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How to Catch a Mole in the House [3 Effective Methods]

Moles infestations are actually a bother. Like rats, they can cause hygiene issues but also destroy your floors. What’s worse is that they can ruin your beautiful-looking garden and yards. 

Maybe you’re searching for a way to capture them?

How to catch a mole in the house?

You can capture moles with traps and even bait them. You can do another thing, that is trace them with sounds. Adopting preventive procedures can halt them from attempting any further invasion at home.  For mole infestation, seek the help of a professional mole exterminator.

Sounds intriguing? This is just a brief version. If you really want to catch them desperately, read till the end. 

3 Methods to Trap Invading Moles

Moles are very cunning as lower-level mammals.What makes them exceptional is that they can intrude in our residences. They do this mainly for foraging.

The process of intrusion is mainly digging up narrow pathways and holes around the yards. They can also enter into the vents, drains, circulation systems. Even water pipes filled with sand can be their way of entry. So watch out! 

Now, let’s take a look at how to catch our tiny intruders. We must do this to keep our house free from these. So let’s start investing in these steps:

Method 1: Trapping Moles

Make use of a mole trap or a mousetrap. When moles are about the size of a large mouse, this is then done. Some traps are lethal to moles. Others will catch moles that you will be able to release. 

But the best thing is keep them approximately 5 miles away from your home. The purpose of traps, however, is mole elimination, either dead or alive.

When working with mole traps, wear gloves because moles despise humans. They will be scared away from your trap by your human scent. 

Method 2: Baiting Moles

The size, shape, and feel of talpirid mole bait allow moles to ingest is common. That is how it ingests the principal food source, the earthworm does. Talpirid mole bait is similar in size, shape, and feel to earthworms. This mimics the mole’s natural food supply. 

One worm contains a deadly amount of bromethalin. This acts as an active component for taking advantage of the mole’s high energy requirements.

Special enhancers enable rapid appeal and high product acceptability. Talpirid mole bait is effective and can kill in less than 24 hours. So these can be used for baiting efficiently.

Method 3: Using Mole Repellent

Mole repellents are more effective than traps and baits as they leave less of a mess. Despite being efficient, repellents don’t always guarantee success. Some moles may live long even after consumption. Here the quality of the pesticide also matters. 

That said, let’s see some mole repellents that you can use:

Granular Repellents 

These repellents contain components that moles dislike, such as castor oil, cinnamon, and garlic. Scatter where the olehills and ground protrusions can be detected by you. 

Imidacloprid granules are applied to the lawn surface. 5G or Merit Granules would deprive them of their dietary sources (insects, grubs, and worms).

However, removing their food source has one disadvantage. In quest of food, the moles will tunnel more vigorously, producing greater temporary surface damage. This increased tunneling and surface damage is expected to last 2-4 weeks.

Humane mole traps 

It is to use a humane mole trap to catch moles and other rodents. These traps are not lethal to animals and are suitable for use around children.


Look for insecticides that are both safe and natural. Because moles devour what lurks beneath the surface, eliminating their food supply is an ideal solution. After using these they may permeate a smell like the odor of dead mice in ovens found in ovens.

Want to buy some quality pesticides? You can try out these pesticides for eradicating moles:

Product 1
Product 2

They are highly toxic pesticides for small animals and even some insects.

So in order to work, choose pest-repelling products that do not harm plants or animals. These items must be safe for the youngsters and pets.

Non-lethal sprays: 

Castor oil is the active element in several non-lethal sprays. These sprays can cover an area of up to 10,000 square feet. 

As the spray penetrates the earth, it kills the mole’s food source while repelling the moles themselves. These repellent sprays are not harmful to pets or children. 


Prevention is mainly done to not allow moles into the territory in near future. Having to clear out all the invasions, we do these steps a little further for safety measures.

Castor Oils and Other DIY Home Remedies

Castor oil contains mole repellent attributes other than the health benefits of castor oil. You can make a spray with castor oil, water, and liquid detergent.

Fill a standard garden watering can halfway with warm water and 2 tablespoons of repellent. Thoroughly wet the regions that have sustained the most damage.

Cayenne pepper is another DIY mole repellent (moles hate spiciness). Mole-removal scents include castor oil, coffee grounds, and eucalyptus and mint oil (two smells to get rid of moles).

Tracing with Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic spikes can be a choice to this point however efficiency is unclear. To keep moles away, try to place two ultrasonic spikes every 100 feet in your yard.

Fencing the Territory

You should bury wire mesh and erect in-ground fences. This is to keep moles from constructing homes. It also keeps them away from tunneling in garden beds. 

Fencing may require different sorts of electrical wiring like stretched-out wielded wiring

Plant Deterrent Flowers

Try to purchase marigold and daffodil bulbs, seeds, or plant starts. They will work as a natural mole deterrent or barrier. Moles are also repelled by any plant in the allium family.

Suggestion: Calling for Pest Control Help

Contact a pest control specialist. Hire a pest control firm or a wildlife relocation professional to manage mole removal. Especially if you do have a big mole infestation.


Question: When is the greatest time of year to catch moles?

Answer: When the earth is not frozen, which is in the spring and fall. These are the greatest times of the year. It is done to get rid of moles because they are the most active.

Question: WIll the moles bite?

Answer: Yes, Moles can bite. However, you’ll find no genuine evidence that any human has ever contracted rabies as a result of a mole bite. It is extremely rare.

Question: Can moles climb stairwells?

Answer: Moles were not built to climb walls or ceilings. They can’t do this because their legs and paws differ from those of a rat or mouse.


I hope there are some clear ideas on how to catch a mole in the house. I can guarantee you these methods will work. You shall also get some alternatives to choose from.

Try the methods that you find to be suitable.

Good luck!