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How Much Does a Cast Iron Tub Weigh

Speaking of bathtubs, cast iron is always number one for its variety of advantages.

These tubs are very heavy. There is a chance that the tub might break the floor!

It can be pretty disastrous. At least I can vouch for that.

How much does a cast iron tub weigh?

A cast iron bathtub weighs at least 250 pounds. It never weighs more than 500 pounds. This weight can vary based on the shape and structure of the cast iron bathtub. The interesting fact is, that the weight of the bathtub does not exceed 1000 pounds. While carrying the water of course.

To actually find the perfect tub based on its weight, you need precise info.

That is exactly what you will get from this article. No wonder why I hand picked this article, just for you.

Let’s grab a bathtub!

Weight of Different Cast Iron Bathtubs

It is true that the cast iron bathtub is one of the finest bathtubs you will find out there. 

The only problem is its weight. It weighs a lot. You can’t use one bathtub without its weight. 

On average, all cast iron tubs weigh somewhat within 240 to 500 pounds. 

Here’s the catch. This is just the average weight. 

The actual weight can be different based on the types of cast iron bathtubs. After all, there are many types of cast iron bathtubs out there.

Let’s rush in for explicit research then, shall we?

Type 1: Petite Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub

These tubs have a general weight of 250 pounds. It’s the smallest type of cast iron bathtub you will find on the market. 

The tub’s barely 50 inches long. The bathtub can withstand 32 gallons of water. With water, the tub weighs around 500 pounds.

Type 2: Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub 

This is the biggest type of cast iron bathtub. The bathtub can be long up to 75 inches.

Guess how much it weighs? Approximately 400 pounds!

That is huge. Adding to this, the bathtub is capable of holding around 82 gallons of water. The total weight of the bathtub then even crosses 1000 pounds!

Type 3: Alcove Cast Iron Bathtub

Between the Freestanding and Petite bathtub, comes the Alcove cast iron bathtub. This bathtub is about 60 inches long. It weighs a little more than 300 pounds. 

Just like a Petite bathtub, Alcove can also bear 32 gallons of water. After calculation, the tub weighs about 617 pounds, including the water. 

The tub is basically perfect for those who neither need the biggest nor the smallest tub. Rather something more mediocre.

These are the typical criteria of the cast iron bathtub. Plus their weight. Based on their weight, select the one you like!

Why So Heavy?

Cast iron bathtubs are undoubtedly great but the weight? Too much.

The next thing you may think is, “why such a heavyweight?”

There are many reasons that make the bathtub so heavy. Without further ado, let’s crack these reasons.

Building Components

You may think that the cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron only. Truth is, there’s more than just cast iron in the bathtub.

These bathtubs are made with a mixture of cast iron and porcelain. Not only that. A finishing layer of Enamel.

What happens after this? All these layers of material make the bathtub bulkier. 

And? Yeah, you guessed right. Makes them heavier as well!

Naturally Heavy

Cast iron is the heaviest material. At least of all the materials that are used to make different types of bathtubs.

Acrylic, ceramic, steel, fiberglass, and porcelain are some of the regular components used to make bathtubs. They are either alloy or composite. 

Most of these materials have a light structure. The bathtubs made out of them also become lightweight. Isn’t that obvious?

On the other hand, we have cast iron.  It is pure metal. 

Unlike alloy or composite, cast iron has a very strong, hard, and heavy structure. 

No wonder why cast iron bathtubs are very heavy. I mean, using a heavy pure metal like cast iron will surely make the tub heavy. Right?

The reason for the cast iron bathtub being heavy is the cast iron itself. At least that’s the conclusion we can reach from here.

Pros and Cons

Cast iron bathtubs are heavy, undoubtedly. 

Because of this weight, the bathtub has a lot of advantages. Disadvantages as well. 

How about we dive in to figure them out?

Advantages of Cast Iron Bathtubs

The bulky structure of the cast iron bathtubs comes with a remarkable number of advantages. Longevity, durability, stain-resistant, etc are some of them.


One thing is for sure. Cast iron bathtubs can beat any bathtub when it comes to longevity. This thing can last ages. 

Numerically, the bathtub can easily stay for at least 70 years. Or even more! 

Whereas ordinary bathtubs do not last more than 30 years. Told you!

The reason is the cast iron. It is one of the strongest metals on Earth. Imagine how much harder and stronger the bathtub will become!

Once you get a cast iron bathtub, no need to worry about getting a new one. In your whole life!


Cast iron bathtubs have high durability too. The material cast iron itself is a heavy resistant metal against corrosion and scratch. 

That’s not all. With the combination of enamel, the cast iron can easily counter any stains. You won’t find any scratches or stains on yours that’s for sure.

Easy to Maintain

Cast iron is one of the easiest materials to handle. It requires a very low amount of maintenance effort. At least easier than cleaning cast Aluminum.

You don’t need to do much to keep the bathtub in a good shape. Just a bit of simple rinsing and the tub will last longer than usual.

Speaking of cleaning, you would definitely need a bathtub cleaner. Here you can check these bathtub cleaners-

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They are the best right now in the market. Why don’t you give them a try?

Cons of the Cast Iron Bathtub

We learned about the pros of the cast iron bathtub. 

Like any other thing, even a cast iron bathtub has some disadvantages.

It’s time to have a glimpse of this dark side of the cast iron bathtub.


Cast iron bathtubs are surely expensive, that I can tell. Starting from $500, the cost can even exceed $1,000! 

This price is double the price of any acrylic or fiberglass bathtub. The fun fact is, it’s more costly than the cost of painting a 12×12 room!

It was just the buying cost. When it comes to mounting the bathtub, the expense increases. 

There you go. These are some of the major pros and cons of the cast iron bathtub. 

The heavy mass may make it more durable and stain-resistant. 

It also makes the tub hard to use everywhere. Also, it is very costly.

Too Heavy

One of the major problems is that the tube is way too heavy. While the cast iron  ensures durability and longevity, it makes the tub heavy. 

In fact, it becomes difficult to use this type of bathtub in modern houses. 

If your bathroom is small, you cannot use the cast iron bathtub. 

It’s because not only are the tubs heavy but also they can be way too big. There remains a possibility that the shower door may not close properly

Even worse, the floor might break because of the excessive weight.


Is it necessary to give extra support to the cast iron bathtub?

No. In fact, it’s best to set the bathtub right on the floor. This will give the bathtub maximum support. Sometimes the floor may not be able to hold the bathtub since it is too heavy. In such cases, you can use wooden beams or studs. You may get just the support you are looking for.

What can I do to replace a cast iron bathtub?

The best option is to take it to a scrapyard. It is not possible to recycle the cast iron bathtub. Take it to the scrapyard if the bathtub becomes useless. If the bathtub is in good shape, it’s your lucky day! You can sell it. Not only will you get rid of your old bathtub. You can earn some money.

Is it okay to color the cast iron?

Yes. You can paint. Even though the cast iron bathtub lasts long, the bathtub can get faded. Even the Enamel layer can get damaged. You can use paint to make the tub look ever fresh. Also, it can give your bathroom a different appearance. You can use acrylic urethane enamel to paint your bathtub.

Last Words

End of the knowledge train! You probably know now  how much a cast iron tub weighs.

If you still think you have any questions, don’t hesitate.

You can go to any plumbing expert. They have a lot of experience and knowledge. Surely enough to help you!

I take leave then.

Have a great day and goodbye!