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7 Best Gumbo Pots In 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A lot goes in when preparing a bowl of gumbo. Perhaps one of the most important factors that people focus on is choosing the best pot of preparing gumbo. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner cook or a pro, you’ll need a good pot, to begin with. 

Other than that, having a good pot for preparing gumbo has a lot of benefits. In fact, you’ll be able to prepare for a large group or even the smaller ones. Lastly, a good pot is one of the key kitchen essentials. 

But, here’s the thing- 

Choosing the best gumbo pot isn’t as easy as you think. Here, you’ll need to do a bit of research and put in the effort. This is because there are a lot of options in the market which can confuse you easily. 

Fret not as we’re here for you. In fact, our research team has worked non-stop for the last 3weeks in preparing all the data. Finally, we’ve handpicked our 7 favorite ones in this list. 

Furthermore, we’ve put in a buying guide section in the end to give you an idea about the critical buying factors. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin-

Best Gumbo Pots: Comparison Table

Product Size Color
IMUSA USA L300-40317 20-Quart Silver
T-fal B36262 12-Quart Black
Cook N Home Saucepot 20-Quart Silver
16 Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot 16-Quart Silver
Rachael Ray Enamel on Steel Stock Pot 12-Quart Red
Farberware 50009 16-Quart Silver
Cooks Standard Quart Classic Stockpot 12-Quart Silver

1. IMUSA USA L300-40317

Product Overview

Presenting the top-most and best product in our list – IMUSA USA L300-40317. So, what’s so special about this product that we’ve crowned it as the best one? 

Well, the main selling point of the product lies in two factors, durability and versatility. Starting off, the durability of the product is ensured due to the stainless steel built. Here, the solid construction makes the product tough and durable as well. 

As a result, it won’t get damaged easily and will last for a longer period of time. Apart from this, you’ll get a lid that’ll match the color of the pot. The lid of this pot ensures the even heat distribution on the product. 

Hence, the foods will cook properly due to the even heat distribution. Here, you’ll be able to cook stocks, stews, soup apart from gumbo. And, if you’re concerned about the looks then you’ll love this product. But, how may you ask? 

Well, the sleek silver lightweight design and the polished finish of the pots make it look great to the eye. In fact, it’ll enhance the decor of the kitchen too. 

Lastly, the foods from the pot can be easily transferred to other pots too. This is mainly because of the metal handles. Besides, the metal handles are tough and you can easily lift to transfer the foods from the pot. 


  • Has a lightweight design.
  • Easy to handle. 
  • Has durable and solid construction. 
  • The sleek polished design looks really good. 
  • Metal handles make it easy to transfer foods. 
  • Has an even heat distribution. 


  • Rust can form over time. 

2. T-fal B36262

Product Overview

Budget matters. 

And, if you’re on a budget then you’ll love this product. In fact, the features it brings to the table at this price range make it reach the topmost of the table. So, what are the key features?

For starters, the aluminum construction of the product ensures that even heat distribution is maintained all the time. As a result, the foods cook better in this pot. Moreover, aluminum construction ensures that the product is lightweight. 

So, you can easily handle it around. Besides, the strong handles of the product make it easy to handle as well. Here, the handles remain cool all the time and you can grip them easily. 

On the other hand, the lid of this pot is transparent. Hence, you can monitor the cooking process from the top at all times. Furthermore, the glass lid makes sure that overheating of the food is prevented and the steam can escape from the little hole. 

However, the only drawback or issue of using this product is that it can be prone to a bit of scratch on the surface. So, you’ll have to care about not scratching them and this is the only caveat when purchasing this product. 


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to handle and grip. 
  • Even heat distribution. 
  • Lightweight yet durable construction.
  • The transparent lid makes it easy to administer everything. 
  • Doesn’t let overheating take place. 


  • Is a bit hard to clean.
  • Scratches can take place on the surface. 

3. Cook N Home Saucepot

Product Overview

If size matters for you then you’ll love this large pot. The Cook N Home Saucepot is one of the largest gumbo pots in our list and the polished silver design of the product will amaze you. 

