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Best Rollers for Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Painting Done Right!

From childhood, I’ve always had a knack for painting. I used to grab my father’s paintbrush and mess up the garage. 

But one day, he brought something called a roller. And I can’t express in words how happy I was with its performance. Compared to a brush, it was like the king. 

I shouldn’t get diverted from the main topic. Let’s move on to discussing the best rollers for painting kitchen cabinets.  

In this article, I’ll talk about some of my favorite rollers for this purpose. Even though I love every product in this list, they have their cons. And if I want to stay honest, I can’t hide that from you. 

Let’s start the wagon and see where it takes you-

Comparison of the Best Rollers for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Product Size Number of items
Bates Paint Roller 11 Piece Set 4-inch and 9-inch  11 
Bates- Paint Tray Set 4-inch 5
FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller 4-inch 1
Pro Grade – Paint Roller Tool Kit 4-inch 10
Magimate Paint Roller Kit 4-inch and 9-inch 12

Reviews of the Best Rollers for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Bates Paint Roller 11 Piece Set

Product Overview

The Bates Paint Roller 11 Piece Set is a complete package consisting of 11 different items. From the roller covers to roller frames you get everything you need. 

In fact, they also added a paintbrush so that you don’t have a hard time reaching those rough spots. 

Moreover, the tray itself is exceptional. The quality and durability of it are simply phenomenal. We were surprised to see how it is to clean. 

Other than that, it’s a great paint roller set that won’t cut a hole in your pocket. From beginners to professionals, anyone would be delighted to use it. 


  • The 11 piece set includes everything you need
  • Sturdy quality maintained in the handles 
  • Affordable while ensuring top performance
  • Easy to use


  • The 3-inch brush can’t hold much paint

Bates – Paint Tray Set

Product Overview

We’ve already told you what you’re getting with Bates products. And this one is no exception. The only difference here is in the size of the package. 

You get 3 paint rollers, 1 roller frame, and a paint tray. The quality and premium of the rollers are the same as before. Chances are you’ll never face issues with sheddings. 

Other than that, this smaller package is actually perfect for painting the edges of your house. 


  • Works great for both smooth and textured surfaces
  • Durable and easy to clean paint tray
  • Guarantee of no shedding


  • The grip quality could’ve been better

FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller

Product Overview

The FOAM PRO 184 Foam Paint Roller is the most affordable paint roller on our list. It’s for people who simply want a good roller for painting their kitchen cabinets. 

Even though it only consists of the paint roller itself, we can’t complain about the quality. It is one of the finest paint rollers we’ve ever used. 

So, you can rest assured that it’ll cover every millimeter(yes millimeter, not inch) of your kitchen cabinets. 


  • Perfect and super smooth finish
  • Specially built for painting kitchen cabinets and such
  • Can easily fit into a 1-gallon container
  • Easy to clean


  • Not good for covering large areas

Pro Grade – Paint Roller Tool Kit

Product Overview

The Pro-Grade – Paint Roller Tool Kit is a plain and simple set of paint rollers that focuses on delivering quality. From the tray to the rollers, everything is the way you want it to be. 

The best-in-class performance will make it easier for you to work. The items are sturdy, durable, and most importantly, long-lasting. These are the 3 most common issues users face with rollers. 

We’re not saying that you can use it for 50 years. But it’ll last you through many years that’s for sure. 


  • Best-in-class performance 
  • Sturdy build-quality of the rollers
  • Perfect for any kind of project


  • Doesn’t go with epoxy paint

Magimate Paint Roller Kit

Product Overview

Would you look at that? You’ve reached the final product on our list. It’s the Magimate Paint Roller Kit. Before we jump into the other factors of this roller kit, we’d have to say that we love the design of this product. 

Not only that, the build quality of the handle somewhat amazed us. From having an excellent grip to being sturdy, it checks all the boxes. 

It goes without saying that they ensured premium quality on the rollers itself. It holds the perfect amount of paint. But most importantly, it doesn’t let out lint. 

Apart from all these factors, we loved another thing about this product. The set includes a masking tape and an extension for painting the ceilings. You can use the masking tape for protecting your newly bought high-quality faux blinds


  • Outstanding grip 
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Doesn’t let out lint
  • Holds enough paint


  • The rollers aren’t threaded

Why Should You Use a Roller for Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

It’s not uncommon for people to think about why they should use a roller for this purpose. They can easily grab a cheap brush, right? 

Well, there’s a lot to this story. Let’s start and you’ll know what we mean-

Ease of Use

Using a roller couldn’t get any easier. You just hold on to the roller and apply it on the surface. But paintbrushes are a bit different than that. Sometimes it can get tiring to hold a brush for a long time. 


From first glance, anyone can confidently say that a roller will absorb a lot more paint than a brush. Moreover, the application is easier too. Let us give you an example to make it even clearer-

You see, 20 strokes of paintbrush are the same as a single stroke of a roller. See the difference it makes? When you use a roller for the large areas and a brush for the hard-to-reach spots, you can turn a 2-hour job into a 30-minute job. 

Brush Streaks

Unlike paintbrushes, you don’t get brush streaks with a roller. Unless you push the roller onto the surface too hard, you won’t have to deal with this issue. 

Moreover, with a roller, you can paint almost any surface you want. But you do need the right roller and paint for that. Nonetheless, a roller’s great for this purpose. 


Evenness is something everyone wants in a paint job. Maintaining it with a brush can become a hard task. But with a roller, all you need is some basic training. The roller will handle the rest.  

Buying Guide

Many people think that rollers and paintbrushes have the same features. Well, a paintbrush can’t cover so much area like a roller, can it? 

All in all, rollers are a completely different game. So, before you buy yourself a roller, make sure to keep these factors in mind-

Frame Design 

The frame design will solely be responsible for the strength and durability of the roller. So, obviously you need it to be well-made. 

A good choice is to go for metal frames. Those will provide you service for a long time. And most of the time, they come with a rubber grip. So, that’s an added bonus. 

However, you can opt for plastic grips too if that’s what you like.  

Width of the Roller

The width of the roller means the size of the roller part, that you’re going to use to apply paint. Most of the time, these things are made from foam or fabric. 

Usually, the standard sizes range from 3 to 9 inches. But don’t think that the bigger the roller is, the easier it’s going to be to paint. Although you should use big rollers if you want to use it for your new anti-graffiti coating.

In fact, for kitchen cabinets, you shouldn’t get a bigger size than 5 inches. Although depending on the size of your kitchen cabinets that can change a lot. That’s why it’s better to choose something in the middle. 

Roller Cover Material

From foam to natural/synthetic microfibers, manufacturers use a number of materials to make rollers. In fact, some manufacturers even opt for nylon. 

Nonetheless, microfibers are the best choice when it comes to rollers. They perform excellently in terms of holding the paint and applying it.

However, they have a tendency to let out lint. Although this doesn’t apply for the high-quality rollers. But if you’re having doubts, you should go for foam rollers. With those, you won’t ever face issues like this.   

Roller Cover Thickness

Most manufacturers go for a thickness between ⅛ inch to ¾ inch. There’s a simple rule for this. The rougher the surface is, the more thickness you’ll need in the roller cover. The long fibers will ensure that all areas are covered.  

Parting Words

That’s all we had in store about the best rollers for painting kitchen cabinets. We hope you found yourself the perfect product for you. 

Apart from that, let us know about any kind of painting issues you’re facing. We’ll see what we can do for you. Good luck!