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How To Change Bulb In Flush Mount Ceiling Light: Fixed!

You’ll have to change your flush mount ceiling light bulb once in a while. But not knowing how to do so properly might lead to unwanted outcomes. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect tutorial for you.

How to change bulb in flush mount ceiling light?

You need to take off the ceiling light cover to get access to the bulb. Hold the bulb and rotate it in a counter clock motion to unscrew from the fixture. Put the cover back after placing the new bulb into the fixture.

That was just the abridged version of the entire process. We’ve covered the entire process in detail to help you execute the operation successfully 

Let’s delve into the details!

How to Change Bulbs in Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Even though bulbs nowadays are made durable and last long, they’ll eventually run out. When that happens, they require replacement. You might need to change your light bulb once a year depending on its lifespan.

The flush mount lighting sits against the ceiling, facing downward. It takes up less space than the other traditional light setups. 

Flush mount lights found their way to popularity in urban households for their efficiency. The ceiling light is fashionable as well as environmentally friendly to some extent. Perfect for rooms with a low ceiling, it offers an ideal lighting option for small rooms.

Despite its conveniences, changing or fixing the bulb can make you sweat! Because the light sits against the ceiling, you need to climb on something to reach it. Without proper precautions, this task can end up being more hazardous than you think it is. 

Putting the complications aside, not many people know how to change the bulb in such setups. It’s one of the common home repairing tasks out there 

Here’s the procedure you should follow to change the bulb in the flush mount ceiling light:

Step 1: Remove Flat Ceiling Light Cover

You first have to remove the cover of the ceiling light to operate with the bulb. However, you need to be very careful while handling the ceiling light cover. Turn off the light 10 minutes before performing the removal process. This will let the light cool down.

Most flush mount ceiling light comes with screwed light covers These are different from your regular drywall screws. In such cases, it requires manual unscrewing. 

Screwed Ceiling Light 

Locate the screws in the ceiling light cover first. They are usually screwed from the side of the light cover. After that, start turning the screw in a counterclockwise manner. Use one hand to unscrew the cover while holding the dome with the other.

The dome will come out after a while of unscrewing.

Now what to do with flat ceiling light covers that don’t come with screws? We have covered that too!

Ceiling Light With Notch Mechanism

Such flush mount ceiling light covers are relatively easier to take off. The cover is fitted to the ceiling through a notch-type mechanism.

Press the light cover gently while twisting it. Pull down the glass after slightly twisting it. The cover will come off easily.

Spring Loaded Light Frame

These kinds of light frames are a bit harder to operate with. The frame comes with clips inside with loaded springs that hold the frame by pressing outwards. 

Spring-loaded flush-mounted lights typically come with two springs. These springs hold the metal collar of the ceiling light in place.

Here’s what you need to remove spring-loaded light frames:

Loosen the paint with a flathead screwdriver by sliding it under the metal collar. Pry down the light fixture from the spring by pulling the fixture down.

Step 2: Change Ceiling Light Bulb

With the ceiling light cover removed, you can finally start working on changing the bulb. Turn off the bulb and wait for it to cool down.  Don’t change the bulb immediately. A normal bulb usually takes about five minutes to cool down. Halogen light bulbs can take up to 20 minutes to cool down.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the top-selling Halogen light bulbs in the market. Here are the light bulbs that we recommend:


Take duct tape and tear off a strip of around 12 inches. Cover both ends of the tape and stick it to the light bulb.

The light bulb should be easier to unscrew from the fixture once you tape it. Turn the light bulb in counterclockwise to unscrew it. 

Place the new bulb in the fixture and pop the light cover back in the ceiling.

And just like that, you have changed the light bulb in your flush-mounted ceiling! It wasn’t that hard, was it?

You can change every flush-mounted light bulb in every room of the house like that. 

Some Helpful Suggestions

Before we go on to concluding this guide, we want to leave you some helpful suggestions. These suggestions will help you take care of some loose ends and ensure a safe outcome

Make sure the light is turned off and given enough time to cool down.

Wear rubber gloves and goggles for safety measures.

The screwdriver might sometimes fail to create a gap between the ceiling and the light cover. Use pin pliers as an alternative.

Seek an extra pair of hands to aid you with the task. This task is hazardous as you have to work with the ceiling. Having someone hold the ladder for you can reduce the risk of accidents.


Questions: Can you put a semi-flush mount light on a sloped ceiling?

Answers: Even if you can use it, it’s not the best choice. Semi-flush mount lights are most effective in rooms that have low ceilings. The sloped ceiling is usually taller than regular ceilings, so such lighting won’t be much effective.

Questions: Does a ceiling light fixture require to be grounded?

Answers: Yes, the light fixture needs to be grounded if you have a metal light fixture. It helps to inform you about possible electrical shorts. You definitely want your fixture grounded if it’s a metal light fixture to avoid accidents.

Questions: Is ground wire necessary for light fixture

Answers: The ground wire is not really necessary to complete the circuit. It works as a safety net if any electrical short takes place. The ground wire sends an instantaneous signal to turn off the breaker when a short occurs.

Parting Words

Hope you now know how to change bulb in flush mount ceiling light.

We hope that this guide helps in the future when you face such issues. Always follow the safety precautions during the operation to keep yourself safe.

If the task proves too difficult for you, seek the help of professionals.

Have a great day and good luck!