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How to Bug Bomb A House for Roaches: 7-Step Guideline

You are cleaning your house one weekend and suddenly see a bunch of roaches. Inspecting more you find big habitats of roaches. You decide to use a bug bomb to get rid of them.

How to bug bomb a house for roaches?

There are specific steps to using a bug bomb. Choose the application place at first. Then cover everything and unplug all appliances. After that set up the bug bomb and leave your house. Don’t forget to put warning signs on the entrance. Stay outside for a few hours. Do a clean-up after returning. 

These are all the basic steps of bug bombing. I’ll explain every step in detail below.

How to Bug Bomb a house for Roaches? 

Bug bombing can be a good choice to get rid of harmful insects like roaches. This method is not applicable to clear roaches in the microwave. But it is good enough for cleaning rooms.

There are specific steps of bug bombing. I will guide you through the whole process to get rid of roaches easily. Let’s start without wasting any more time.

Step 1: Choosing the Best Place 

The first thing to do is to choose the place of the burst. The bug bomb will burst and spread all the insecticides when you activate it. So you must choose the most appropriate place for the operation.

Find the place where the density of roaches is the most. It is normal that in some places you will see more roaches than in other places. You have to activate the bug bomb at that specific location for the best result.

Step 2: Covering Everything 

The bomb will spread toxic liquids all over the place. So you must cover everything near the bomb. Otherwise, you can be the victim of the bug bomb. Use sheets to cover recliners and other furniture.

Proper covers will also save you from some work later. Covering is also necessary to avoid health hazards. You have to be extra careful if there are kids in your room.

Step 3: Turning off Electrical Appliances 

Bug bombs are flammable. So a spark can cause fire during the operation period. You have to turn off the electrical appliances for this reason. Plug out all electrical machines. Switch off the plug points also. 

Step 4: Putting up Warning Signs 

You will have to leave the house once you set up the bug bomb. At that time the inner environment of the house will be a potential threat. Anyone entering the house during the operation can become sick.

As you will not stay in the house, put up some warning signs. The warning signs should have specific information on the ongoing process of bug bombing. Put up these signs at the main and side entrances of the house.

Step 5: Setting up the Bug Bomb 

After you have completed the preparation, you can set up the bug bomb. You should find proper instructions for setting up the bomb on its packet. Go through it and understand all the terms.

After setting up the bomb you will have very little time. So it is better to get all the children and elders out before starting the process.

Step 6: Leaving the House 

Leave your house as soon as possible after activating the bug bomb. The house will remain poisonous for the next few hours. So stay away from it and also keep others away.

You can return to the house after two to four hours. Don’t enter the house with all the members. Rather one person should go inside and inspect the situation. Then upon his/her instructions, others will come inside or wait for some more time.

Step 7: Cleaning Everything 

The house will be covered with layers of insecticides when you return. You will also notice dead bodies of roaches and other bugs. It’s necessary to clean them properly. They can cause serious stomach infections and other diseases.

Use a mask and gloves while cleaning the house. You must use any liquid antiseptic for wiping the floors. The used covers are to be washed with detergents. Discharge all the waste products in a safe place to avoid environmental hazards.

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These are all the required steps of using a bug bomb to get rid of roaches. But you may not get your expected results from the bug bomb. There are some factors discussed below that you should know for bug bombing operations.

Things to Remember while Bug Bombing A House

In theory bug bombing will get rid of all the insects and pests like roaches. But that might not be the result. Because bug bombing may not work similarly in all sorts of conditions.

You will see bed bugs on floors and ceilings. Because bugs are found everywhere in the house. You can not define only one single place where bugs are available. One bug bomb may not reach all the places and destroy pest habitats. 

Also, bugs with shells are less vulnerable to bug bombing. Roaches come with shells and that gives them the advantage. So there is the possibility of the bug bomb operation failing to kill the roaches.

Besides all these aspects, bug bombs can be harmful to your house and family. They are made of chemicals that have flammable properties. One accident during the operation can burn down your house. Also, the bug bombs consist of poisonous chemicals.

There are some alternatives to bug bombing available in the market. You can use bug baiting techniques. They work well with roaches. Applying insecticides directly to the roach habitats is a good solution too.


Question: Do I have to unplug my fridge to bug bomb?

Answer: Yes, you have to unplug your fridge to bug bomb. Bug bombing is a risky task when electrical appliances are kept on. The sparks from the fridge plug can cause a huge explosion. 

Question: What happens if you use too many bug bombs?

Answer: If you use too many bug bombs you will put everything in your house under threat. Too much use to bomb will create dense fog and toxic gas. This can result in a big bang.

Question: How do you get rid of roaches in your house fast?

Answer: To get rid of roaches in your house fast you have to take a systematic approach. Destroy the habitats of the roaches. Using borax is very helpful too in killing the roaches.


I hope that now you know all about how to bug bomb a house for roaches. I have discussed all the required steps of the process for your convenience. 

To get rid of the roaches keep your surroundings clean. Unhygienic surroundings attract roaches like magnets.