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How to Clean Soda Out of Carpet: 5 Ways To Do It!

Spilled soda on your carpet? Worried that the color from the soda spill won’t go away?

If you’re looking for a solution to your problem we can help. 

How to clean soda out of carpet?

For eliminating the soda stains remnants on the carpet, combine white vinegar and liquid dish soap. In two cups of boiling water, combine one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of dish soap. Once you soak up as much soda as possible pour the mixture over the pop spillage.

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Methods to Clean Soda Out of Carpet

We’ve gone over five different strategies for getting Soda out of the carpet. The process is as easy as cleaning washable marker stains.

Method 1: Scrape the Spill

Scrape up as much of the soda as you can when it’s still damp. You need to keep doing so it doesn’t sink through the carpet pad. Rub either with piles of crumpled paper napkins or a folded porous cotton cloth. Keep switching the paper or fabric as needed.

However, at this point, you shouldn’t rub or wipe the soggy carpet. Since this will make the liquid go further into the flooring, alternatively, once the majority of the drink has been drained, apply pressure on the spill.

This will end up soaking up all of the soda from the carpet.

Method 2: Use White Vinegar and Dish Soap Solution

To eliminate soda stains and debris from flooring, combine white vinegar and liquid dish soap. Try to avoid spilling any of the dish soap on the carpet directly. Mainly because getting soap out of the carpet is another hassle you don’t want to deal with in one day.

Take two glasses of warm water and mix with one teaspoon of vinegar. Also, add one teaspoon of dish soap. Splash the mixture over the soda spill after dabbing up as much of the spill as possible. Rub the spot thoroughly with some other white fabric after about 15 minutes. 

If it’s still discolored, make a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts hot water. Then soak a tablecloth in it, and lay the towel on top of the discoloration. Now, scrub the spillage dry with another white towel, beginning from the outside borders into the middle.

The vinegar solution can also help get rid of bleach stains.

Method 3: Sprinkle Club Soda

Club Soda can deliver quite the punch if you’re looking to remove tough stains from rugs. 

You’ll have to apply a little drop of club soda to rest on the spot for a few minutes. If required, repeat the club-soda application while soaking it up. If the stain remains, spray a tiny portion of lime juice on the affected area. 

Then, dab the surface with lukewarm water using a moist towel to rinse. To prevent the spread of the stain, start cleaning from the outer corners toward the center.

It may require a different technique when dealing with dark pigments, such as grape soda. If club soda somehow doesn’t eliminate the discoloration, drizzle lemon juice over the stain. After that, try to wipe it after a minute or two with a mop.

Even after everything, pour a little more lime juice if the residue persists. Then scrub the discoloration while working along the outside to the middle. Scrub the lime juice once again and treat the spill with white vinegar. After a few minutes, wipe it away with a mop.

Remember to clean that mop in between absorbing the spills, or it might spread pop instead.

Method 4: Use Carpet Stain Remover

If the soda mark persists, try removing it with a carpet stain remover. Just as you’d do to remove tea stains. Solvents in carpet stain removers help cleaners work more effectively. Solvents are chemicals that are utilized in a variety of household cleaners. Its capability to reduce water surface friction is a significant reason behind its use.

This boosts the particles’ capacity to permeate across and through the fabric. Thus it increases their likelihood of interacting with and removing impurities. Follow the stain directions on the remover carefully, and resist overusing too much of the cleaner. 

We recommend that you only use a  Carpet Stain Remover in case of a soda spill. If it’s a water spill, then there are easier ways to get rid of spilled water.

If you don’t have any Carpet Stain Remover on hand, you can take a look at the following:

Product 1
Product 2

Method 5: Applying Clorox

Sprinkle the product on the discolored area and keep it there for 10 minutes. Next, throw a bit of water onto the discoloration. Then instantly absorb it with a wool cloth. Presumably, the discoloration will be reduced, and you can continue this step until the stain is removed.

When you’re finished, it’s critical that the carpet is cleaned with proper steam. You need to do so to ensure that all of the cleaning chemicals you use are entirely extracted. If you fail to do so, the cleaning agents will leave a more significant mark.


What is the most practical DIY carpet cleaning solution?

Answer: Citric acid, baking soda, and sodium mix are common home materials that could be used to clean carpets. Mix textile detergent, hot water, distilled vinegar, and dish soap to smooth a rug.

How do you produce your carpet odor remover at home?

Answer: Refill the container halfway with pure baking soda. Fill the jar with 7 to 8 drops of your preferred essential oil. Stir the bottle, then resume steps one and two until the canister is wholly filled with baking soda. Leave the liquid to settle in a day or two to allow the fats to spread.

What will ammonia do to my carpet if used directly?

Answer: You will cause discoloration of your carpet fibers if you use ammonia directly. It is highly alkaline, which is why it is so corrosive. Hence it diminishes the color of the carpet. It can even eat the carpet backings fibers and adhesive. It can cause deeper damage.


We’ve covered everything you need to know about cleaning soda out of the carpet. We’ve covered both the DIY options that involve making your cleaning solutions and commercial ones.

We will leave you what you think is the best method for the job. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

Best of luck!