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Why Black Stuff Coming Out of Shower Drain [5 Reasons & Solutions]

The black stuff coming out of the shower drain is usually for hair and other shower-related debris. It isn’t easy to get water to go down the drain for these reasons.

Why black stuff coming out of shower drain?

A clogged shower drain is usually caused by dirt, grease, or soap. Hair frequently ensnares drains, causing clogs. Long hair is more likely to become caught in the drain system. Mineral accumulation is one major cause of blockages. Tree roots and general decay are also responsible for this issue.

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Exactly What Causes a Drain to Get Clogged

Dirt, grease, and soap are common culprits in a backed-up shower drain. Hair frequently ensnares the drain, making it difficult to remove the obstruction.

Long hair is significantly more prone to become caught in the drain system. Therefore clogs are more common in households with multiple shower users.

Some of the less typical reasons for clogs include mineral accumulation in the drain. Tree roots and general degradation are damaging the central drainage pipes. 

Here I include the main causes and how it happens for a drain to become clogged-

Reason 1: Hair

When hair comes into contact with grease or other sticky substances, it can cause clogs. Hair is one of the most prevalent causes of clogs, yet we completely overlook it.

Reason 2: Dirt

Drains can become clogged when dirt accumulates. You don’t realize how much filth goes down the drain when you wash in the bath or shower.

Reason 3: Mineral Buildup

Drains can become clogged when minerals dissolved in water solidify. It also becomes clogged from intractable aggregates.

Reason 4: Soap

Grease or fat is typically used in the production of traditional soap bars. Soap fat reacts with water’s minerals to form a hard deposit. That stains bathroom fixtures and clogs plumbing.

Reason 5: Tree Roots

Small holes in your underground pipes attract some root growth. As the roots spread throughout your system, they restrict water flow. Also, it can damage your pipes.

5 Steps on Removing Black Stuff from Coming out of Shower Drain

A clean shower drain is essential. Unfortunately, a shower drain that is frequently used may become clogged. Clogs in the shower drain make it difficult to get water to flow through the drain.

Don’t freak out if you see black sludge in the shower. All you need is to know how to use a drain snake and some elbow grease to get rid of it. If you find black stuff in your shower drain, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Remove the Top Gunk Layer

If the shower drain is clogged with dirt, it’s probably a big problem.

This means that the surface filth or crud can be easily removed. It would be best if you used gloves or something else. Those will make it easier to pick up to remove it, as it is likely to be black.

The shower drain is already clogged, and you don’t need to push it! Because of this, you must instantly sweep it up and throw it away. According to the contents of the shower drain, this black material can also be deadly.

Also, check if the shower drain surface is still lower than the tiles or not afterward.

Step 2: Get a Drain Snake

Quality drain snakes are a must when dealing with an overflowing shower drain. Also, you can use a hose instead of a drain snake. For that reason, you need to research bibs types of a hose

This is the only option to get to the bottom of the shower drain and clear it. The shower drain will continue to seep black gunk that is unsightly and, in some cases, unhealthy.

Do not use the shower until the drain has been snaked. This is necessary. As a result, all of the bad gunk will be washed away. The shower should be off-limits until you accomplish this.

Two of the most popular drain snakes on the market are recommended for your consideration. Let’s take a closer look at them:


These drain snakes are the best on the market today. They are readily available at your local store. Also, they’re a good deal.

Step 3: Insert the Drain Snake into the Drain to the End of Its Reach

If you find black or brown debris coming from the shower drain, use a drain snake.

You’ll need to insert the drain snake into the center of the shower drain. Don’t risk injuring the drain’s internal components by pushing it down hard enough.

It should just take a few minutes to unclog the shower drain properly. For doing a great job you need to focus on the procedure that is followed correctly.

Step 4: Add a Cup of Baking Soda into the Drain 

The next step is to proceed after the shower drain has cleared any dark residue. This stage is all about cleaning the drain and ensuring it’s clog-free from start to finish. Just a cup of baking soda is required to get the job done here.

To clean the shower drain, add baking soda to it. This will assist in clearing out the shower drain of any odors or clogs.

Step 5: Cleanse with Water

Finally, clean the surface with water. You’ll have to clean up if junk is clogging the bathtub drain. While you can use water to rinse the tub, it’s also vital to rinse the shower drain.

Warm water should be poured into the drain to do this. This will assist in the cleanup and ensure that the dreaded “black stuff” is no more.

If your issues are more often than before, it can be a problem to your drain pipe. Your drain pipe may be smaller. In that case you can convert your shower drain pipe easily.

How to Prevent Clogs in the Future

Always remember that the best cure is prevention. So when you address the problem, be sure that your shower drain is not clogged again. 

If you don’t already have a drain protector, you should get one to trap hair. Also, you need to prevent other debris from clogging it.

This can be done by keeping the soap dish in an area where it isn’t going to fall over. By doing this, it can help to prevent clogs. To avoid shower accidents, keep the soap in the shower and not on the floor.


Question: Does black mold grow in the shower drain?

Answer: Black mold grows from soap scum, body oils, biofilm, and cellulose components. Also, hair shafts in shower drains can foster black mold growth. Drains must be kept open and clean of cellulose debris.

Question: Is black mold harmful and toxic?

Answer: Stachybotrys chartarum, a black toxic mold, is known as Stachybotrys chartarum. Often found in attics, it is a particularly toxic mold. 

Question: How does it feel to be poisoned by mold?

Answer: Mold poisoning uniquely affects each person’s body. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue, and melancholy. For this reason, mold exposure isn’t always associated with symptoms.


Now you have a clear view of black stuff coming out of shower drain! Hope all the information proved helpful. 

It’s not necessary to pay a plumber for this. Unclogging a shower drain isn’t really that much challenging.

This is the end of our discussion. Have a wonderful day!