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Beech vs Birch: Which One Gets To Be Your Top Choice?

Some guy somewhere might have suggested you acquire beech or birch woods. This is to help you out in your DIY wood furnishing projects. Since you have to choose one of the two, it should not be a difficult task.

The detailed beech vs birch comparison factors are going to assist you. 

Of the two kinds of wood, beech is harder and stronger than birch. It also has a varied colored texture although the birch can resist external pressure better. The birch becomes the winner with better moisture resistance, wood density, and easy-to-sand features. Both make the best end products.

At this moment, I want to invite you into paying a closer inspection. With this, you will realize which one of these woods is more suitable for you.

A Quick Comparison [Beech vs Birch]

Hardness Scale1300 lbf (5782 N)1260 lbf (5600 N)
ColorYellow And Reddish White (Darker Fading)Lighter Than Most Wood
External Pressure ResistanceEasy To Curve And ShapeBest Sealing Surface
Wood Used ForSimple Home Decor ProductsHigh-End Furniture
Moisture Sensitivity MoreLess
Wood Density650 kg/m3720 kg/m3
Sanding And StainingDifficultEasy

In the first attempt to compare beech vs birch will make you notice something. The noticing point is about the similarity. They have similar attributes of being the hardest woods in the world.

Keeping that factor aside, they have many differences. The chart above indicates seven different scenarios. They showcase completely different attributes when it comes to these factors.

Let me help you to dive deep into the matters.

Going In-Depth With Beech vs Birch Comparison

Good woods have a lot of fascinating qualities. Such qualities allow things to happen in terms of creating varieties of finishing products. In the beech vs birch strength comparison, no one wins the race.

I have not gone deep into the comparison related to the cost factor. The cost area depends on how the wood finishing is made. These are the retail values, something you should not consider.

The end product pricing that is done is similar for both the woods. The durability factors are not going to be stressed as well. This is because it depends on how the respected woods are coated and painted.

For example, while installing granite countertops, which wood will you be using? Choosing from beech and birch would depend on how the products are placed. This is in the retail market.

For any DIY projects, you can go wholesale directly. That means you will be looking at the differences carefully.

Hardness Scale

There is nothing to separate the two in the hardness department. If you want, you can take the numbers seriously. The beech wood is 40 lbf harder than the birch wood.

In the birch vs beech hardness comparison, there is a thing to point out.

The question is, is harder wood a better wood?

A harder wood means putting more pressure and effort to cut it down. From the extraction process to the retail product, the work is more for a harder wood. A harder wood may carry the features to be more durable. The resistance issue cannot be avoided as well when it comes to maintenance.

It does not mean you will chop twicer for beech than birch. They both need the same effort. The 40-pound force differences don’t mean much.

Winner: It is a humble draw due to the reasons applied above.


Varieties in color on the surface are a good feature to have. In the natural scenario, the beech wood grows with different colors on the surface. The birch wood grows with a lighter touch with just one color.

More natural color varieties mean it is easy to put different paint or stains. The beech vs birch identification can be easy. If you see a darker faded yellowish or reddish construct, you have spotted a beech wood.

In the house area, the ability to support the surrounding cemented drywall features is considered. This means the finished beech wood texture will glare well in the home decorating interior.

Winner: The beech wood becomes the winner for having more textured variety.

External Pressure Resistance

Both of these woods are popular among wood carvers. They are easy to put into construction materials. The beech wood is considered easy to bend and shape.

This means, nailing screws and drilling is easy with beech woods. On the other hand, birch wood is considered to be the best wood for sealing. They are also not bad for drilling, nailing, or bonding.

In the beech or birch crossword, you won’t find a better one. This is one sitting on top of the other. The birch would burn better when applied heat.

This makes the wood-shaping scene better.

Winner: The birch wood should be the winner as it reflects an everlasting presence.

Wood Used For

Beech wood is mostly used for home interior products. Some simple tools can be crafted out of beech wood. On the other hand, birch woods are preferred for commercialized furniture-making purposes.

You may want to adjust the cabinet set with the door. The beech wood goes well with concrete mixtures. The essentials of beech and birch trees can be explored here.

This means the birch tree woods are extracted for wholesale purposes. The beech tree wood is extracted right for the end retailers. This is for those who want to craft home decorative cabinets or other essentials.

This does not mean beech is not used for making furniture. In the comparison factor, the birch is more popular for furniture making.

Winner: It is a simple draw considering the most suitable scenes.

Moisture Sensitivity

The beech wood is more sensitive to moisture formation. This means the birch has more resistance capability to deal with humidity. The beech wood would therefore attract more insects and pests.

There are products on the market that can be used for preventing fungal manifestations. In this case, the qualities of the beech wood cannot be avoided. As mentioned before, they do well absorbing any chemicals or stains.

You can set the beech vs birch leaves aspect apart. Insects love the beech tree leaves alongside the wood. This is the reason why there is more to do for beech wood maintenance.

Winner: The birch wood is the winner here for being resistant to moisture. They can be good products for outside home patio furniture.

Wood Density

The wood density should directly correlate with the attributes of strength and hardness. Keeping the pen and paper scene aside, in the real world, it is not the case. The harder beech wood is less dense than the birch wood.

There are more layers of cutting required for birch wood. Consider approaching sweet birch tree identification, you would find a heavier object.

A higher wood density however correlates with some different factors. The factor of less moisture sensitivity can be indicated here. Insects would find it hard to tear into the surface.

A higher wood density supports the DIY projects, when it comes to preparation for final coating.

Winner: Quite easily, the birch wood becomes the winner for the reasons applied above.

Sanding And Staining

Are birch and beech trees the same? The answer is yes and no. They may have many similarities but the differences can be pointed out.

Both the woods have features that contribute to the easy sanding and staining processes. If I am comparing, then sanding the beech wood is harder than birch wood. The birch wood is easy to sand and stain due to its higher wood density.

The best sanding and staining practices prepare the wood. This is to apply excellent finishing touches that look elegant. Both of these woods have the potential of being the best-looking end products.

Winner: I am a fan of beech wood for reasons unknown. (Perhaps for their colored texture!) Realistically, I am going to make birch wood the winner.

For any finishing touches, you need the best product. Here is a list of what you can acquire:

TotalBoat JD Bottom PaintWater-based ablative painting solution
Minwax Oil Based Wood StainDeep penetrating wood stain to enhance wood grain
Hope’s 100% Pure Tung OilBest natural and long sustaining wood finish


Are beech trees good for woodworking?

Beechwood is mostly preferred for home interior woodworking. But any beech wood can be used for furniture-making purposes. The beech wood supports an easy woodworking process.

Which wood is better beech or oak?

In comparison to oak, beech wood bends better. This makes beech wood easier to carve and process. Oak is a bit harder wood than beech with 1350 lbf.

Is beech wood high quality?

The beech wood is considered high quality for being a hard-wearing wood. The strong wooden surface can be used to make better quality products. The non-porous contents of the wood make the end products more durable.


I have gone to extra lengths into comparing beech vs birch. Without this, a complete distinction would not have been possible. Hope you gain enough information to let your projects find success.

Wishing you all the best, a big goodbye from me.