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How To Clean Selenite Crystal [5 Easy Methods]

Does your beautiful-looking selenite look dull and dirty? And you have no idea how you can clean it. Well, selenite can be like this and most rock collectors have a problem cleaning it. 

How to clean selenite crystal?

You can spray very little water on the dirty parts and wipe it off. Another way is using a soft cloth or a soft brush and gently rubbing the crystal. You can also use acetone or 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Lastly, if debris gets stuck, you can use a bamboo or wood cut to pull it off.  

Confused about how to clean your selenite? Don’t worry. I have explained all the different methods in detail in this article. 

Why the wait? Go and have a read!

5 Simple Methods for Cleaning Selenite Crystal

Selenite is a well-known gemstone among energy professionals. It is said to be capable of removing bad energy from creatures and other rocks. 

Of course, not everyone utilizes this stone for the alleged energy it holds. It may be kept by rock collectors because of its unusual appearance and coloration.

It is critical to cleanse selenite correctly, regardless of why you own it. Because it is a kind of gypsum, this stone is more fragile than you may think. So, this might not be as easy as cleaning some clouded windows. This implies it’s pliable, water-soluble, and difficult to clean.

This stone is merely a 2 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively soft in comparison to other stones. It is so soft that if you dip it in water it’ll dissolve. So, not all methods are good methods. That’s why we have listed down the 6 best methods for cleaning selenite crystal. 

Let’s see what these are!

Method 1: Use Water to Clean Selenite 

Drenching selenite in water, as I already stated, is not a good idea.

Of course, this does not imply that you must absolutely avoid using water to rinse your selenite. Because why not? Water is step one for any cleaning project. Whether you’re cleaning a grill brush or your selenite crystals. 

Rather than immersing it, many people spray the stone with water. Then they lightly massage it where it needs to be cleaned.

This eliminates both the dust and the water at the same period. This prevents your stone from soaking in moisture for an extended length of time. Thus, allowing you to wash it without damaging it.

Method 2: Rub with a Soft Cloth

Selenite may also be cleaned by gently rubbing it with a soft, dry cloth.

This guarantees that you won’t damage the finish while still cleaning any debris.

This is especially handy for stones that haven’t been sealed. This is because certain items are more sensitive and prone to harm if handled incorrectly.

Method 3: Using a Soft Brush

Selenite may be cleaned with a gentle brush without disturbing the coating. A soft-bristled toothbrush is a fantastic choice for this. However, you may use whatever little soft brush you choose.

If you’re unsure about what kind of brush to choose, we have some suggestions for you:

Product 1
Product 2

All of these are excellent choices. And you can use any one of these you like. 

Avoid using a metal brush. It will be extremely tough to fix as a result of this. If your selenite is real, then a metal brush will definitely destroy its surface. 

To use the soft brush, wet the stone with a tiny bit of water. Then, using the brush, scrape the surface lightly.

If required, you can even add some gentle cleanser. This will remove any debris or grease that’s accumulated due to the selenite’s constant touching.

Method 4: Using Acetone or 70% of Isopropyl Alcohol 

On selenite, you may also use acetone or alcohol for a bit of additional cleaning power.

Apply a small amount of the chosen product on a soft cloth and gently massage the stone.

After that, make sure it’s completely dry. If you keep alcohol on the gemstone for a prolonged time, it might harm the surface.

Method 5: Using Bamboo or Wood

Larger debris might become lodged on your selenite from time to time. With the methods listed above, removing this can be difficult.

You can pull out these unwanted items very easily. Just use a chunk of bamboo or woodcut into a wedge form.

As these materials are gentler than selenite, they won’t harm the selenite crystal.

These are the 5 best methods for cleaning your selenite crystal. But, as we said before these crystals are very soft. And if you clean it too many times it might get damaged. 

So it’s better if you keep them in a place where it doesn’t come into contact with any dust. This way it wouldn’t require daily cleaning.

The Don’ts While Cleaning Selenite Crystal

There are various cleaning procedures that you should avoid using on selenite. These techniques can degrade the stone’s polish, causing it to become damaged or harsh:

  • You should avoid salt water as well as tap water. This is due to the fact that salt dissolves the stone’s substance more rapidly.
  • Acids of any kind, including muriatic acid, should be ignored. The stone may be readily dissolved by acid.
  • Another thing you should avoid using is vinegar. We know vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent. You can use vinegar to clean pavers and so many other things. However, if you use vinegar on selenite crystals, they’ll get damaged. 
  • Usually cleaning chemicals won’t harm your crystal. But you should avoid any cleaning chemicals with a foul smell. Selenite will absorb these odors, which will be difficult to remove.

Now you know everything down to the last detail about cleaning your selenite crystal. You know the dos and the don’ts. 

However, don’t think that these methods are easy. You’ll still have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, you might harm your stone.


Question: Is selenite harmful to people?

Answer: Selenite is regarded to be non-toxic in general. That is if you’re talking about the calcium sulfate variant. However, you wouldn’t want to consume, drink, or inhale. 

Question: Is selenite a salt mineral?

Answer: Selenite is a kind of gypsum that comes in a variety of colors. It originates as a consequence of salt from evaporating saltwater accumulating. Water accumulates, dissipates and leaves a salt-coating behind over millions of years. The process then repeats itself.

Question: Is it possible to light a candle in selenite?

Answer: The mineral ‘Gypsum’ is used to make selenite. As a result, they can be rather transparent. When used with a candle, it gives these selenites a lovely soft white radiance.

Final Word 

How to clean selenite crystal? You should already know the answer to this question. 

The methods we explained here are very simple. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. 

Good luck!