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How to Change ADT Alarm Code SafeWatch Pro 3000 [5 Steps]

People who know your ADT alarm code can break into your house.

Changing the alarm code every now and then will ensure the safety of your house. Though changing the alarm code can be a bit difficult. 

How to change the ADT code SafeWatch Pro 3000?

Changing the code for ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 is not that complicated. Firstly, apply the master code to the system. Press 4 and 0 on the keypad. Apply the new code and press (#). Do remember to do a test run of the new code. This will make sure the code has been given right. 

There are more details to each of the steps. We have given a full description of each step below. Dive down!

How to Change The ADT Alarm Code

There are a lot of functions baked in the safewatch pro. That’s why It can be hard to understand each of the features. If you don’t change it, people can break in through the door. 

Even though changing the alarm code seems like a simple task. It can be confusing to do so. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to do it yourself. 

Step 1: Enter Current Master Code

To change the alarm code, you need to give your current code first. Applying your first code ensures that no one else changes your code. 

To enter your current code, press (*) on the keypad. After you have pressed (*), press 5 on the keypad. 

If you did the above process right, the red light will come on. The red light is the armed light. Also, the yellow light will start flashing. The yellow light is the system light. 

Step 2: Enter the Number 40

In this step, you need to enter the number 20. By entering number 20, the system will take you to change the master code. 

If it doesn’t take you there, agin you have to go back to step 1 and do it. Then apply the number 40. Some of the models ask for the number 20 whereas some ask for 40. So give both of the numbers a try.

Step 3: Apply the New Code

At this step, you can apply your new code. Give a new 4 or 6 digit code. It is better to use something different. This will make sure that anyone who knows your previous code, will not be able to enter it. 

You might need to apply the code twice. After you have applied it once, then enter the code again. If it doesn’t require you to apply twice, applying once is okay. 

Step 4: End the Process

To end the process press the (#). Pressing (#) will indicate to the system that you are done with applying the new code. It will register the new code at the master code.

But that is not the last step to make your home impenetrable.

Step 5: Test the New Code

After you have applied the new code. It is best to try it out for once. Otherwise, you will find no other way to be sure of your home being impenetrable. 

So arm the device. To arm the device, enter your master code and press 7 on the keypad. The text “instant” is also written in the number 7 button. 

This will trigger the system instantly. Apply the new code and press 1 on the keypad. If the alarm is disabled, it means you have successfully applied the new code. If it still doesn’t work, we suggest changing the battery. 

The system uses UB 1270 batteries. The screen will show BAT if the battery is low. It is no hassle to change the battery of the SafeWatch Pro 3000. 

If you are thinking about buying batteries for the system, give these batteries a try. They perform really well:


These batteries will last a long time in the system. The failure rate of these batteries is really low.

How to Assign Users Code to the System

The system allows up to 45 users to use the system. And each of the users can have different codes for themselves.

But no matter what, only the master code user can change the code. Also, the master code user can assign new users to the system. 

If you want a new user to add to the system you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Enter the master code into the system.
  2. Press 8 on the keypad. The word code is also printed on the number 8 button.
  3. The text “user” will be visible on the screen
  4. Apply for user number
  5. Apply users code

This way you will be able to assign a new user to the system. The process of assigning new users to the system is similar to programming a garage door opener

How to Delete a User Code

Sometimes you might need to delete a user. Let’s say, you don’t have the same babysitter. So you need to delete her code from the system.

To delete existing users from the system, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your master code
  2. Press 8 on the keypad
  3. Enter user number
  4. Press 0

This way you can delete existing users from the system.


How many authority levels are in the system?

Answers: There are 6 authority levels in the system. The master code user can assign others. 

How to silence an Alarm event?

Answer: To silence or clear an alarm event, enter the security code. After that press 1 twice.

How to arm night stay mode?

Answer: To arm night stay mode, apply the code and press 3 twice. This will arm the interior zones as well. 


Now you have understood how to change ADT alarm code SafeWatch Pro 3000. We hope this clears your confusion. 

Always remember to arm the system when you are going out.

Have a safe home!