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How to Bleach Towels in Washing Machine: Things To Know

You might feel difficulties getting the best results in washing towels. Bleaches that say they are more potent than detergent might make you want to buy them.

Meanwhile, you have no idea how to wash towels with bleach in your washing machine properly.

How to bleach towels in the washing machine?

First, place the towels in the washing machine. Set the water temperature of your machine.  Fill the detergent dispenser in your washing machine. Then mix the bleach and water and pour it into it. Start your washing machine and get fresh towels! Dry them through a dryer or hang them up to dry.

Keep your white towels bright and clean by following these simple steps of the article. Let’s start!

If You Want White Towels, Bleach is One Option!

Everyone wants to keep their white laundry looking clean and lovely. But food stains, annoying red spots, and that slow graying get in the way all frequently.

We all despise those dirty and discolored towels as they are contaminated with germs and sweat. Bleach is considered one of the best options to clean and sanitize towels. 

Yet, while it is an effective tool for cleaning towels, sometimes it can be hazardous if not used properly. You can safely and efficiently bleach towels in your washing machine by following a few instructions.

Simply follow these procedures, and you’ll have fresh and clean towels in no time!

Put the Towels in Washer to Bleach

Load the towels you wish to bleach inside your washing machine and start the cycle. Based on the number of towels you’re bleaching, determine the suitable load size for your machine. 

Don’t overburden the washing machine, or it will break down. A load of laundry that has been packed in too tightly will not rotate freely. You can use a surge protector for heavily loaded cleaning.

Place the towels according to the capacity of the machine.

Elevate the Water Temperature

Make sure that the water temperature is at its highest. Take advantage of a hot water cycle lasting at least 30 minutes. 

Towels are more easily cleaned when the water is hotter. Use the hottest setting possible. You’ll find towel care instructions on the label attached to each towel. 

Some towels are unable to withstand excessively high temperatures of water. If this is the case, follow the instructions on the care label. 

Don’t Overdo the Laundry Detergent

You can use the corresponding cap to measure detergent accurately. Fill the detergent dispenser in your washing machine to the “max fill” line if it has one. 

Do not add detergent to hot water until the machine has filled to its maximum capacity. The cap on most laundry detergent bottles can also be used to measure.

Check the detergent bottle’s label. You can find how much you need based on how much laundry you have.

Make sure not to overuse detergent. Also, don’t underuse it. It is essential to know the difference. Use the correct amount of laundry detergent.

Bleach in the Appropriate Amount

To dilute a 1/2 measuring cup (120 mL) of bleach, use 1 US quart (950 mL) of water.

Mix the bleach and water in a big basin, measuring cup, or bucket. The mixer is mainly for the front loader machine.

Bleach concentrations can vary, so always follow the label directions when adding bleach. Clean the inlet valve of the washing machine  if it’s clogged by bleach residue.

Add Bleach In the Washing Machine

Wait 5 minutes after the machine has started agitating. Add the bleach. Pour half cup of bleaching agent in the detergent dispenser in your washer. 

Use the diluted bleach with detergent for a front-loading machine that locks once the cycle starts.

Activate Your Washing Machine

Let the washing machine run its normal cycle as usual. You can dry your towels by putting them in the sunlight or in the dryer.

Another option is to redo the whole process again and again. This can give you the desired result.  You can also avoid bleach to clean towels by using home remedies.

For cleaning your towel in advance try these bleaching agents that are given in the table:

Product 1
Product 2

Read the level and instructions of the product level. Follow the time duration that is given at the product level. It’ll help to protect the color and softness of the towel.

Tips for Best Results

The following suggestions can help you keep your towels looking and feeling their best.

Tip 1: Wash Before Use

Towels should always be washed before being used. Towel absorbency will be reduced if fabric softeners are used, therefore avoid them at all costs.

Tip 2: Use Warm Water

To make your towels last longer, wash them in a machine with warm water and like colors after each use.

Tip 3: Use Detergent with Bleach

Use detergent with bleach for maintaining the brightness of white towels. To begin, soak the towels in a solution of bleach and water. Mix with detergent before rinsing them. 

Do a normal wash after that. White towels stained with make-up can be cleaned using this method.

Tip 4: Try to Use Fresh Chlorine 

For the best results, use fresh chlorine bleach. The shelf life of liquid chlorine bleach is extremely short.

Light exposure and air cause it to lose its potency over time. Replace the bleach if the container has been unsealed for more than six months. 

These tips will help you to come up with the best result! Towels will be clean and fresh. Just like new ones, in no time!


Question: Is bleach safe to use in a top-loading washer?

Answer: Yes, it is! For top-loading machines, add the bleach to the water before putting it in the machine. While waiting for the water to fill your washing machine, press the start button. Then, open the lid and add 1 capful of bleach. This stops the bleach from damaging your towel.

Question: How much bleach should I use to clean white towels?

Answer: Add your regular washing detergent to the mixture. To the washing machine’s bleach dispenser, pour 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach. As usual, wash your towels thoroughly.

Question: Are home and laundry bleach the same?

Answer: Actually, there isn’t a difference at all. You may use the same bleach to clean your laundry as you can to clean the rest of your house. Oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach is the only thing that might be different. Bleach containing chlorine is much more powerful.


It’s time to call an end to this piece. Hopefully, this article has provided you with adequate information on how to bleach towels in the washing machine.

I hope this simple process will help you to get fresh and clean towels in time. My best hopes for a swift resolution are with you!