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How to Bypass Safety Switch on John Deere Lawn Mower

Have you rolled up your sleeves to get around the lawn mower’s safety switch? Only you are aware that it may take a long time. But what determines the passage of time? Isn’t that something to think about?

How to bypass the safety switch on John Deere lawn mower?

Yes, you can. To begin, position the lawnmower on a level. Next, disconnect the battery terminal. Most lawnmowers include a seat safety switch positioned beneath the seat. After that, unplug the switch beneath the seat. The socket switch should be cut and taped. Finally, put the seat’s back. 

Does it appear to be about right? It’s just a preview. Allow us to tell you the whole process in detail! 

How to Bypass Lawn Mower Safety Switches?

It is not difficult to bypass the safety switches. If you’re familiar with your lawnmower, it’ll just take a few minutes.

First, let’s go through the procedure of bypassing every safety switch one by one. The first is the safety switch, which is located just beneath the lawnmower seat.

You may find that the seat safety switch prevents you. Then it might be inconvenient for you to start the mower without sitting on the mower seat.

As a result, avoiding it may be the only way to avoid this inconvenient task. Examine the procedures for this.

Step 1: Set the Mower on Flat Ground

Firstly, place the lawnmower on a flat, firm surface. Move the operator’s seat and press the vehicle park button on the left of the front fender. Turn on the engine. 

If the engine won’t start, the parking brake switch may have failed. The user switch is to fault if the engine stalls.

Step 2: Unplug the Battery Terminal

The second step is to unplug the battery terminal. Do it before performing any electrical maintenance on your lawn mower. 

You might be unfamiliar with the battery terminals. Whether you or not, please ensure that there are two of them, one red and one black. To avoid electrical stimulation, unplug them.

Step 3: Unlock the Seat Safety Switch

A seat safety switch is usually located beneath the seat on most lawnmowers. So, get out of the lawn mower seat. 

If some screws are present, unscrew them before flipping the seat off. Another plug switch is mounted to the seat just under the mower seat. This really is the seat safety switch plug that has to be bypassed. 

There are 2 kinds of switching sockets available. The first is a three-wire seat safety switch, while the second is a four-wire seat safety switch. For both, the procedure is the same.

Step 4: Disconnect the Safety Switch Wires

Remove the safety switch from the plug below the seat. Take the wire out of the connection. When you can’t do it with your hands, use a plier to bring it in from the outside.

Step 5: Cut the Wires and Tape Them Together

To avoid additional shocks, cut and tape the wires of the socket switch. You can attach the wire ends separately or together here. Always be careful while cutting wires and connecting. Whether it’s bathroom wiring and cutting or anywhere else, take precautions.

To be certain of what your mower requires, tape and check them separately first. Does it deactivate the safety switch? If not then link them and then put a piece of tape across them.

Step 6: Replace the Seat in Its Old Place

Return the back of the seat to its original position. After that, check to see whether the seat safety switch is creating any more issues. 

We have a feeling it won’t. Bypassing the safety switches effectively disables the seat safety switch. Allowing you to start the engine while not sitting on the mower seat. 

You may now get out of the seat while the motor is running and ride your mower. As you choose without being irritated by the seat safety switch’s quick shutdown.

How to Turn Off the PTO and Mower Deck Safety Switches on a Lawn Mower?

If the brake switch or the mower deck safety switch is switched on, the engine cannot be started. In any type of electrical bypassing technique, the first two steps are the same.

We demonstrated how to disable the PTO safety switch. However, the Mower deck switch may be bypassed.

Step 1: Identify the PTO Safety Switch

Step up to the front of the mowing machine. A wire harness, as well as the PTO safety switch and the mower deck switch socket. That is located below the engine.

If you can’t detect it, try the socket using a multimeter. The switch socket will show a voltage measurement of roughly 12 V.

Take a look at the goods mentioned below if you’re thinking about buying switch sockets for your house:

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The above-mentioned switch sockets gained the most interest.

Step 2: Remove the Wire

Once you discover the safety switch socket look for a purple cable. The cable links the electricity to the mower blade. Remove the wire from the socket.

Step 3: Join the Ends of the Wires

After that, connect the two wires and fasten them using sticky wire. Rebuild all of the cables and connections within the engine deck to avoid additional problems while riding. 

After you’ve completed all of the processes, take a test ride with your mowing machine. 

Sometimes the problem isn’t related to the safety switch but with the mixed gas. So, stay concerned with the problem from the beginning.


Question: A zero-turn mower has how many safety switches?

Answer: Our lawn and garden tractors include four safety interlock switches.

Question: How can you tell if a lawn mower’s ignition switch is faulty?

Answer: You may use an ohmmeter to examine your ignition switch. You can determine if a link exists between the “S” and “B” ports.

Question: Is it possible to jump-start a mower using a car?

Answer: You can jump the mower using your battery cells. But you must use your battery pack if your lawnmower has a 12-volt battery.

Final Verdict

That’s all we have. We believe we were able to address all of your worries about how to bypass the safety switch on John Deere lawn mower.

I can give you a brief tip. It’s the case if inexperienced people at your house ride your mower. In such conditions don’t circumvent the safety switches.

Stay safe!