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How To Clean A Water Inlet Valve On A Washing Machine [Everything You’ll Need To Know]

Yes, knowing how to clean the inlet valve of the washing machine is important. It is in charge of filtering and a clogged one can cause problems. But the task could be hard to do.

How to clean the water inlet valve on the washing machine?

To begin the cleaning procedure you need to switch off and detach the inlet valve. After doing this you must take the inlet valve and confirm that it is dirty. Clean it by soaking it in industrial cleaning agents or just plain vinegar water. Then scrub it clean. 

The Article that we have prepared for you tackles this issue. And shows you the ins and outs and the technicalities of cleaning your washing machine inlet valve. 

Follow These Steps To Clean Your Washing Machine Inlet Valve

  1. To start we must first detach the inlet valve. So, first, unplug the washing machine from the source of electricity. It is recommended to move the machine away from the plugging point. But make sure not to disconnect the drainage hose. 
  2. Take off the water valves behind the machine. Use pliers to unscrew the hoses from behind. Place any absorbent materials under the machine as water may come out of the uncrewed hoses. 
  3. Switch off the water supply. There are supply valves in the back of the machine which receive water. Then the knobs will have to be turned clockwise. 

The water supply of the machine may have a lot of debris, minerals, or other particles in it. In that case, some sediment and particles can be noticed.

  1. So before removing the inlet valve, you must first check if excess water is being expelled from the valves. If so you need to wait until all of the water is expelled. Now, it is clear enough to remove the inlet valve screen from the machine. To do this, use a needle nose plier or remove it by hand. So now you can clean the inlet valves.
  2. As mentioned before, the inlet valves may have debris clogging them. So, to get started the valves must be soaked in industrial cleaning agents. The use of vinegar water will be enough as well. 

What this does is loosen the debris clogged in the valve. Good cleaning agents can be hard to come by. So, we have recommended some:

Product 1
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  1. Scrub them with a scrubber or brush after that, and the leftovers will be usually eliminated. Instead of vinegar, you can soak the valves in hot water, or you can use soapy water.

To soak the water inlets, some people use a light cleanser, dishwashing, or even baking soda mixed with water, but you can use whatever works best for you.

  1. All of the sediments and debris should be removed from the valves in a matter of minutes. After removing any undesirable and superfluous material from the valve, thoroughly clean it with water and allow it to dry.
  2. Replace the water inlets in the faucet washer, attach the hoses, and tighten the screws. To test the washer, connect it to an outlet and run it without any clothing in it. Fix any leaks at the water supply hose and washer’s junction. 

 correctlyIf you are happy with the washer’s performance, return it to its original position.

Now that we have gone over the most common process through which we can clean a washing machine inlet valve.

We can look at a popular brand of washing machine and know how to clean its inlet valve.

How To Clean Your LG Washing Machine Inlet Valve

To begin, unplug the washing machine from the power source. It is suggested that the equipment be moved away from the power outlet. But don’t forget to leave the drainage hose connected.

Remove the back of the machine’s water valves. Unscrew the hoses or pipes from the backside with pliers. Water may come out of the uncrewed hoses, therefore place any absorbent materials under the machine.

Turn off the water faucet. The knobs should then be turned clockwise.

The machine’s water supply may contain a lot of trash or other particles. There will be a lot of particles built up in that instance. 

The inlet valves, as previously stated, may be clogged with material. As a result, the valves must first be immersed in industrial cleaning chemicals before they can be used. It will also suffice to use vinegar water.

After that, scrape them with a scrubber or brush, and the remains should be gone. You can soak the valves in hot water or use soapy water instead of cleaning vinegar.

Replace the washer’s water inlets, then connect the hoses and tighten the screws. Connect the washing machine to a power outlet and run it without anything in it to test it.

So, this is how you change and clean an LG washing machine inlet valve.


Question: Is it feasible for a washing machine to get its valves replaced?

Answer: Handles and spouts from different manufacturers are not interchangeable. Even the same manufacturer’s trim may not be interchangeable between versions in some situations.

Question: What are the best pipes for a washing machine that are recommended?

Answer: Copper and plastic piping are used in combination. Copper pipes are excellent insulators, and the plastic push-fit couplings are completely waterproof.

Question: How can I fix my washer inlet valve?

Answer: Turn off the water and power to your washer and inspect the valve solenoids and filter screens. If the valve can be repaired, do so, or replace it if necessary.


This is all there is on how to clean the water inlet valve on the washing machine. 

We hope that this article serves your purpose. 

This was an easy solution and you don’t need to go to a professional.

Up until next time, best wishes!