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Best Anti Graffiti Coating: Protection of Your Wall Made Simple!

Graffiti like most other art is something that can be magnificent or terrible. While unique and historical graffiti can surely lift up the atmosphere of a community most graffiti are simply horrible. 

As soon as it’s there, it becomes a disturbing element for both the property owner and the community. That’s why removing these things is an absolute must. 

However, the problem appears when choosing an anti-graffiti coating. So, we did your work and came up with a list of the best anti graffiti coating on the market. 

We handpicked these products ourselves and made sure that these have what it takes. But we shouldn’t talk about it yet. 

Let’s start and you’ll see for yourself-

Comparison of Our 3 Best Anti Graffiti Coatings



Coverage Area

Rain Guard Water Sealers VG-7101


200 sq.ft.

Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-4004


200 sq.ft.

Rainguard VandlGuard Anti-graffiti Permanent Non-sacrificial Barrier Coating


200 sq.ft.

1. Rain Guard Water Sealers VG-7101

Product Overview

We’re starting off our list with the Rain Guard Water Sealers VG-7101. Anyone who knows a little bit about anti-graffiti coatings knows that Rain Guard is an excellent manufacturer. 

And their products are there to prove it. Most anti-graffiti coatings have a tendency to put a noticeable barrier on the surface. Let’s face it, even if those things work properly, it surely doesn’t look good. 

With this product, you don’t have to face any kind of issue with that. Moreover, it’s infused with a non-yellowing technology that’ll make sure it doesn’t turn yellow over the years. 

That’s a lot of talk about the appearance. But does it have a stench? Heck no! Forget about the stench, there won’t be any kind of odor or carcinogen. You get a complete package that’s easily washable and does its job.  


  • Infused with non-yellowing technology
  • Cleaning is easy with high-pressure water or cleaner
  • Works for all kinds of surfaces 
  • Doesn’t have any odor


  • It works better with a sprayer.

2. Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-4004

Product Overview

Have you ever wished for a product that’ll protect your wall from almost anything? Well, the Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-4004 does exactly that. 

Not only it’ll protect your walls from vandalism but it’ll also prevent any kind of surface damage from snow, rain, or ice. This is a no-brainer but this also includes water damage. 

However, one question might come to your mind. Given that it’s protecting your walls from so many things, will it change the original appearance of the surface?

No, absolutely not. That’s the beauty of this product. While protecting you from all these things, it’ll still maintain the original look of the surface. 

In fact, it has UV stabilizers that’ll keep the barrier from turning into a yellow shade. This is actually the worst part of sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. And this product solves that for you. 


  • UV stabilizers protect from turning yellow
  • Easy application with only with a roller or a brush
  • Prevents efflorescence
  • Gives protection from wind-driven rain


  • The liquid can clog if left alone for too long

3. Rainguard VandlGuard Anti-graffiti Permanent Non-sacrificial Barrier Coating

Product Overview

The final entry of our list is the Rainguard VandlGuard Anti-graffiti Permanent Non-sacrificial Barrier Coating. The exceptional quality of this anti-graffiti coating makes it so popular. 

And why shouldn’t it be popular? It has all the qualities you can expect from an anti-graffiti coating. The coating is so good that you can’t even notice that there’s a coating over there. 

Moreover, the coating is infused with an anti-yellowing technology that’ll be good for almost 10 years. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wash it. The removal process is easier than the installation. Simply take a cleaner or some low-pressure and it’ll do the rest of the job. 

The best part is the coating will still be there. So, you don’t need to buy another coating. Money-saving made easy! 


  • Can last up to 10 years 
  • Good for any kind of surface
  • Doesn’t have any odors
  • Washable for a few times


  • It’s a bit pricier as it’s permanent

Types of Anti Graffiti Coating

Vandalism can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s private property or public, people don’t care. So, people opt for anti-graffiti coatings. 

These things don’t let the graffiti bond to the underlying surface. In fact, they’re the most effective way to protect your walls from graffiti. And turns out most products are good at their job. 

However, there are a number of different anti-graffiti coatings available in the market. That’s where the problem actually starts. 

With all these options in the table, people often get confused about which one to choose. Manufacturers make these things for wood, metal, and almost any other surface. 

So, people can’t figure out which coating they should get for their wood along with the primer for treated wood they just bought.  

That’s why we decided to explain it in details so that you know the complete story behind it-

Sacrificial Graffiti Coating

Sacrificial graffiti coatings are great when you’re short on budget. These coatings cost way less than non-sacrificial graffiti coatings. But with less expensive products, usually, there are some problems. 

Well, they’re not really problems. It’s just the way they were made. The first and most problematic issue is you’ll have to reapply the coating every time some draw a graffiti. 

That means, not only will you have to remove the graffiti first, you’ll also need to apply the coating all over again. 

Moreover, as it’s a one-time use coating, you need multiple washing on the surface. So, you might have to deal with erosion where there are so many washes going on.  

Apart from all these, there are good sides to this too. The removal process is in fact quite easy. You don’t have to look out for the perfect cleaner or any kind of harsh chemical. 

All you need is some hot water and a pressure washer. But if you’re someone who likes to go the extra mile, you can wash it with a bar soap too if you want. That’ll give it the extra cleaning it needs. 

The best part is, a lot of manufacturers have now improved their formulation. And now, their products don’t need any kind of high-pressure washes. 

Back in the days, high-pressure water wash was the main reason for erosion behind walls. So, if you look for something inexpensive to protect your walls from vandalism, sacrificial graffiti coatings are a great choice. 

Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Coating

Remember when said sacrificial graffiti coatings are inexpensive? Well, non-sacrificial graffiti coatings are just the opposite. And they’re worth the price. 

Unlike sacrificial graffiti coatings, these don’t need to be applied multiple times. Not only are they easy to apply, but they also last for a long time. These coatings can even protect your wall even if it gets hot from turned on gas fireplace

Now, if you have some spare money to spend, we’d always suggest you go for non-sacrificial graffiti coatings. 

In fact, there are products that can cover a multitude of vertical surfaces. But for the best performance, you need to put on 2 layers of graffiti coating. 

The best part is, these 2 coats will become water repellents. So, you don’t have to worry about erosion or any kind of water damage. Most importantly, mold and mildew will have no chance against it. 

However, when choosing non-sacrificial graffiti coatings, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Make sure it’s from a good brand that maintains quality. Let me explain. 

People who install anti-graffiti coatings expect that coating to last for a few years. But when a coating stays on a wall for that long, yellowing can become a problematic issue. 

That’s why it’s important that you choose the best products on the market. And guess what? We did that job for you. 

In fact, non-sacrificial coatings are great for sensitive projects too. Suppose you have an expensive and historical mural that can get destroyed at any time. In these situations, a non-sacrificial graffiti coating will be your best friend.  

Parting Words

So, that’s been it, folks. We hope by now you know which one’s the best anti graffiti coating for you. But if you haven’t, we have the comment section for you. 

Let us know what you need and we guarantee you that together we’ll find a solution for you. Good luck!