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Beech vs Maple: Choose the Best Hardwood for You

Hardwoods are widely popular for their various functions.

From furniture to flooring, hardwoods are very useful.

There are many options for hardwoods available in the market.

Beech and maple are two of the most famous hardwoods. Buyers often get confused between them.

But which one is the best between beech vs maple?

This is not an easy answer. Both of these woods are unique. Maple is more attractive and stronger than beech wood. But it is expensive and needs more care. At the same time, beech is an inexpensive and low-maintenance wood. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. Beech is also better for carving. 

This is only the beginning of the comparison. There are many details yet to be unveiled.

Please keep scrolling to learn every bit of information!

Short Comparison 

There are many similarities as well as dissimilarities between Beech and Maple woods. To select the finest wood for stair risers and other works, you have to analyze these factors. But this is a time-consuming process. 

But don’t you get worried! I am here to help you with this task. For starters, I have made the following comparison table between beech and maple.

Check it out to make a fast decision:

FactorsBeech Maple
Origin Eastern Region of USNortheastern Region of US
Appearance Dark Whitish Pale
Durability LessMore
Maintenance LessMore
Best forBoth Indoor & Outdoor Indoor
Wood CarvingEasyHard 
PriceInexpensive  Expensive 

You can make a quick choice from this table. But there are more details to these factors. If you want to know all these factors in detail, keep scrolling!

Extended Comparison 

To make the best decision you have to dive into the details. Or else there is the possibility of going with the wrong wood. So carefully scroll through the comparison factors to know all the details. 


The origin of the wood refers to the place where the tree is mostly found. Both of these trees are found in the United States of America. But they are not available all over the US. The beech and maple do not grow in the same place too.

Beech trees are available in the Eastern region of the United States. They are also found in some states of Canada. Maple trees are available in the Northeastern region of America. Due to this geological difference, their characteristics are different. 


The easiest way to differentiate between two trees is to check their appearances. Besides the tree appearance, the appearance of woods is also distinct. Let’s see how the maple and beech trees look.

The beech tree has a dark appearance. It does not look very attractive when freshly cut. But steaming the woods can give an attractive shade to the beech wood. It has straight grains. The texture of these grains is fine to medium. 

On the other hand, maple trees look pale. Its color can be described as yellowish pale. The grains on maple wood are very tight. As a result, many pores are not seen on the wood. Maple wood becomes yellow with time.


While selecting any wood you must know about its durability. Everybody wants their wooden furniture or floor to last for a long time. And this is only possible if the wood is durable. Or else the furniture will get damaged in many ways within a short period.

Maple is a very durable wood. Due to its hardness maple falls in the category of hardwoods. To know about the hardness of the wood you can always check the Janka hardness rating. The more rating a wood has, the stronger it is. 

Maple has a rating of 1400 lbf. Beech is also hardwood. But it has a lower Janka rating than the Maple. Beechwood has a rating of 1300 lbf. So it’s slightly weaker than the Maple. Besides Janka rating, there is another important factor. 

That is the resistance to insect attack. Both of these woods have no natural resistance to insects. So you have to take the necessary measures to deal with the insects!


Wood is a long-lasting material. It can last decades. But for a long lifetime, proper maintenance is a must. Without maintenance wood furniture will rot within days. And maintenance frequency for different woods is unique.

Beech is a low-maintenance wood. It does not require much care for a long lifetime. Basic maintenance after every two years should be enough for beech wood. In contrast, maple wood requires more maintenance. 

Especially maple wood floors require regular care for extended longevity. Without proper maintenance, the floor will get damaged easily within a short period. 

Best for

Not all woods are best for all purposes. There are woods under the kitchen sink, while some are for stairs, and some for others. Similarly, beech and maple also have special uses. Let’s sew for what causes these woods are the best.

Beech is a wood which is used everywhere. It is equally useful for inside and outside furniture. It is seen in railroad ties, boxes, pallets, and crates. Beech is also used for furniture inside the house. It is equally useful for smoking chicken and fish.

On the contrary, maple is more of an indoor wood. It is widely used for flooring purposes. Maple is also used for making musical instruments. Besides these, maple furniture is also very popular among people.

Wood Carving

Not everybody likes plain wood furniture. Rather designed furniture is more in use nowadays. Also, many people like to use carved wood showpieces for decorating their houses. But all woods can not be carved equally. 

Beech can be carved more easily than maple. This is because of the lower Janka rating of beech wood. Maple is much harder than beech. Carving maple with limited tools is pretty hard. But with enough tools, both planks of wood can be carved. 


Now I have reached the last segment of my comparison. We will check the price of the maple and beech wood now. Price is a crucial factor for many buyers. So it’s important to have a clear idea of the cost before making the last call.

Both beech and maple woods are not on any endangered list. They are widely available. Despite that, the cost of maple wood is more than beech wood. Maple wood costs about $8 to $12 per foot. And beech wood costs about $6.50 per foot

There are some reasons behind this. The hardness of maple has made it costly. Also, maple looks more attractive than its opponent. Because of these plus points, maple costs more than beech wood.

These are the important comparison factors of beech and maple wood. Now you have to make your call. In the next section, I will help you choose the best one between these two blocks of wood.

Final Discussion 

Choosing between these two kinds of wood is as hard as selecting between Teflon and Delrin. Still, I will try to select the best one by comparing them.

Maple is a hardwood with an attractive finish. It has a higher Janka rating. Maple is durable and lasts for a long time. But it requires frequent maintenance. Also, the cost of maple wood is high.

On the other hand, beech is a low-cost wood. It is one of the most inexpensive hardwoods. It also requires less maintenance. But the lifetime of beech wood is less than that of maple. 

For buyers with tight budgets, beech is the best choice. It is a value-for-money product. But if you can go extra, go for the maple wood. It is worth its price.


What is the difference between beech and maple?

The main difference between beech and maple is in their appearances and hardness. Maple is harder. The color of maple is light, whereas beech is dark. The price of beech is also lower than maple.

Which is harder, maple or beech?

Maple is harder than beech. This information can be confirmed from the Janka rating of these two kinds of wood. Maple has a higher rating than beech wood. And higher Janka rating means more hardness.

Is beech wood high quality?

Beech wood belongs to the category of hard-wearing wood. They are durable and better than different types of wood such as oak. It also has a strong surface and solid density. Besides, It has superb bending characteristics specially for steam bending.

What are the disadvantages of beech wood?

The disadvantage of beech wood is that it is not waterproof. So it won’t last long if there are changes in moisture. To make it waterproof, a protective layer is used on the beech wood.


This is all I have on your query: beech vs maples. I hope that now you can make your choice easily. 

Always make a full cost estimation before making your decision. This will help you to control your budget and get the best for your money.