Speaking of the polished finish, the sauce pot has a stainless steel construction. Hence, it’s durable and long-lasting. Even though the steel construction doesn’t make it the lightest of the product, the durability makes up for it anyway. 

On the other hand, it’s easier to clean and it also doesn’t scratch easily. And, similar to the previous product, this one has transparent lids as well. So, you’ll be able to administer your cooking from the top at all times. 

Lastly, it has tough handles that don’t break easily. And, they’re easy to grip as the handles don’t get hot. 


  • Has a sturdy stainless steel construction. 
  • Easy to grip due to the handles. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Doesn’t get scratched on the surface. 
  • Has transparent lids on the top which help to administer cooking. 
  • Has a premium polished finish.


  • The metal dulls out a bit after heavy uses.

4. 16 Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot

Product Overview

Not everyone wants a large pot for themselves. So, if you’re looking for a medium-sized pot, this one’s for you. The 16 Quart stockpot from Update International is a medium-sized pot for smaller families. 

But, this isn’t the USP of this product. So, what makes this product special? Well, the capability of the product to be the best in induction ranges makes it one of the best. 

As the world is shifting to more “environmentally friendly” cooking surfaces, induction cookers have started getting famous. Hence, if you have an induction cooker in your home, you can use this stockpot on it. 

Other than this, the aluminum construction on the interior ensures the even distribution of heat of this pot. So, your food will cook evenly. Moreover, the aluminum construction means added durability with lightweight designs. 

On the other hand, the magnetic stainless-steel construction on the exterior makes it perform really well with the induction cookers. Lastly, the handles of this pot are riveted. So, they stay strong even when the pot is full of food. 


  • Lightweight design. 
  • Easy to grip due to the handle. 
  • Performs great on the induction cookers. 
  • Sturdy construction. 
  • Durable. 


  • Has a bad reputation for customer service. 

5. Rachael Ray Enamel on Steel Stock Pot

Product Overview

Durability is one of the key factors when looking for a stockpot. Well, lucky for you, our next product is known for its durability. Apart from that, you’ll love the bright red color it brings with it. 

The Rachael Ray Enamel on Steel Stock Pot comes with bright red color and the polished finish of the product makes it look really premium. Here, the durability of the product is ensured due to the carbon-steel construction. 

So, the product won’t get damaged by any means. Other than that, the pot is easy to clean as it doesn’t stain easily. Besides, the pot is easy to handle as well. The loop handles ensure that you can grip it strongly to transfer food. 

In the end, the lid of the pot makes sure that moisture and the heat are locked inside of the pot. As a result, even distribution of heat is maintained throughout the cooking time. 


  • Strain-resistant and easy to clean. 
  • Even distribution of heat is maintained. 
  • Loop handles make it easier to grip. 
  • Durable carbon-steel construction. 


  • The surface is a bit sticky. 

6. Farberware 50009

Product Overview

Well, we’re almost at the end of our list. But we’ve got two interesting products for you. The first one is the Farberware 50009 and the unique lid of the product is its USP. 

Speaking of the lid, the unique shaped design actually helps to trap in moisture and heat inside the pot for a long period of time. As a result, even heat distribution and even cooking of the food is maintained. Also, the aluminum thick core helps in the distribution of heat as well. 

On the other hand, the manufacturers claim a lifetime warranty over this product. So, you can rely on the built quality and performance of this pot. Apart from this, the large size of the pot makes it easy to cook for a large group. 

And, you can basically cook anything on this pot. However, the only noticeable con of using this product is that the handles do get hot after using them. Hence, they become uncomfortable to use. 


  • Dishwasher-safe. 
  • Even heat distribution is maintained. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Solid built-quality and construction. 
  • Easily reliable due to the lifetime warranty. 


  • Handles get a bit hot after use. 

7. Cooks Standard Quart Classic Stockpot

Product Overview

Well, that brings us to the end of our list and the last product we have for you is the Cook Standard Quart Classic Stockpot. Don’t focus on the position of this product in the list, it’s still one of the best ones out there. 

Starting off, this small pot looks great due to the polished finish. Apart from looks, the stainless-steel solid construction makes the product durable and long-lasting. 

So, the product won’t get damaged easily as well. Other than this, the aluminum disc on the surface provides even heat distribution. Furthermore, the solid riveted handles make it easy to transfer food from this pot. 


