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How to Clean Chalky Aluminum Siding [A Complete Guide]

Are you really frustrated to see your unclean and chalky aluminum siding? And struggling on how to clean them? 

Then look no further. I have brought you an entire segment on this topic. 

How to clean chalky aluminum siding?

You can remove chalky aluminum siding by following several cleaning procedures. First, you will need to gather the right supplies. Then, clean the siding thoroughly using a scrub. After scrubbing properly, you will need to spray TSP mixed water and let them dry. And voila, your aluminum sidings will be clean as new. 

Sounds easy enough? This is just a brief of what you need to do. There is a detailed discussion waiting for you. 

Why wait? Read on to have a better understanding of the process!

Chalk from Aluminum Siding 

Appearing chalk on the aluminum siding is a common thing. It mostly happens due to the ageing of the aluminum or as an effect of frequent weather changes. 

Although aluminum is structurally very rigid. Chalk will appear anyway with time. 

Removing the chalks from the aluminum raises the value of the home. Also, it is much less expensive than completely replacing the sidings. 

Removing Chalk from the Aluminum Siding 

Although it sounds like a very tough job to get the chalks removed, surprisingly it is much easier than you think it is. 

All you need is some proper supplies and following the procedures correctly. 

Materials Needed to Clean the Aluminum Sidings

There are some materials needed in order to clean the aluminum sidings properly:

  • TSP(Trisodium Phosphate)
  • Chemical Spray 
  • Siding Brush. Extension pole as addition 
  • Garden Brush and Nozzle with an angled Settings 
  • Protective Gloves, safety goggles and face masks 
  • Plastic Sheet to protect Nearby plants

Be very cautious while handling and buying your chemical materials. If you mistakenly buy the wrong chemicals and are unsure of its properties, it can turn out to be very lethal for you:

Product 1
Product 2

Getting all the mentioned materials will do the job top to bottom thoroughly. You will easily find them at your nearby construction or hardware store. 

Cleaning Chalky Aluminum Siding 

It is a fairly easy task to clean the chalks from the aluminum sidings. All you need to do is follow the procedures mentioned accordingly; 

Step 1: Working in Section

You will need to break the entire work into four different sections. It’s necessary to remember that you don’t dry on the entire aluminum siding. 

Rather only spray on the siding section you are working on. 

The side of the garden usually gets dirty the most. It should be the place where you start the cleaning process. And sequence them accordingly. 

Step 2: Cover Nearby Plants With A Plastic Sheet 

You will need to cover the plants properly. Because if the spray reaches those plants, there is a high risk of having them dried. 

Cover them with a plastic sheet in order to protect them from the chemical residue while cleaning. 

Step 3: Rinse Sidings

As you finish dividing the work into sections and covering the plants. Start the work by rinsing the sides with a hose first. 

Using the spray nozzle with an angle setting will be the most useful for this job. This will create a rainshower flow

Start rinsing the siding from the topside and later come down to the bottom area. This will prevent the siding from having any sort of dirt left on them. 

Also, while mimicking the rain flow, your house will not be damaged in the cleaning process. This angle also prevents the water from getting inside of the sidings. 

Step 4: Mix TSP with Warm Water in the Chemical Sprayer 

TSP or Trisodium Phosphate is a really useful chemical for all sorts of tough cleaning jobs. 

From scrubbing the gap between tub and tile floors to hard rusts on the kitchen cabinet can be easily cleaned with this chemical. 

This chemical is completely odourless. Also unlike other chemicals, it doesn’t sud up. 

For cleaning your aluminum siding, mix 2 ounces of TSP in one gallon of warm water. Use a measuring cup to make the process easier. 

After mixing the chemical with warm water, give it a good shake to dissolve the crystals in the water. 

Step 5: Spray TSP onto Wet Aluminum Siding

As you have already rinsed the siding before Now it’s time to put the protective gears into good use and. You will need to spray the TSP mixed water onto the aluminum siding. 

Make sure to spray the chemical before the aluminum dries up. 

Also, you will need to put on your protective gloves, safety glasses and facemask before you start spraying the chemical. 

This is essential to save you from hazardous chemical residue. 

You can use different types of sprayers for this job. If you have a traditional sprayer available to you, make sure to pump the tank until you feel the resistance. 

Ensure that you use the sprayer wand to evenly disperse the TSP mixture in every section of the siding. 

Step 7: Scrub with a Siding Brush 

A siding brush is not as rough as a hard brush. So, it won’t stain or remove the paint from the aluminum siding.

So, Scrubbing the debris off of Siding will be easier for you as the TSP loosens it up.

Step 8: Let It Dry

After the scrubbing and removing the debris. All you need to do is to let the siding dry up. 

And your aluminum sidings have been cleaned and if you have done it right then all the chalks will be removed as well. 


Question: Can I paint over chalky aluminum siding?

Answer: If your aluminum siding has developed a chalky stain or has been decolorized, then don’t worry. You can repaint it. 

Question: Can I use vinegar on aluminum siding?

Answer: To clean aluminum siding, mix water, liquid dish soap and white vinegar in a large bucket. Then, Take a scrubber and clean the siding

Question: Is it cheaper to paint aluminum siding?

Answer: It is definitely cheaper to paint your aluminum siding than replacing it. Replacing the siding will increase the cost in a larger margin than simply painting it.


Here is my take on how to clean chalky aluminum siding. Follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully clean chalky siding. 

Do contact a professional if you are unable to clean it by yourself. 

Until next time, have a wonderful day!