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How To Clean Pavers With Bleach: 5 Simple Steps Specified

Is your patio stained and dirty? And it’s triggering your OCD. You are also confused about which method to use.

How to clean pavers with bleach?

Firstly you need to mix the bleach and water. A 1:5 ratio is fine. Apply this mix on the pavers until they are soaked. Let them sit for 15-20 minutes. Scrub them off with a nylon brush and rinse them properly with water. 

There you have it! Your patio is all cleaned and pretty.

Now follow along with the rest of the article as we have explained the process in detail!

Why Should You Use Bleach To Clean Pavers?

Pavers are naturally very durable. But like everything else they are affected by dirt and stains. 

To clean such stains, we have lots of techniques. But not all are suitable for pavers on your patio.

Pressure washing, scrubbing are the first things that come to mind while cleaning. But if you use these on your pavers they might cause more harm than good.

Scrubbing with a metal wire brush will leave marks on your pavers. 

Pressure washing will remove the interlocking sand in between the pavers. Which can damage their alignment. They would be awkward looking when the ascent tile is thicker than wall tile.

This is why they are out of the equation.

Bleach is the option that gives us the best results. Bleach is easy to apply and remove. It also doesn’t require much scrubbing after applying. Bleach also kills any unwanted weed or plants.

Sure, there are some risks in using bleach, but the benefits weigh out the bad.

Risks Of Using Bleach – Thing to Know Before You Apply

Bleach is a very good and easy-to-use cleaner. But it also has some negative sides. Down below we listed some of the points that you should consider:

1. Discoloration Of Pavers

Bleach is a very highly reactive chemical.

If your patio has colored pavers, then applying bleach might discolor them. The colors will fade away over time. And leave patches of spots every time you use bleach.

2. Toxic Substance

Bleach is also very toxic and it evaporates. So you need to always cover your mouth, hands, nose, and eyes while applying it. It can cause irritation to the skin and breathing difficulties.

3. Deadly for Plants

Also, if you have any plants near your patio bleach can harm them. 

Bleach will totally kill any plant, weed, or grass along its way. So you have plants in your garden, you have to be very careful or avoid using bleach.

If these problems don’t bother you, you can now proceed to know how to clean pavers with bleach.

Cleaning Pavers Using Bleach: 5 Steps!

Now that you’ve decided that bleach is the way to go, let’s find out the steps to do it. We prepared a guide for you to follow. Check them out down below:

Step-1: Prepping The Patio

Brush the patio with a broom to remove any excess dirt or leaves. Blowers come in very handy while doing these. 

Here are some of our favorite Blowers to choose from:


Having any one of these blowers will surely make your life a lot easier.

Step-2: Prepare The Mixture

You need to mix bleach with a generous amount of water. Because bleach is a very powerful chemical.

We suggest the ratio to be at least 5 parts water with 1 part bleach. If you want to use more water you can do it too. Depends on how deep you want to clean it.

Step-3: Soak The Pavers

At this step, you need to pour the mixture on the pavers. Make sure they are socked entirely.

You can put the mixture in a bucket. Or you can buy a garden sprinkler bucket. Whichever suits you.

After soaking, let them sit there for 15-20 minutes. The reaction happens at this time. It allows the dirt and stains to come off.

The solution gets soaked into the pores and the dirt comes off easily.

Step-4: Scrub The Pavers

After 20 minutes have passed you should scrub the pavers. Use a stiff nylon bristles brush.

Avoid using metal bristles brushes as they will scratch the surface.

Step-5: Rinse And Dry

Rinse the pavers thoroughly with water. Make sure no mixture is left.

You can use a bucket, or a hose to rinse the chemical completely.

After rinsing let it dry. Make sure to let it dry completely before stepping out on it again.

Following this process will make your cleaning process much easier.

Few Tips You Might Appreciate 

You now know the complete process of how to clean pavers with bleach. But we are including some additional tips that might help you:

1. Soap Added for Better Cleaning

You can mix some amount of liquid dishwashing soap with your mixture. This will ensure thorough cleaning of fat, grease, etc. This also helps remove the smell of bleach.

2. Empty Patio Before Cleaning

Remove any furniture or pots, plant from your patio before starting. Bleach can instantly damage any furniture. They might also come in your way while cleaning.

That’s it! Now you can make your patio shine like brand new!


Question: Can bleach damage pavers?

Answer: If you don’t dilute bleach it will damage pavers. It is a highly reactive chemical and should be used while diluted.

Question: Can you use pressure wash?

Answer: You can but you have to be careful. If the pressure is too much the sand holding the patios can be loose. That will make things look worse. 

You should maintain the nozzle at least 12 inches away.

Question: Can bleach remove grease? 

Answer: Yes, bleach can remove grease, oil, and other fats. You have to pour the solution into that area. Leave it and scrub with hot water after some time.


Finally, we know all about how to clean pavers with bleach. As we reach the end of this journey, we hope that your confusion is cleared.

We have summarized the process in 5 easy steps. This will help you follow the instructions properly and get your patio shining

Until we meet next time, take care!