the passage. 

If there is something, clear it out with small tweezers. Since the space is pretty tiny, be very careful. Otherwise, you might damage any other part. 

In case you’re wondering what right kind of tweezers to use, check our suggestions:

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These are some of the best we could find! Check them out for more.

Water Quantity Issues

While this isn’t a common problem, this can happen as well. This means your regeneration cycle is at fault. As a result, you aren’t getting the water you need. Thus, exposing your system to hard water. 

The water hardness could damage your pipes, thus losing water. So, check if you need to repair your leaking PVC pipes first.

This could happen due to multiple reasons, which include improper regeneration, incorrect salt setting, leakages, etc. You should immediately be cautious if you notice something like this with your Autotrol. 


Firstly, use a resin cleaner to give the entire softener a cleaning. Remove any dirt or debris that might obstruct the flow or reduce output. Also, if you can check pH, check whether the hardness has increased or not. 

In that case, set the hardness to the new value. Add extra salt to make up for the new settings. However, be careful with the salt. Keep in mind that salt can kill the grass. So, prevent it from coming in contact with it!

With that, we’ve discussed the details of Autotrol 460i troubleshooting. We have discussed the problems, as well as the solutions!


How to tell if my softener is clogged? 

The easiest way to tell is by checking the water quality. If the water’s softness decreases considerably, the machine might be stuck. Check all the pipes and see if anything is stuck!

Should a water softener be whole all the time? 

The water softener should be at least a quarter filled all the time. However, if it’s filled, check the water movements. If the water is flowing, you’re good to go!

Can you add too much salt to your softener? 

Yes, you can put too much salt. Add only the amount of salt your manual suggests. Too much salt can cause residues and harm regeneration. 

Final Words

The Autotrol 460i is a fantastic water softener. It’s ideal for most small households. Although it’s pretty sturdy, it can have problems here and there. And that’s where we come in! 

We’ve discussed everything you need to know about Autotrol 460i troubleshooting here. 

Good luck!