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How to Charge Glow in The Dark Paint? [3 Alternative Fixes]

Charging glow in the dark paint is a common concern among the DIY community. Did you use glow in the dark paint a while back? Then, the glow of your paint must be fading slowly. This is very common because phosphors break down over time.

Want to know how to charge glow in the dark paint free of hassle

Charging glow in the dark paint is a facile task. You just have to follow any of our 3 alternative fixes. You could try charging with a laser pen but it could be a bit costly. You could rather try using a flashlight or UV flashlight. And if you’re looking for something simple, charge under sunlight.

Like the preview you see? We have detailed guidelines just for you! 

So jump in to know the rest!

How Long Does Glow within The Dark Paint Last?

Glow in the dark paints are quite nifty. They can be used to paint almost everything. For instance, you can even paint metal lockers with glow in the dark paint. 

Before painting anything we must know how long the glow lasts.

Firstly, if the can or container of paint is unopened, the glow will last the longest. It should last up to 2 years without its performance being hindered. Manufacturers these days have stepped up their packaging game. Some paints have been proven to last up to 5 years.

Secondly, outdoor objects or walls can shine for more than 10 years. But for that, you must ensure that your walls are smooth. Smooth surfaces along with a good primer and sealant can ensure better durability. 

Now you must be wondering if priming your walls is necessary? Or, if you can use white paint as a primer? Well, we suggest you get yourself a proper primer. It will give you the best results and save you a lot of time.

Finally, keep in mind that the paint can be charged as many times as required. But time and method is a big factor. Every time you charge the paint, the glow will be as bright as day one.

Now that we know how long glow in the dark paints last, let’s move on to the fixes!

3 Alternative Ways to Charge Glow in The Dark Paint

As mentioned before, glow in the dark paints has so many uses. You can even paint the interior of your kitchen cabinets using this paint. Knowing how to charge it is a must. We have provided 3 different methods to charge them. You can follow these methods to achieve your desired glow-

Method 1: Charging With Laser

Charging your glow in the dark paint with a laser is quite easy. To make things more facile, we’ve divided the method into 2 steps. So, let’s quit the chit chat and begin-

Necessary Equipment

Every task requires some accessible tools. Here are some tools we’ll be needing given below-

  • Safety gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Laser of choice

Now that we’ve collected everything that we need, let’s advance to the steps!

Step 1: Stand 2-3 Inches Away From The Painted Object

This is the primary and most vital step of the entire process. Put on your safety gear and stand at a distance from the painted object. 

This is to ensure that the object stays intact because lasers are very strong. And standing at a distance will make sure you don’t accidentally burn the painted object.

Step 2: Turn on The Laser And Start Charging!

Now all you have to do is turn on the laser and start charging the glow in the dark paint. This might take some time but it will surely ensure a pleasant glow!

If you don’t own a laser, we’ve got an alternative for you!

Method 2: Charging With Flashlight Or UV Light

Charging with a Flashlight or UV light is as easy as the previous method. And we’ve broken this method into 2 steps as well. Let’s see what they are-

Necessary Equipment

This method requires minimum tools to get the job done. They are-

  • Flashlight or,
  • UV flashlight

Now, let’s move onto the steps-

Step 1: Charge Your Flashlight or UV Flashlight

This step is crucial. The stronger your source of light, the better it will charge your paint. Before charging your glow in the dark paint, replace the old batteries. Or, opt for charging your flashlight or UV light.

Step 2: Charge The Glow in The Dark Paint

After your desired flashlight is charged, start charging the paint. Now, this might take a while.

But if you’re impatient and want a brighter glow, use the UV flashlight. UV flashlights are stronger and quicker compared to normal flashlights. 

Well-charged glow in the dark paint can make your home glow as bright as stars. Here are some great UV lights for you to choose from-


If you don’t find this method doable either, we have another method waiting for you! Keep reading-

Method 3: Charging With Sunlight 

This is the easiest out of all three methods! You’ll only need some sunlight along with time and patience. Let’s move on to the steps!

Step 1: Pick An Adequately Lit Area

At first, go outside and pick a bright sunny spot. The spot must be empty so that there aren’t any shadows around. This will ensure maximum exposure to sunlight.

Step 2: Place The Object in Sunlight

Now put the object on your selected spot. The object must be kept under the sunlight for approximately 3-4 hours. This will ensure the utmost glow of your product.

And those were the 3 methods we promised you of. We tried making this as trouble-free as possible. Hope this helped!


Question: Is glow in the dark paint safe for children?

Answer: The answer is yes and no. Like all other paints, these paints are relatively safe for kids to use. Phosphors in the paint are harmless unless ingested. We recommend you use safety gloves, goggles, and masks for protection. In addition, make sure your room is well ventilated.

Question: Can I charge a wet glow in the dark paint?

Answer: In short, no. You can’t charge damp paint. If it’s wet it won’t glow effectively. Glow in the dark paints needs to be fully dry before the charging process.

Question: How quickly will an object paint with glow in the dark paint charge?

Answer: The charging time varies from product to product. There usually isn’t a standard time for charging. Charging for approximately 3-4 hours will be enough. Do keep in mind, quality paint needs minimum time to give you a pleasant glow. 


Congratulations! Now you know how to charge glow in the dark paint using 3 different methods! Hope our guidelines helped. Make sure to test each and every one of them out.

See you next time! Happy crafting!