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How To Block Up A Mobile Home [6 Easy Steps]

Mobile homes are the perfect choice for living in an eco-friendly home at an affordable rate. But, over time you might notice a few issues popping up. 

Your door might not shut properly, you could see a few cracks in your window. If you see these signs, consider blocking up your mobile home.

How to block up a mobile home?

In short, you need to remove the skirting and access the bottom of your house. Then find the problem area and jack the unit near it. Make sure to do it slowly. But keep an eye out at the level bubble. If it moves towards the center, you’ve resolved your problem. Place shims under the blocks and remove the jack. 

This is simply a basic summarized concept. Please browse through this essay if you want to learn more in-depth. 

I’ve written a thorough guideline detailing the process in 6 steps. If this interests you, read along!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve right into it!

What Causes Homes To No Longer Be Level

You might be curious about what causes these leveling errors. Well, many things can cause your home to be out-of-level, which can be a huge hassle conducting your daily activities. 

If we take a look at all the recent cases of an unlevel mobile home, the weather is a big culprit. Bad weather, excessive rain, and high moisture usually causes houses to become unleveled. 

Besides, ground heaves and soil movement are also major reasons. These can cause your house to lose its leveling. 

Fortunately, you can always notice some indications should they happen

Since the weather is out of your hands, you might want to move your mobile unit. That is a viable option if you can afford the cost of moving your mobile home.

Indications of an Unleveled Mobile Home

There are several indications of an out-of-level mobile home. They are actually similar to that of a house with foundation problems. 

You should watch out for the following defects in your mobile home to diagnose a leveling error:

  • Doors do not close or latch easily
  • Skirting bulges or wrinkles
  • Windows won’t open easily and glasses are cracked
  • Doors, windows, and ceilings have diagonal cracks
  • Crowns or humps in the floors

If you notice any of these defects, you probably have an out-of-level home. In order to fix this, you will need to block up your mobile home.

Safety precautions

We’re all aware of poverty “safety is the first priority”,  and rightfully so! So before starting the process of blocking up your mobile home, we need to conform to some safety standards. 

Please ensure the following before starting:

  • Wear eye protection.
  • Definitely wear a glove to avoid abrasions.
  • Disconnect the electricity in the house.
  • Turn off water sources. 

With these assured, you can proceed without worrying. Try to keep a first aid kit nearby as well.

Process of Block Up Your Mobile Home: In 6 Steps

Blocking up your home can sound really complex. But don’t worry, after reading my article, I’m sure you’ll change your mind. 

If that doesn’t convince you, remember that the cost of tearing down a house is very high.

So, let’s take a look at the 6-step guideline I’ve made just for you!

Step 1: Take Off The Skirting

The first step is to take the skirtings off your unit. This is essential as you’ll need to work underneath your unit. You have to store the skirtings nearby. 

This is so you can easily reinstall them when you’re done.

Step 2: Find The Problem Area

Okay, you need to find which area is the problem area. Expert tip, start from the middle. Then work your way to the other sides. Once you’ve found it, leave a mark! 

But don’t stop there, it’s not a given that you’ll have only one problem area. After one problem area, look for others at the pillar! 

But make sure to mark each problem area as you find them. It’s more common than you think to forget.

Step 3: Jack Up Your Mobile Unit

Nextly, jack up your mobile home. Do this near the problem area. Raise the unit slowly by placing a plank under the jack. 

Afterward, place the level on the support beam. Carefully watch it as you’re slowly raising the unit.

Take a look at our recommendations of great jack stands:

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These should get the job done safely and provide great value.

If the bubble on level moves towards the middle, you’ve corrected the issue.

Step 4: Placing Blocks

After you’re done leveling, you’ll see a small gap between the block and the ground. To make the leveling correction permanent, keep wooden shims under the blocks. 

When removing the jack, this should keep the unit level

This process is to be repeated for each block.

Step 5: Remove Jack and Check

If you’ve placed the shims, it’s now time to remove the jacks. It is safe as the shims will hold the unit to its place. If you have multiple erroneous areas, restart from step 2 for each individual area.

The issues should be resolved. Now check if everything is functioning properly. 

If you have diagonal cracks on your window, you can repair them tension-free. This is because they will not reappear. 

Step 6: Check Your Plumbing

This step is essential because jacking often bends pipe and other water connections. You might even have sands in your water pipe

And, it is fairly possible you missed it as we turned off all water connections, remember?

So check properly for leaks or bent pipers. Correct them if you notice any of these issues. You can also contact a plumber in this regard.

That should conclude the process. There you go, you have a completely leveled mobile home unit. 

Enjoy your fully functioning doors and window, and feel free to repaint over all the cracks. 


Question: What would the lowest height for a mobile home be?

Answer: The lowest height I would consider as a home would be 20 inches. 

Question: How much does it cost to have a mobile home leveled?

Answer: A single wide unit would cost around $400 to $600. A double-wide unit would cost around $700 to $900. 

Question: How high can you block up your mobile unit?

Answer: Single block units should not exceed 36 inches. You should measure from the footing to the top of the concrete block.


That’s all we have on how to block up a mobile home. If you require any further help, please consult a professional.

We hope our article has been of value to you and has helped you through this. If you have any feedback, send them our way.

Till then, take care of yourself, and of course, your mobile home.

Best of luck!