Best Faux Wood Blinds To Make Your Life Easier

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It’s never easy when recommending the best faux wood blinds to someone. In fact, there’s a lot to consider when recommending or buying faux wood blinds. 

Here, the main obstacle is the choice of the people. Some prefer durable ones whereas others prefer the ones that enhance the environment of their room. 

Again, some prefer the ones that block out humidity whereas others prefer the ones that darken the room. 

So, what do you want for your room? Well, even though the selection of blinds depends on the perspective of people, we’ve tried to show some variety on our list. 

Furthermore, we’ve handpicked our favorite ones in this list out of a thousand options. So, when you’ll look at the products on the list, you’ll find durability and versatility on all the products. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin-

Best Faux Wood Blinds Comparison Table




US Window And Floor

Width- 34.375" 

Height- 60" 


Lumino Faux Wood Flat Blinds

Width- 35"



CBC - Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Width- 12.125" - 18"

Height- 85" - 96"


Achim Home Furnishings Blind

Width- 31"



US Window And Floor 

Product Overview

Let’s have some drum rolls for the first product on our list. Before you wonder why we’ve crowned it as the number one in our list, we’d like to break down its features below-

Starting off, the blinds are known for their durability. Here, the non-lead PVC construction of the blind makes sure that they don’t get damaged easily. Other than that, there are decorative valances included which makes the blinds great. 

Speaking of looks, the blinds have a sleek white color and a matt finish on them. Thus, they look and feel like a premium product. 

But, the only caveat about this product is the installation process. Although the instructions and hardware are given with the product, it isn’t much of an easy task. 

So, if you damage the woods by using the hardware, you might want to use a primer for treated wood to seal off any damages. 


  • Resists humidity and heat. 
  • Easy to control. 
  • Durable. 
  • Great design. 
  • Decorative valances are given with the product. 


  • Installation isn’t easy. 

Lumino Faux Wood Flat Blinds

Product Overview

The fit of the blinds in our window is important. And so, we’re here with the second product of our list which will ensure a perfect fit in our room. Moreover, it’ll ensure that the room gets darkened completely when you’ll use it. 

For starters, the flat slats help in the darkening of the room. Here, the flat slats have a lightweight design that makes it easier to control. Speaking of control, you can control it as you desire. Hence, you’ll be able to control the light and the privacy of our windows with these blinds. 

Other than that, the control of the blinds is made even easier as they’re cordless and you’ll just have to press a button. In fact, the blinds are so easy to control that even your kids can do it without any problem. 

And, if you’re worried about the installation process then let me tell you something. The decorative valance and the color coordination of the blinds are set into the headrail. So, it’ll save time on the installation process and you won’t require to do many hassles with it. 

In the end, the size and measurements of the blinds are given. So, you’ll need to measure and adjust them accordingly to ensure a perfect fit. And once you fit it, the blinds will work like magic.


  • It’s easy to clean. 
  • Has moisture-resistance. 
  • It’s easy to control. 
  • Has the ability to darken out the room. 
  • Has an easy installation. 


  • They don’t look really premium. 

CBC - Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Product Overview

If you’re into customization then you’ll love this one. The CBC - Custom Faux Wood Blinds is our third product from this list and it can be mounted in three different ways. 

Here, you can mount the blinds fully internal, partially internal, and fully outside. As the size and measurements are given on the comparison table, you’ll have to measure it out with the windows. Hence, you’ll be able to ensure a perfect fit. 

Other than that, the installation process of the blinds is pretty straightforward. In fact, you’ll know about all the sockets and tools for cutting plaster in the installation guide that comes with the product. 

In the end, the sleek white design of the product makes it look great. And, the easy controls of the blinds make it user-friendly. So, you won’t have much of a problem using this product. 


  • User-friendly. 
  • Easy to control. 
  • Has a great design. 
  • Installation guide included. 
  • Can be customized easily. 


  • Has less availability. 

Achim Home Furnishings Blind

Product Overview

Finally, we’re at the end of our list. And, the last product we have for you is the Achim Home Furnishings Blind. Even though it’s at the last of the list, it’s still one of the best ones out there. 

Firstly, the blinds look like wood and feel like wood as well. Here, the construction is solid and it ensures that this product doesn’t get damaged easily. Other than this, the blinds darken out the whole room without any problem. 

On the other hand, it’s cordless and this means your children can’t get tangled with any cords. And, speaking of cordless function, you can easily control the blinds. Here, you’ll just have to lift up the rails or lower them. 


  • Doesn’t have any cords. 
  • Can darken out the whole room. 
  • Durable. 
  • Easy to control. 


  • Is a bit expensive. 

Buying Guide For The Best Faux Wood Blinds

So, we’re almost at the end of our article. But, before going away, we’ll like to make things even easier for you.

If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve shown you 4 different types of products in this article. And, this is a lot of information. So, it’s normal to get confused by looking at the products. 

Hence, to clear all the confusion, we’ve brought out this buying guide section. Below, you’ll find all the critical buying factors needed at the time of buying faux wood blinds. So, let’s begin- 

Size & Measurement Factor

In order to ensure a perfect fit for the blinds to the windows, you’ll need to do the measurements correctly. So, even before you start selecting the blinds, you’ll need to measure the size of your windows. 

Here, you can use any measuring tape. After you’re done taking the measurements, go to the manufacturers and they’ll adjust the blinds.

And, if you have large windows then consider looking at other options. This is because faux blinds are a bit heavier than wooden ones. So, they aren’t for large windows. 

Safety Factor

Yes, you heard me correctly. Safety is an issue for the faux wood blinds as well. Even though many people overlook this factor, this is important. 

Here, the safety factor is for the safety of your children and pets. If the blinds have cords in them, kids and pets can get tangled on the cords. Moreover, they can damage the cords while stepping on them. 

As if that’s not enough, pets can tear the cords at any time. So, if you have this kind of problem then go for the ones that are cordless. By doing this, you’ll ensure the safety of your children and pets. 

Design & Durability

While these two factors are completely different from one another, it’s still better to focus on both of them. 

Many people prefer durability over great design. Whereas, many prefer the exact opposite. Here, the whole thing will depend on your preference. If you want a durable option then go for the ones that have toughness. 

And, if you want great designs then you can sacrifice durability at any time.


Question: What blinds are better? Faux or Wood? 
Answer: The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Wooden blinds are better for larger windows. But, they don’t perform well in the kitchen or bathrooms. So, you can use faux blinds in this type of place.

Question: Can faux blind stop heat?
Answer: Yes, faux blinds are insulating products and they won’t let heat or sun pass through it. Hence, you can use them to darken the rooms.

Question: Does it take much effort to clean the faux wood blinds?
Answer: No. As a matter of fact. It’s really easy to clean the faux wood blinds.

Question: Is a faux blind recyclable?
Answer: No, it’s not possible to recycle a faux blind. Here, the blinds are made of PVC materials. So, you can’t recycle them easily.

Parting Words

Well, that’s been it. Hopefully, now you’re able to select the best faux wood blinds from our list. 

In the end, we’d like to say that all of the products in this list add versatility to their features. So, all of them are the best in different aspects. So, if you still think that you need something else then check out the buying guide to get a heads up about the products. 

So, why don’t you try one from the list? Good Luck!

Richard Allen