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Can You Put Carpet Over Laminate Flooring: The A-Z Guide

Laminate flooring can help your home look super chic, without breaking your bank.

What happens when you start getting tired of them?

If you ever considered, “can you put carpet over laminate flooring?”, you’re not alone.

There are a few pointers for you to remember.

Laminate floorings are also often called floating floors. This is because they aren’t glued to the baseboard. Thus they’re easy to install and remove. But gluing down a permanent carpet over these temporary floors will damage the laminate. Also, it can also lead to mold growth! To avoid this, you can use a rug or remove the laminate altogether.

Sounds about right? Then let’s help you understand the ins and outs of this matter.

The Truth About Laminate Floors

Before we address the main question, it’s crucial to understand the science behind laminate floors. They look like wood and they’re super cost-effective. But what are they actually made of?

In short, laminate floors can be considered as a marriage between wood and vinyl flooring. Where vinyl floors are completely made up of synthetic material, laminate floors are made of wood byproducts. But both have the classy look to them.

Mainly, you’ll find laminate floors are made of waste wood, which are bonded with resins. And the result is a particle board wood base. Over it, a transparent layer is set, which gives the whole floor a vibrant finish. 

Apart from looking great, the reason laminate floors got popular was that they’re dirt cheap. Also, you can say that they’re super easy to install.

This is because they aren’t glued or nailed down to the subfloor. Instead, the floorboards are connected to each other. Then, they’re set over a foam underlayment. Thus, the installation process doesn’t take much time or money.  Plus, you can even remove it later.

The only downside to laminate floors? They’re susceptible to moisture damage. For such cases, you may want to use tiles for your bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

Can You Put Carpet over Laminate Flooring?

Now coming to the real deal; Can you put carpet over laminate floorings? So from the previous segment, we come to know that laminate floorings are temporary. Moreover, they’ve got a smooth and shiny finish.

Thus it’s pretty obvious that carpets and laminate flooring don’t mix well. Before you get all upset, let’s look at the logic behind the statement. 

When a carpet is installed in your room, it’s glued to the surface beneath it. This helps secure the carpet. Thus avoiding it from slipping underneath your feet. Now when you use glue on your laminate floors, there’s no going back. By the way, you can always check some home improvement books to fix your decision.

If you ever consider removing the carpet, the glue will ruin the laminate finish. Then, you may have to dispose of it and invest in a new floor. Now suppose, you don’t plan on removing the carpet at all. Then is it okay to install carpets over laminate flooring? 

Sadly, nope. You see, laminate floors are easy to install since they aren’t glued to the surface. This makes them easy to put together and take out.

But putting a permanent carpet over a temporary floor spells bad news. Suppose you spill water on your carpet, that’ll seep into the carpet fibers. Finally, reaching the laminate floor. How will you dry it completely before the floors get damaged? 

And a damp carpet over laminate floors fosters mold and bacteria to make their home. That’s not it. People who have tried using carpets over laminate flooring reported that the floor felt bouncy and unstable. 

However, clueless on what to put on laminate flooring, and insist on carpet? Down below, we have a few solutions waiting. 

Option 1: Don’t tack the carpet down

Want the comfort of a carpet without sacrificing your laminate? A good way is placing a carpet without using glue. Although this won’t give you the security or sturdiness of a glued-on carpet, you can still achieve the look. 

Another option you can overlook is to use a big rug instead of a carpet. But just like the gap between a tile and wall, the edges of the room will look odd. 

However, remember that the carpet or rug will probably slip and slide beneath your feet, a lot!

We’ve tried a few options ourselves. So here are our recommended rugs for laminate flooring:

Try out any of these. And you can get the best of both worlds: laminate and carpet flooring.

Option 2: Remove the laminate beforehand

Other than installing a carpet without glue, you can remove the laminate flooring. Then you just have to fully tack the carpet on the base floor. 

This is the best solution to the problem. You’ll get the best finish. And there’s no risk of mold or fungus. Asking yourself if you need to hire professionals?

No silly, removing the laminate is super easy. All you need is some patience and some time in your hands. 


Question: Do you need a pad under an area rug on laminate floors?
Answer: Yes, it’s necessary to use a pad underneath a rug when you place it on top of laminate flooring. This makes the rug more comfortable to stand on. 

Question: Will carpet tape ruin laminate floors?
Answer: Yes, the majority of the carpet tapes do damage laminate floors. But, if you use carpet tape that is specially designed for laminate flooring, you can get away with it.

Question: Can I paint over laminate?
Answer: Yes, painting over laminate is possible. But, it’s crucial to prime the surface beforehand. This ensures that the paint sticks well to the laminate.

Bottom Line

So that’s all from our side. We hope we answered your doubts on this matter.

Has the question “can you put carpet over laminate flooring?” crossed your mind too? Let us know.

Until then, stay happy and healthy!