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6 Easy Steps On How To Change A Safe Combination Lock

You may wish to alter the combination to ensure that valuables are protected.

Although for different models, the details of replacing a variety will vary.

How to change a safe combination lock?

To modify the safe combination, look for the mark in your safe. In the change mark, move the numbers around. Press the knob twice on the spot for the first number. But only once for the second and the third digits. Change the lock’s combination by inserting the change key and dialling your new code.

Let’s slide into the steps together. These steps will help you save a significant amount of money, effort, and time efficiently.

Change Your Safe Combination Lock: 6 Steps

The instructions I’ve laid out for you could be completed without any power or manual tools. All you need here is the change key which came with the lock.

A change key is included in the packaging when you buy a safe. You must ensure that you retain it so that altering your lock combination will not be difficult. 

If you lose it, you should contact the manufacturer first. You could email them and seek a replacement key. This is called a change key.

You may also buy external locks for your safety. Here are some affordable exterior locks for your safe available in the market:

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure they work with your safety. Obtaining your safe key from one of the models or brand’s wholesalers is preferable.

Now you’ve got everything you need. So, let’s proceed to the steps.

Step 1 of 6: Search For The Marks To Unlock

The first step is to seek the marks. It’ll indicate how to unlock the safe and change the combination. 

The symbol for unlocking the safe is typically a ring with an arrow. At the same time, the mark for altering the combination is usually a line next to the arrow. 

Although the marks for locks are different for each brand, so you must look for everything on Kwikset lock picking if you buy one from this brand.

Step 2 of 6: Enter The Current Combination

You can now open the safe’s door. As you dial your current combination, ensure the lock bolts are stretched. 

Now send them to the changing mark instead of the opening mark. Be careful while you re-lock the safe. Only do so once your new combination has been set and tested.

Step 3 of 6: Turn The Knob To The Correct Position

For each combination number, turn the knob in the appropriate direction. Pass the initial number three times counterclockwise through the changing mark.

You might face difficulties like forgetting the safe combination number. Also, the wrong combination might show in the instruction. In that case, you’ll have to unlock the lock without a combination lock.

Now press the second number 2 times. Do that in a clockwise fashion through the changing mark. Finally, pass the last number through the shifting mark in a counterclockwise way once.

Step 4 of 6: Put The Changing Key In Place

Make sure the knob is adjusted to the last number in your combination. You can now put the changing key inside your safe once you’ve finished this. 

Do not force it into place. You can then rotate the change key half of a turn counterclockwise.

Step 5 of 6: Make A New Dialing Combination

Putting a new combination number could be confusing for some brand’s lock. That’s why you need to know the details on how to pick a Schlage lock to avoid hassles.

When the change key is inserted, use the changing mark to enter your new combination. The first number should be dialed three times counterclockwise.

Dial the second number twice in a counterclockwise fashion. Then dial the final number once counterclockwise. Be aware that the knob is set to the last digit you set.

Step 6 of 6: Check Whether New Combination Works

Re-lock the safe only after double-checking that your new combination is correct. If you make any mistake during the process, pause for a moment before starting anew. 

Detach the change key after you’ve established the new combination and attempt to unlock it. Close the safe once you’ve finished with this.

You can try these steps on other types of locks but not on magnetic locks. You must know how to unlock the magnetic door lock before trying.

That’s all I’ve for you to protect you from hassles.


Can you change the combination on the safe?

Answer: The combination of your safe lock can be changed. If you have an electronic or mechanical lock, that will determine the path. You must take it to complete the task.

How can you open a number lock without the code?

Answer: Pull up the dial to open a number lock without a code. Then turn it counterclockwise. Notice the exact number you’re on, multiply it by 5, and write it down. Adjust the dial to its number and crank it counterclockwise until it clicks once more.

How do you reset a safe combination?

Answer: Reset the safe key by rotating the dial in a clockwise direction thrice. Stop rotating the dial clockwise once you’ve reached the first digit. Rotate the dial counterclockwise until you complete the second digit, then turn it again.


I hope you feel satisfied following the steps on how to change a safe combination lock.

Remember changing the combination locks featuring mechanical dials nearly always necessitates the assistance of a locksmith.

When working with safe combinations, difficulties in changing a combination lock will likely be encountered. But following these steps will erase the problem for you.