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How To Break Into A Keypad Door Lock? [4 Steps To Follow]

Keypad door locks are pretty reliable and hassle-free. But once in a while, you may forget the passcode of the lock. And being locked outside your apartment is enough to ruin your day.

But what to do now? Well, you’ll have to break into your door.  Don’t be concerned, you’ve arrived here at the appropriate place.

How to break into a keypad door lock?

First, make a small dimple on the bottom of your lock. Then drill a small hole through the dimple. After that, locate the lock mechanism with a pick tool. And pull it downwards when you find it. Lastly, turn the door handle to unlock your door. 

This may not suffice for you to break into your keypad door lock. But we have prepared a detailed guide for you, so read along.

Let’s jump into the details, shall we?

Things You Can Try Before Breaking into Keypad Door Lock

Before breaking into the keypad door lock, remember one thing. It would cause permanent damage to the lock. It can be illegal as well. We suggest you try some alternative procedures to unlock your door.

Try Remembering The Correct Code

First and foremost, make an attempt to enter the proper code. Try to remember the valid code over and over again. You can attempt putting your birthday, the year you were born, your phone number, other significant numbers like your graduation year.

The code length usually varies from four to eight digits, depending on the keypad lock type. After entering the wrong code five times, you can’t reattempt it, usually for five minutes.

Keep trying for a while. If you still can’t figure out the correct code, go for the other options.

Trying to Open It with A Bypass Key

The next thing you should do is give it a shot at unlocking the door with a bypass key. Try to remember where you’ve kept your bypass key. You can also talk with the manager of your apartment. He might have an extra key.

Nevertheless, what if your lock is secured and doesn’t have a key slot? Unfortunately, this option won’t work for you then.

Contacting The Manufacturing Company

The last option you can choose before breaking the keypad lock is to contact the manufacturing company. Either you can visit their website, or you can contact them via their hotline number.

After reaching them, you’ll have to provide them with some information. This includes the date of purchase, the serial number of your lock, and a few personal details.

When the verification process is done, the company will provide you with a new code.

4 Steps to Break into Your Keypad Door Lock

You tried all the options above and still couldn’t manage to unlock the door? Now you’ve only one option in your hand, and that is to break the keypad lock. We have a 4 step guide awaiting you, so don’t be worried. 

But remember, you have to deal with electrical equipment here. It’s ideal to check whether the electrical and gas outlets have enough distance between them or not.

Required Tools

Before going through the process, gather the tools you’ll require for this job. Here are things you’ll need-

  • Drill Driver
  • Drill Bit
  • Center Punch
  • Hammer
  • Pick Tool
  • Safety Goggles

Step 1 of 4: Creating A Small Dimple at The Bottom of The Keypad Lock

The lock mechanism of most keypad locks is usually in the bottom part of the lock. Some keypad locks have their lock mechanism in the middle part of the lock.

For creating the small dimple, you’ll be needing a hammer and a center punch. You can also use a small mallet as an alternative to a hammer

First, you have to mark the spot where you want to make the dimple. Then put the center punch on the mark. And hit it gently with the flat side of the hammer. Thus you’ll have a perfect size dimple on the bottom of your lock.

Now your drill bit won’t slip or wander while drilling.

Step 2 of 4: Drilling a Small Hole through The Dimple

Next up is drilling the hole on the bottom of the lock. Before drilling, you must wear safety goggles to prevent unwanted particles from getting into your eyes. 

If you don’t have them, at least wear a face shield or safety spectacles. And if your main electrical panel is grounded, it’s safer to use electrical machines.

First, place the drill bit on the dimple you made in the previous step. Now start the drill machine and create a small hole. Remember, it’s best to choose the high-speed steel(HSS) drill bit. It works perfectly for carbon steel, ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 

But if your lock case is made of stainless steel, cobalt bits can also be used. In the case of materials like aluminum or copper, you should go for carbide bits. The size of the drill bit should range from 1/16 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch.

Here are some of our recommended drill drivers for you-

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure to drill at a slow speed to avoid the overheating problem.

Step 3 of 4: Inserting a Pick Tool into The Hole

After you’re done with the drilling part, it’s time to use the pick tool. This step can be a bit tricky.

First of all, insert the pick tool through the hole at the bottom of your lock.

Now comes the crucial part; locating the lock mechanism of the keypad door lock. You’ll feel the pressure of the lock mechanism right after you find it successfully. If you’re unable to locate it on the first try, don’t lose hope. This might take one or two minutes.

After finding the lock mechanism, you have to pull it downwards to unlock the door.

Step 4 of 4: Opening The Door

If you have performed all the steps above correctly, there’s only one step left. Now you just need to turn the thumb latch handle of the door. And your door is finally opened.

You still cannot open the door? You probably couldn’t deactivate the lock mechanism correctly. You have to repeat step three for this. Then you’ll be able to break into your keypad door lock successfully. 

Even after that, if you fail to break it, you should call a mechanic.

Now, remember to repair your lock to make it usable again. Be careful while you set your new pin for the keypad door lock. This is all part of the typical household repair works

This was all we had about breaking into a keypad door lock.  Next time, set a passcode that would be easy for you to remember. You can also note it down on the notepad of your phone.


Question: Can anyone hack a keypad door lock?

Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Research shows that there are numerous flaws in the keypad door lock system, making them susceptible to hackers.

Question: Are keypad door locks safe?

Answer: Yes, if you make sure to give the passcode only to trusted people. So don’t share the lock pin with anyone you don’t want to access your property.

Question: Do keypad door locks have batteries?

Answer: Yes, regardless of the models and brands, every keypad door lock has batteries. Most of them require premium alkaline batteries or lithium batteries of a specific voltage.


That’s the end of the article. Hopefully, now you know how to break into a keypad door lock. Make sure you’ve got the right tools before starting. 

Be careful while using the drill machine, and remember to wear safety goggles. And if you still face difficulties, you may contact a professional. 

We wish you all the best!

Until next time, adios!