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How to Clean A Lambswool Duster [5-Step Solution]

Dust is a common problem in every household. It is mainly a byproduct of airflow which we can’t really inhibit.

Generally, we use a dust cleaner like the lambswool ones, to cleanse the surface. But by the time, the duster also gets scruffy. 

How to clean a lambswool duster?

To clean your lambswool duster, shake off the dusty particles first. Then gradually coherent the heavy dirt. Further, use wool fabric cleaner for better results. You can apply washing detergents as well. Finally, dump them inside the washing machine.

Well, this is just a sneak peek. I’ve prepared an all-in-one article with 6-step guidance for you. If you’re interested in getting more insights, stay with me! 

So, get started right away!

How to Clean A Lambswool Duster

Lambswool dusters are mainly woolen materials constructed with fiber and lanolin. These elements create electricity while rubbing the surface and help to absorb specks of dust. 

Generally, people use lambswool dusters to clean dusty surfaces and furniture. I’ve even seen people using the duster to clean walls before fixing crumbled basement walls.

As time flies, your duster also gets polluted by accumulated dirt. So, it is necessary to keep your dusting tool dust-free! 

Now, we will get into more details, cleansing the duster! Here, I will show you 6 simple steps to clean your tool. 

You’ll get a freshly looking duster! Sounds interesting? 

Read along to get more insights!

Step 1: Shake The Duster 

When we use the duster for cleaning purposes, eventually the lambswool gets dirty. You have to tap the duster to shake off the excessive dirt.

For that, grab a newspaper and place it on the floor. Now, keep shaking the duster over the paper. Continue the process at least 2 to 3 times until all the speck comes out. Then use a paper towel and wrap the lambswool to clean out the extra junk.

Step 2: Clean The Heavy Dirt 

If you haven’t cleaned your lambswool for a long time, heavy dirt will bulk up on the duster. Now use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. 

This tool will suck out the caked-up dust. Such as, accumulated spider’s web in crawl space that you wiped off using lambswool. 

Turn on the vacuum cleaner at the lowest pressure and move it back and forth. You have to glide the machine gently so the wool fibers won’t break. 

The woolen material is so delicate and sensitive. Remember not to rub them harshly, they will break down otherwise. 

Step 3: Apply Wool Fabric Cleanser  

After cleaning the powders and heavy dust, you should wash the wool thoroughly. For that, wool fabric cleaner can work like magic. 

If you don’t have it at home, go to your nearest shop and bring one!

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Hopefully, you have already managed your fabric cleaner. Now, pour a little amount of the fabric into a bowl full of water and mix it well. Then gently dip the wool and soak it for an hour. 

After the soaking period is over, you can go back to work again. But you must be cautious about the time limit, or else the delicate fibers will break. 

Also, remember to avoid abrasive cleaners. Uses of abrasive cleaner to woolen material can affect the woolen fur as it contains harsh chemicals. Further, the grime will get inside the wool again.

After soaking for an hour, keep circulating the duster to pull off the internal grime. Then wash and rinse the lambswool with fresh cold water.

Step 4: Apply Glycerine 

The combination of lambswool and glycerine is the most worthy match. Glycerine helps to demolish the pale outlook and regain the shine. 

And it will restore natural oil in the duster too. Now, pour one tablespoon of glycerine on your hand. Gently, wriggle it for at least a minute or twice.

Can you see the magic?

Your duster is shining differently now! Try to maintain this method frequently and it will expand wool’s longevity.  

Step 5: Rinse And Dry 

We’ve reached our final step. Most of our cleaning procedure is already accomplished. Now it’s time to desiccate the wool after rinsing it thoroughly. 

Grab a dry towel and squish the wool to suck out the water. Do it 2 to 3 times. Then just shake off the duster to wring off the leftover. Lastly, hand it in an open space where it will air dry itself. 

Note: Don’t use a hairdryer as it can harm the fur.

Finally, you’re done! 

Try to wash your woolen fur at least 2 to 3 times a month. It will keep the duster fresh and will ensure its sustainability. But remember if you’re allergic to dust, maintain strong safety precautions while cleansing.


Question: Is lambswool effective for cleaning dust?

Answer: Definitely, it is! Lambswool’s fiber naturally helps to produce electricity. While rubbing the surface the current pulls out the dirt towards the duster.

Question: Are microfiber dusters useful?

Answer: Of course! Microfiber dusters are considered a great cleansing tool for collecting dust. Despite using old generation feather dusters, use microfiber ones. 

Question: Damp cloth or dry cloth, which one works best with dust? 

Answer: Damp cloths apply capillary force to the surface to wipe out dust. This isn’t the case with dry clothes. But damp cloths will absorb the dust particles and provide a cleaner surface.


I hope now you know all about how to clean a lambswool duster. Try to follow the instructions just as explained.

Again, don’t soak the duster into fabric cleaner for a long time. Or else, your duster might lose its sustainability.

Also, you can apply washing soap as well instead of fabric cleaner.

All the best for your cleaning mission!