  • Easy to handle. 
  • Looks great due to the polished finish. 
  • Even heat distribution is maintained. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Contains a strong handle. 


  • Doesn’t work too well with induction burners.

Buying Guide Of The Best Gumbo Pot

Finally, we’re done with our list. Here, you’ve learned the complete overview of 7 different products. Moreover, you’ve known about their features and pros/cons. Well, honestly, this is a lot of information at one go. 

And, here’s the thing- 

Knowing this much information at one go can confuse you easily. So, in order to clear the confusion and make your work easier, we’re here with our buying guide. Here, we’ll show you the critical buying factors. 

As a result, it’ll be easier for you to make a buying decision. That said, let’s take a look at the factors – 


Well, let’s start with the most important buying factor of a gumbo pot. But, why are the materials so important in a pot? Well, the materials determine the heat distribution, durability, and cleaning of the pot. 

Here, if the pot is made of aluminum materials, it’ll work well in heat distribution. Moreover, it’ll be lightweight and easy to handle. Whereas, if the product is made of stainless steel, it’ll not be that much lightweight. But, it’ll be tough and durable. 

Lastly, if you want a more premium option, you can go for copper materials. So, it depends on your preference and usability on what materials of the product you should focus on. 

Size & Shape

In the list, you’ll see that there are different sizes and shapes of the pot. So, if you have a large family, you’ll have to settle on the larger ones for yourself. 

Other than that, many people overlook the shape of the pots. But, here’s a catch- 

If you go for the taller shaped pots, you’ll be able to retain more liquids on the food. Here, the tall design means smaller diameter which causes less evaporation. So, the lesser evaporation means your food will have liquids retained on it.

Clean-Up Factor

Cleaning up is important after you’re done cooking. Many don’t look at this option at all. But if you don’t want to make a mess, you’ll have to consider it. 

Some pots are harder to clean. Whereas some are easier to clean. Even though you can use a bar soap to clean the leftovers, it won’t feel right all the time. In fact, many put minor scratches when cleaning their pots. 

So, go for the non-stick options. Or, go for the ones that are easier to clean. 


The handles of the pots are considered important as well. As a matter of fact, the handles are part of the product that gets damaged easily. Hence, a strong handle is needed all the time when buying a reliable gumbo pot. 

Also, settle for the ones that are easier to grip. By choosing handles of this kind, you can hold the product firmly. 

And besides, if the handles do break down, you can use a socket set to repair it. But, we don’t want you to go through this much effort. So, check the handles and their materials before buying the pot.  


The lids of the gumbo pots need to be tight and durable. If the lids aren’t tight enough then moisture and heat will escape easily. As a result, your foods won’t cook properly. 

Also, if you want to look at the cooking then invest in the transparent glass lids. They’ll help you administer everything from the top.


There needs to be a perfect balance when choosing the weight of the gumbo pots. Make sure they aren’t too heavy for yourself. If you can ensure this factor, it’ll help you a lot at transferring the food from the gumbo pot. 


Question: How much bigger should a gumbo pot be?
Answer: Normally, classic stock pots have a 1/8inch aluminum construction.

Question: What’s the best gumbo pot?
Answer: The best gumbo pot is the IMUSA USA L300-40317.

Question: Can you use an alternative instead of a stockpot?
Answer: Well, yes. Canned and box stocks can be taken as an alternative for stockpots. However, there aren’t any real substitutes for the stockpot.

Question: What’s the most important feature of a stockpot?
Answer: Well, the handle of the stockpot is the most important feature. If the pot has a sturdy handle, it’ll last longer than the other ones.

Question: What is the overall dimension of a 16-quart pot?
Answer: The overall dimension of the 16-quart pot is – 11 19/16in top diameters, 10 ¼ in bottom diameter, and 10 1/8in height.


You’re now able to pick the best gumbo pot for yourself. In fact, from all the information shared in this article, you can now recommend some of the best ones too. 

And, if you’re still confused then go through the buying guide again. Here, you’ll get the key buying factors together which will help at making a decision. 

So, why don’t you buy one from the list? Good Luck!