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How to Clean Braun Series 7 760 CC [Step-by-Step Guide]

Staying healthy requires good personal hygiene. That is why it is essential to clean your shaver on a regular basis. 

Sometimes cleaning your electric shaver becomes a challenge. If you have a Braun Series 7 760 CC shaver then it needs to be clean after multiple uses. 

How to clean Braun Series 7 760 CC?

Braun Series 7 760 CC can be cleaned in two ways. You can use an automated cleaning device that can clean it quickly and easily. Otherwise, get a brush and water and do it manually. In that case, I’ll recommend that you lubricate the cutting block frequently.

Stay with us for detailed guidelines. Let’s start!

Why Should You Clean Your Shaver?

First, you’ve to understand why you should clean your shaver constantly. Using a dirty shaver might make it difficult to achieve a perfect shave. Also, it can cause skin burn, shaving burn, and pimples.

It can even reduce the flexibility and smoothness of the blades. So, cleaning the shaver is necessary. 

Clean Your Braun Series 7 760 CC in 2 Ways

Now we are going to describe two easy ways you can follow to clean your shaver. 

Method 1: Automated cleaning

Braun series 7 760 CC comes with clean and renewed technology. There is a device called ‘Advanced Clean & Charge Station’ for using the technology. 

You just have to click a button and the device will clean and dry the shaver. 

The whole process is fully automated. And an extra feature is, it will also charge the device at a time. The total process is highly hygienic with the world’s only 5- action alcohol-based system.

Method 2: Manual cleaning

You can also clean it manually with water. Because It is completely waterproof. Simply run it under hot water. Make sure the water of the sink is hot enough for cleaning.

Want to know further about cleaning Braun Series 7 760 CC? Let’s move to a step-by-step guideline. 

Clean with Advanced Clean & Charge Station: 4 Easy Steps

The Advanced Clean&Charge station is capable of cleaning, lubricating, and charging the machine. Additionally, it automatically selects a cleaning program and dries the shaver at one tap. That’s why your Braun Series 7 760 CC shaver feels new on a daily basis. 

Need to know the whole process? Just follow the 4 easy steps below-

Step 1: Plug in the Station 

Connect the Clean & Renew station to an electrical outlet and lift the housing by clicking the button on the bottom of the station.

Step 2: Disperse the Cartridge

Remove the cap from a cleaning cartridge as well as insert it into the bottom of the station. Make sure the top of the housing is pushed all the way down until it locks in. 

Step 3: Press to Clean

Put the shaver head into the cleaning station’s top. Check that the contacts on the shaver are aligned with those on the station. To begin cleaning, press the “Start Cleaning” button. The cleaning process can take between 30 and 43 minutes.

Step 4: Charge It if Needed 

When the blue “Clean” light flashes, unplug the shaver from the cleaning station or leave it to charge.

And you are done! The station will do further cleaning. For optimal cutting performance, the cleaning technique automatically lubricates the cutting blades. 

It also releases a pleasant lemon aroma. When cleaning is completed, it dries out the razor completely to improve its performance.

Clean Your Braun Series 7 760 CC Manually: 3 Simple Steps

You can improve the Manual cleaning by using a little amount of standard liquid soap. You can even use soft bar soap like Zote. Frequently lubricate the cutter block with a drop of oil for optimal outcomes.

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow-

Step 1: Clean with Hot Water

In the first step, you need to turn on the shaver. Then put the shaver head in hot flowing water. Remember, the water shouldn’t be extremely hot.

Step 2: Dry It

Take the shaver out of the hot water. Keep the shaver turned on in the air for some seconds before switching it off. Make sure it’s perfectly dry.

Step 3: Disperse for Internal Drying

Tap the button near the shaver head to release the head and remove internal components. For proper drying, put all the components in a clean space. 

Don’t forget to apply a little bit of oil. You know why it’s necessary.  

Some Additional Tips For Cleaning

We already describe the major two methods in the article. But for you, I have some more tips. Let’s move to those tips-

Cleaning with the brush

After removing the cutter head, It’s easy to clean the cutter block with a brush. When you’re finished, you have to switch it on for a few seconds. 

But a brush can’t clean the shaver properly. Because you can’t use a brush to clean the foil on the cutter. Brush is better for cleaning dried thinset from tile.

Cleaning with the cleaning spray

You can use cleaning sprays safely for cleaning sebum and dust. The residue is easy to remove after spraying both cutter components.

I have some cleaning sprays to suggest to you:

Product 1
Product 2

Are you looking for some really good and effective cleaning sprays? Then these are for you. You may try one of these. 

Some Suggestions for Your Braun Series 7 760 CC

All cutter parts should be replaced every 12-18 months for optimal performance. Because if you use the shaver on a regular basis, then stop after that period. 

It’s high time to change the cutter part for the best service. For longevity, you should keep your shaver clean and charged up regularly.  


Question: How do I wash my Braun Series 7 760 CC?

Answer: You can wash your shaver with hot water and a little bit of regular soap. After washing, you have to dry it out by switching it on for a few seconds. 


How many times can you use a Braun Series 7 760 CC cleaning cartridge?

Answer: The company claims that every cartridge may last for approximately thirty cleaning periods. It should be replaced within a month. 

Question: How do you clean a Braun Series 7 760 CC shaver without a cleaning station?

Answer: Without a cleaning station you can use hot water, brush and cleaning spray to clean the shaver.


I hope now you know how to clean  Braun Series 7 760 CC.

I try to put every essential information that can help you to clean your shaver.

Try to go to the cleaning station. It is the easiest and most effective way of cleaning.  

Best of luck!