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Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks to You [2 Reasons Explained]

It’s especially inconvenient in the morning when you’re trying to get ready for the day. And the shower curtain is sticking on you again and again. You must be wondering why it’s happening to you. 

Why does the clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to you?

Well, there can be some scientific and logical explanation behind that problem. It can happen because of the temperature difference on both sides of the curtain. Also, the air pressure vortex created by the water spray can be the reason. Both of the reasons can be causing the curtain to stick.  

You must be still in the blue about this matter. This matter needs a detailed discussion. Let’s jump to the details!

Why Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks to You

Clawfoot baths are lovely, but many individuals who use them for bathing dislike them. If you also have a clawfoot tub that serves as your primary shower.

Have you done any research? If so then you’ve probably figured out what people despise the most about it. Shower curtain liners flow in and attach to you on all sides. Also that can clean the pebble shower floor.

In the winter, it’s commonplace. When you’re in the shower. And you have to deal with the vexing situation over and over again. There are a slew of theories as to why people hang on to their shower curtains.

Thus, a great deal of discussion is needed. You can also state that the reasons are based on physics rules. I’ve compiled two precise explanations for why this could occur. Jump forward to the detailed reasoning.

Reason 1: Because of the Temperature

Temperature may be a factor for the curtain to stick. It’s because the shower is so much warmer than the rest of the bathroom. This reduces the air pressure on the inside of the curtain.

To put it another way, the air pressure outside the curtain has gotten worse. It’s because of this that the curtain becomes imprisoned in the liquid.

Consequently, this problem does not arise during the summer months. Because it’s warmer and the showers are cooler, the temperature differential isn’t as great as it once was. And it doesn’t happen for us during the summer.

In the winter, however, the opposite occurs. Your bathroom becomes colder, but your showers become warmer. This creates a considerably larger disparity between the two temps. And you’re having a lot of difficulty with it.

The curtain sticking due to temperature differences seems far too convenient. However, there could be another factor causing this issue.

Reason 2: Because of Shower Spray

The bath spray is another explanation. Shower spray forms a vortex with lower air pressure in the center, attracting the curtain. As the fluid accelerates, the pressure decreases.

This causes an air pressure imbalance between the interior and outside of the curtain. The interior air pressure falls. However, the outside air maintains the same pressure.

When you’re taking a shower, you’ll see that the lower-pressure air is being drawn in. Shower curtains are controlled by the pressure of the air.

In addition, the curtain clings to you because of it. If the curtain’s interior and outside temperatures are identical, this is still a good idea. It can happen as a result of both temperature variations and air vortices.

Whatever the cause, you can simply resolve the vexing issue with simple home treatments. I’ve compiled a list of quick-fix solutions for you to try.

How to Fix a Sticking Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

You may be surprised to learn how simple it is to fix this problem. It’s possible that you won’t need to buy anything. You can also solve the problem with some simple suggestions. I’ve described various methods you can try below.

Method 1: Installing a Shower Space Heater

For the most straightforward solution, you can purchase a heater. In fact, I’m going to assume you already have. And installing a space heater is not as difficult as installing electric water heater.  

Running a space heater while taking a shower elevates the temperature of the room.

At the same time, reduce the temperature difference. That effectively eliminates the stickiness. As a bonus, it helps keep you warm while you’re in the shower.

But, in other circumstances, controlling the temperature may not be the best solution. Not having a space heater might also be costly. Installing a space heater in the shower can also be harmful.

But don’t worry, I’ve also given some alternative approaches that you can attempt.

Method 2: Install a Weighted Curtain

Shower curtains are available in every department shop. Installing them is as simple as removing shower head

And to prevent them from fluttering around, some of them have weights attached to the bottom. The weight at the bottom prevents air pressure from forming.

This also negates the stickiness. So you could argue it’s a simple solution. You can put them in your shower to keep things from sticking. Here are some weighted curtains that I have gathered for you to test:


The installation of these curtains is simple. And they will be a good help in removing the sticking. 

Method 3: Replace the Curtain Liner

Using lightweight and inexpensive shower curtain liners increases the risk of them blowing in. While shopping, go for a heavyweight liner. The heavyweight liner will keep the curtain from sticking together.

Method 4: Place in a Magnet

Strong magnets can be purchased from a craft store. When you shower, you should use them to pin your curtain to your metal tub. Magnets are also integrated into several shower curtain liners.

Before you go out and buy magnets or a magnetic shower curtain, consider the following. Using a fridge magnet, check to see whether your tub has any metal. Magnets are ineffective on some tubs constructed of fiberglass or plastic.

If you have a fiberglass tub instead of an acrylic tub, this solution is not for you. But there is something more you can try.

Method 5: Install a Curved Shower Rod

A curving rod keeps the curtain away from the water. It will be less likely to be attracted in as a result. As a bonus, it will be useful if you have issues with water spray.


Question: Is a particular shower curtain required for a clawfoot tub?

Answer: Because clawfoot tubs are free-standing. Converting them into showers will necessitate the use of a curtain. You may wrap it around the tub completely with that much width.

Question: Will a clawfoot tub cause tile to crack?

Answer: Unless there is some form of coaster under the feet to spread out and soften the load. The tub has a high risk of cracking the tiles. Also, if the floor flexes, the tiles beneath the feet may come loose.

Question: Is it better to leave your shower curtain open or closed?

Answer: Shower curtains should be closed after use to allow them to dry. A shower curtain that is closed will dry quickly, especially between the folds.

Bottom Line 

Thanks a lot for tagging with me till the end. Hope now you are clear about why the clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to you

Shower time is an enjoyment. But without disturbing the enjoyment, you should fix the sticking problem with any remedy you may like. 

Best of luck!