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How to Build A Fence Without Sinking Posts: 8 Different Ways

Making fences around your property is a humongous workload. From preparing the fence boards to assembling them, you have to do a lot of chores. Among all these, making sinking posts for the fences is one of the most hectic jobs.

How to build a fence without sinking posts?

Several techniques will enable you to build fences without sinking posts. You can use metal and E-Z spikes for easy holes. Then the zigzag fence can be built without sinking posts and they’re charming too. You can choose other options like T-Post driver, steel posts, jack fence, etc for your fence. 

To get in the details keep scrolling. I have discussed all the techniques below to ensure your convenience.

Benefits of A Fence Without Sinking Posts 

Building a fence is very tough and tiresome work. The most important and hardest part of this work is to make the sinking posts. Previously sinking posts were taken as an integral part of the fencing.

But modern technology has made it possible to make fences without sinking posts. Now it is possible to build a fence easily in a quick time. The overall workload decreases a lot when fences are built without digging. The cost of the fencing reduces as well.

Digging the soil for making sinking posts requires huge money.  For cheap cost and less labor, many people choose to build fences without sinking posts nowadays.

Ways to Build A Fence Without Sinking Posts 

Fences without sinking posts can be built in several ways. I will provide you with different techniques. You have to choose the correct way according to your needs. Check them out without wasting any time.

1. Zigzag Fences 

The zigzag fence will give your property a very charming look. A lot of wood is used in this method. If you use good quality wood, this fence can last more than 100 years.

In this method, you don’t have to maintain straight-line fencing. At first mark the line you will set up your fence. Fix a brick on every intersection. Place a long wood board that is about 5 feet in length on one brick. 

Then set up all the other boards in parallel form. Once you are done setting up the first row, do the second row similarly. Keep raising the height according to your need. After finishing setting up, use bolts to fix the wood boards.

2. T-Post Driver

Using a t-post driver will enable you to build a fence without shoveling the soil. The fence will be very steady even without digging if the t-post driver is used.

A metal post is used in this method. The metal posts are attached to the ground at first. Then the fences are assembled with the posts using proper nut-bolts. By binding all the posts and fence board the full fence frame is erected.

3. Pallet Fence 

Making a pallet fence is quite easy as the pallets are already assembled. The pallet fence is generally used in the even ground. This fence has practically many pellets pinned concurrently. Then the fence is set up on the ground.

4. Metal Spike

The metal spike is not an alternative to digging sinking posts. Rather, metal spikes will make the work of digging very easy. But you will not get much help if you are building a fence on wet ground.

You will have to get a metal spike at first. After that, slam the spike in the ground with a hammer. This will make the task of digging a hole easy. Then put the fence wood in the hole and cement it. In this way make all other necessary holes. 

I can suggest to you some metal spikes that will make holes easily:


These spikes will be very helpful in setting up the fences. 

5. E-Z Spike 

The mechanism of setting up a fence with E-Z spikes is similar to the metal spikes. But in this method, the fence post will go down with the spike. When the post gets into the soil enough the spike will get detached. Then use the spike to set up another post.

6. Jack Fence 

Jack fences are really good if you want to get a rustic look in your neighborhood. These types of fences are seen in cabins and camps.

In this method, the posts are set up in the ‘X’ shape. The posts lean on each other. Also, a horizontal beam of wood is given between them. So the load is distributed on both the horizontal beam and the opposite post. This gives the fence a steady structure.

7. Steel Posts 

Many times the land on which the fencing operation will be carried out is hard or rocky. In such a situation, steel posts are of great use. While fencing in rocky terrains, steel posts are easy to set up and they remain steady for a long time.

Push the steel post in the ground with a hammer. Then set up the post. But shoving the post inside the rocky soil can be tricky. You must be careful during the full process.

8. Free Standing Fence

This is a very good method for temporary fencing. In this method, you can easily move the fence from its position. Concrete blocks are used to set up the fence. A heavy bracket is attached with the concrete block that can hold the weight of the fence. 

Then the fence posts are mounted on the brackets. After mounting all the posts the fence will be completed. But don’t make the fence too high because the air can cause problems.

Choose between these techniques to build your fence above the ground. First, select your priority and then build your fence. I hope you will be able to build your fence successfully.


Question: Why is my fence post sinking?

Answer: The main reason behind fence post sinking is loose soil. The posts become unsteady when the soil is loose. Then they start sinking and the fence becomes weak.

Question: Can you build a wood fence without posts

Answer: Yes, it is possible to build a wood fence without posts. Wood fences without posts are inexpensive and require less labor. There are several options available for fences without posts.

Question: What is the easiest fence to install?

Answer: The easiest fence to install is the wood panel fence. Though the wood panels are not so cheap, they will save you time. The installation process is simple and not tiresome. 


I have tried my best to inform you about how to build a fence without sinking posts. Follow the techniques precisely to attain complete success.

Remember, a wrongly built fence can cause severe accidents. So make sure that your fence is steady enough to stand still in rough weather. 

So, good luck in building your next fence!