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How To Build a Laundry Room In The Garage? [A Simple Guide]

Is your garage just lying around, and do you want to make good use of the space? Then it’s an excellent idea to make a laundry room in the garage. But a lot of people may not know how to do so.

That’s why we’ve come to give you a hand!

How to build a laundry room in the garage?

First, choose the perfect spot; it must be suitable for plumbing. Then you need to take care of the plumbing and electrical lines. Build the enclosure and buy the necessary equipment for laundry. Now you just have to install insulation, lights and do the paint job. Your laundry room is ready.

This might not be enough for you to carry out the whole project. The whole article contains detailed descriptions of each step. Go through the article to get a better understanding!

Building A Laundry Room In Your Garage

Most people tend to have their laundry room in the bathroom or kitchen. But the laundry room makes the kitchen and bathroom a lot smaller. 

So you can solve this problem by building a laundry room in the garage. That lets you make the best use of your garage and do your laundry hassle-free. We’ve provided a stepwise guide below for you to follow to build your own laundry room.

Step 1: Choosing The Perfect Spot

Choosing the best location for your garage is the first and most vital step of the project. You’ll have to redo the whole process if you don’t do this step correctly. 

There are a few factors to keep in mind before you finalize the location. Check if you can run the plumbing and electrical lines on that spot. Make sure you have easy access to the location. Also, the place must fit your washing machine and dryer. You can also make some room for an iron and a cloth stand.

Step 2: Plumbing & Electrical Lines

Water inlet and outlet are a must for laundry. You’ll need 3 main plumbing lines- hot and cold water inlets and washed water to drain. To run the washing machine and the dryer, you need a 20 amp circuit. 

Make sure you get the correct type of wires for lights. If you have experience with electrical and plumbing lines, you can install them yourself. Otherwise, seek help from an expert.

Step 3: Constructing The Enclosure

Now comes building the enclosure part. The enclosure is for separating the laundry part from other parts of the garage. You can make this with vertical studs and essential carpentry tools. With just elementary carpentry skills, you can do it pretty easily. 

For your convenience, draw your plan on paper first and see if your design is feasible. Then implement it.

If your garage floor is not epoxy coated, you need to install tiles on the floor. Otherwise, spilled water will make the floor messy and decrease its longevity.

Step 4: Paint Job & Lighting

After you’ve finished your work, paint the whole thing. Choose a paint that goes with the theme of your house. Paint will save the lumbers from moisture and make them long-lasting. 

That way, the paint will make the house look even prettier. But make sure not to use white paint as a primer.

The lighting of the garage is usually insufficient. It’s not enough to work regularly there. It’s necessary to add additional lights to the laundry section of your garage.

Step 5: Temperature & Humidity Control

The garage must be insulated for converting it into a laundry room. You need to add a layer of insulation on the walls of the enclosure. Also, depending on your area’s climate, you may want to add a heater or air conditioner. 

Keep in mind that the room will be very moist, and the humidity will be high. High humidity creates an uncomfortable environment. To avoid that, make sure there is proper ventilation in the room. 

It’s best if you add a dehumidifier. This will make sure the environment remains pleasant even if you wash a lot of clothes.

Here are some of our recommended dehumidifiers for you-

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Step 6: Buying The Washing Machine & The Dryer

If you already have the washing machine and dryer, skip this part. In that case, you just have to move them to the garage. But if you’re planning to get new ones, be careful making the right choice. 

Price, number of users, size, water & electricity consumption are some of the key factors. Choose either the front loader or the top loader according to your preference. There are some washing machines which are also dryers. 

When it comes to furniture, you may want to buy a cloth and an iron stand. And your laundry room will be ready!

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Laundry Room In the Garage

There are a couple of disadvantages of building a laundry room in the garage. These are the things you need to keep in mind before or after you make the room.

The laundry section can make your garage dirty. If you spill water or detergent on the ground, it will create a huge mess. But you can very much ignore this. You just need to be careful while doing the laundry. 

Even if you spill anything, clean immediately. 

Remember, you will miss out on another thing if you convert the garage into a laundry room. Some people keep their secondary refrigerator in the garage. Some build their pet house in the garage. You can’t implement any of these if you go to the laundry room. 

But always keep the cost factor in mind. The cost will be similar to the cost of moving a garage.

So this was all about building a laundry room in the garage. We hope we could give you a clear idea about the whole process.


Question: Can you plumb a washing machine into a garage?

Answer: There should be no problems for you to plumb the washing machine into the garage. The garage floor is usually made of concrete. It makes the floor more suitable for plumbing. Because the washing machine may leak once in a while and water can’t affect the concrete at all.

Question: Is it too hard to install a washer and dryer hookup?

Answer: Installing a washer and dryer is not hard at all. You will just have to have basic skills and a toolset. It is a pretty straightforward project and will need you less than an hour to finish.

Question: What is the price of installing plumbing for a washing machine?

Answer: The cost of installing plumbing for your washing machine varies depending on the materials you buy. The price of adding hookups usually ranges from $350 and $600. But it can cost up to $2,000 if you need a lot of electrical and plumbing lines.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we could give you a good insight into how to build a laundry room in the garage.

It is a pretty simple project. But it ensures the best optimization of your garage space. Be mindful of buying the right equipment.

Wish you all the best for your laundry room conversion.

Until next time, take care!