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Bath Fitters Cost: Budget And What To Consider

Bath fitters improve the appearance of your bathroom to a great extent. So, you should have them at the top of your list if you plan to renovate. After all, they’re affordable, long-lasting, and simple to install.

How much bath fitters cost?

Installation charges for a bath fitter start at $1,000. And in the most costly instance, goes up to $10,000. If your bathroom is in decent shape, you may be able to save money. However, a couple of other elements need to be taken into account. This includes the material cost, accessories, color, plumbing, etc.

This is just the overview of the whole detailed costing. If you want to learn more, keep reading to the bottom.

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Bath Fitter Cost: Total Expenditure

A bath fitter’s installation costs start at $1,000. The cost is only 15-20% of the cost of furnishing a house of 2000 sq. ft

The ultimate bill will be determined by how many elements you consider. Nevertheless, this covers your desires as well as the state of your bathroom. For expensive cases, it might cost you around $10,000.

Bathtub liners are one of the large spots of expenditure. They might cost anything from $700 to $1,400. 

You can try to put it together on your own, but you risk cracks and fractures. Water will gather under the cover over time, posing a significant hazard. This water causes unpleasant smells and mold growth.

You may save money if your bathroom is in good condition and only requires minor prep work. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace the entire shower valve and install a new liner with anti-microbial properties. You can also use peroxide to kill bacteria. The cost of a bath fitter in this scenario is between $5,000 and $7,000.

Factors That Influence Bath Fitter Prices

When determining the cost, there are a few factors to take into consideration. These factors are, in fact, quite important as they affect your costing indirectly to certain extents.

Fitter Material 

The bathtub materials you select will have a major impact on the cost of a bath fitting. Because there is premium quality and then there are cheaper alternatives. PVC vinyl liners, which are considerably less expensive than acrylic liners, are now available. You may save anywhere from $300 to $500 this way.

PVC vinyl, on the other hand, is not the cheapest alternative on the market. Liners made of fiberglass might cost as low as $200. If you want a more premium option with an exquisite marble look, you’ll have to pay more. It can cost you around $2000 only on the bath liner.

If you want astonishing fiberglass liners but don’t know where to find them, we’ve got your back:

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These fiberglass liners are popular and well known for their astonishing look. They will provide you the satisfaction you seek to find.

Bathtub Size and Panel Area Color

The larger your bathtub, the more money you’ll have to spend. The surface area of the walls is in the same position.

There are hundreds of hues available on the market in addition to the basic colors. You can choose with a gleaming or matte surface, imitation marble, or something entirely unique. The cost will be determined by your selections.

Plumbing & Bathroom State

The cost of a bath fitter also differs here. It will be determined by the state of your bathroom’s pipes and drains. Talking about pipes, try to know different PVC pipe types before installing them. You’ll have to replace rusted pipes with galvanized pipes, which will cost you extra money. 

There is a significant price difference here. It’s between mold that is just present in traces and mold that has completely coated the walls.  When the work entails additional cleaning, you may expect a higher fee.


The accessories for a good bath fitter might become a huge deal in cost. Some of the most expensive items include faucets, grab bars, shower shelves, soap dishes, and flooring. These elements give the bathroom a personal touch. But they can raise the cost of a bath fitter by up to 20%. 

Also, you’ll have to add good-quality faucets to your list. You might consider choosing between Moen or Pfister bathroom faucets

These were all the factors we could come up with that can indulge with your pricing. We hope you keep the facts in mind while proceeding towards the renovation. 


Question: What can be used as an alternative to bath fitters?

Answer: Even a bath fitter has options because there are various ways to restore an outdated bathtub. An old bathtub may be covered with a PVC plastic cover. You can also use bath covers. Or, you may also purchase bespoke bath liners from a variety of vendors online.

Question: How long do bath fitters last?

Answer: Liners would barely last two to five years on average. Bath Fitter will endure for 5 to 10 years if high-end, glossy acrylic liners are used. However, with appropriate care, you may expect it to survive for as long as your house does.

Question: Is ‘replacement cost’ less than ‘bath fitter cost’?

Answer: No, replacement cost is way more than bath fitters cost. To build a new bathtub, you need to budget around $3,000 at first. The cost rises if you add new tiles and plumbing work. TThe more modifications you need to make, the more money you’ll have to spend.

Wind Up

You’ve learned how much bath fitters cost. Before you choose a bath fitter, consider your options. It will update and modernize your bathroom.

Keep in mind that most manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty. So your investment will pay you in the long run. However, thorough market research is required because costs vary substantially.

All the best!