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How to Clean a Krups Coffee Maker [Coffee Maker Descaling Guide]

Krups coffee maker brews you the perfect coffee with exceptional finesse and ease. So it’s understandable if you find yourself craving a few extra cups of coffee. Frequent brewing will accumulate dissolved salt in the coffee maker that you’ll need to clean.

How to clean a Krups coffee maker?

Make a solution of white vinegar and water and pour it inside the water reservoir. Hit the CLEAN button followed by the BREW button on the coffee machine. The machine will start its descaling cycle, cleaning up the collected layer of mineral salt. Rinse the machine clean using clean water.

I’ve elaborately explained the cleaning process in this article to help you understand it more clearly. Check it out!

Why is It Necessary to Descale a Coffee Maker?

Products that run water through them are often subjected to form hard water and scale deposits. The term ‘Hardness’’ is used to describe water that’s hard to convert into a soapy foam.

Contents such as calcium and magnesium are usually detected in high amounts in Hard water. When run through a coffee maker, most of those mineral salts settle down, building up scales.

The formation of mineral scales will eventually negatively impact the brewing performance. Your coffee won’t feel the same as it used to taste before.

This is where descaling comes into play. Descaling removes the buildup of salts, restoring the original performance of the coffee maker. It also eradicates the bland taste of the coffee resulting from brewing with hard water.

When Do You Need to Descale Krups Coffee Maker?

Krups coffee maker can automatically notify the user when to descale the coffee maker. The coffee maker will flash the ‘’CLEAN’’ light to indicate that it needs cleaning.

I personally suggest that one should clean their coffee maker at least once every three months. But you might need to clean more frequently if you’re highly addicted to caffeine like I am.

The descaling intervals can also vary depending on the hardness of the water.

You’ll also need to descale your Krups coffee maker when:

  • The coffee maker takes longer than usual to brew coffee.
  • A lot of steam is produced when brewing coffee.
  • The coffee maker abruptly stops the cycle before completing it.
  • The coffee maker makes noise during the brewing cycle.

When the above-mentioned symptoms are noticed, you should immediately descale a Krups coffee maker. An extended period of usage without descaling will make the coffee maker work harder, breaking quicker.

How to Descale A Krups Coffee Maker?

To execute this task you have to follow only 3 easy steps. Let’s get an in-depth idea about the guide.

Use Cleaner Tablets or Solution

KRUPS sells their own Krups descaling solution that is made for descaling their coffee makers. You can opt to use other cleaner tablet brands for cleaning the coffee maker. 

Want to buy coffee brewer cleaning tablets? Check these products that I recommend:


These tablets are equally competent in cleaning your coffee maker and fighting mineral buildup.

Fill the reservoir with Krups descaling solution and place a big receptacle beneath the outlet. Coffee makers don’t require dedicated circuits like microwaves to operate. So no need to worry about a shortage of volts.

You can also make a homemade solution by mixing 17 ounces of white vinegar and water. 

Put the water tanks back in place.

Engaging Descaling Cycle

After you pour the solution, press the ‘’Clean’’ button on the coffee maker. The coffee maker won’t immediately start the descaling. You’ll need to select the ‘’Brew’’ option that will begin the descaling cycle.

Descaling usually takes around half an hour to complete a cycle. If the reservoir still has water remaining inside, you’ll have to launch yet another descaling cycle. Press the ‘’Clean’’ button again.

Post-Descaling Cleanup

Once the reservoir clears up, it’s time to clean it to get rid of chemical residue. Pour 12-cups of clean water into the reservoir and run another cycle.

With that, the descaling process is completed. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe up the reservoir. Avoid abrasive cleaners to clean the chamber.

Extra Cleaning Tips

Sometimes, descaling the coffee maker isn’t enough to make it function flawlessly. You might need to clean the other removable components.

Carefully read the instruction manual to learn about cleaning instructions for different Krups models. There should be elaborated instructions for cleaning specific parts of the coffee maker.

Disassemble all the removable components and hand-wash them with warm, soapy water. This usually includes the filter holder and the permanent filter. Clean the glass carafe with clean clothes or a sponge.

Some of the latest models of Krups coffee maker support Krups Duo Filter. It’s an advanced filter that holds off mineral salts from forming scales. Using the duo filter will reduce the need and frequency of descaling.

Follow the instruction manual to understand if your model of coffee maker supports duo filters. 

A coffee maker outlet’s height should be the same as the height of microwave outlets. This will ensure optimal power supply and uninterrupted descaling cycles.


Question: Why is the ‘Clean’ sign blinking on my Krups coffee machine?

Answer: This is an indicator that informs the user to clean the coffee machine. Krups coffee maker will blink the ‘clean’ sign when it forms excessive mineral salt. You will require to descale your Krups coffee maker.

Question: What does the ‘Calc’ light indicate on my Krups coffee machine?

Answer: This is an indication that the Krups coffee machine is in the process of descaling. You should let the coffee descale properly and follow the instructions provided by Krups.

Question: Is it okay to run soapy water through a coffee maker?

Answer: Yes, you can use dish soap and vinegar water to clean your coffee maker. Make sure to clean them up thoroughly later on before making coffee in the machine.


You’ve learned how to clean a Krups coffee maker. Make sure that you’ve checked out the instruction manual provided by Krups. Contact Krups if you’re facing issues related to descaling the coffee maker.

Enjoy your day with the best cup of coffee!