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A Definitive Guide On How To Clear Wooded Backyard

Cleaning off a wooded backyard is a tedious task. Often we need to make use of our backyard for various reasons. But to do so, we need to clear the bushes playing on the field. And, that demands to know the method of clearing a backyard. 

How to clear a wooded backyard?

Manage all necessary tools to get started cleaning. Clear all the large and medium trees at first. Then proceed to remove the shrubs and vines and level them up to the ground. Lastly, dig the topsoil and make it ready for planting grasses. 

Still not satisfied? Well, we have a step-by-step discussion on the following query. 

Stick to the end to explore all!

6 Steps to Clear A Wooded Backyard

If you want to clear the bush, you have no other option than to use tools. Relevant tools and utilities will make your task affluent and fast. Whether you’re planning to work by hand or electrical utility, tools are a must. 

We also need to learn about some safety equipment for our benefit. Because our safety demands priority more than any other concern. 

Let’s have a look at those tools and safety equipment! 


  • Chainsaw
  • Shrub Pruner
  • Stump Grinder
  • Ax
  • Pala
  • Shovels
  • Machete
  • Garden Rake
  • Thread Trimmer

Safety Equipment

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • BOGS Classic Mid Boots
  • Long sleeves Shirt and Pant

Everything is now ready, so let’s get into the action. 

By now, you might’ve decided why you want to clear your wooded backyard. Clearing a backyard without proper planning and utilities sometimes gets messy. You might think cutting down the trees and clearing the bushes is quite easy.

Our practical instructions and steps will make your work easy to execute. Your job is pretty simple. Just study the steps carefully and make the execution accordingly. And, you’ll find your backyard ready to get into the action. 

Step 1: Mark Down The Area

Before you start building new infrastructure you must have a plan of your area. And we’re going to do the same in our initial step.  

Depending on your choice you have to specify the area to be cleared up. And for that nothing special to do. Just walk around your yard and find out the area to be covered. 

Minutely observe if any part of your yard is higher or lower than the usual surface. Because an equal leveled yard is our priority. However, leveling ground for an easy set pool is a must.

Additionally, you might mark down the trees or bushes that need to be cleared. 

Step 2: Deal With The Debris

After you’ve marked your projected area, it’s time to think about the dumps. You should have a concrete idea about recycling waste to save the environment. 

One option is, you might pass the trash and brushes to the dumpster services. However, you might not get the service due to the weekend holiday. 

On the other hand, you might store them for a few days. So, you may use huge poly bags to store the pruned shrubs and bushes. 

In this way, planning for proper waste management will make your work organized.

Step 3: Trim Down Trees And Shrubs

Our cleaning mission will start by trimming down the tree. So, let’s learn about the procedure one by one.

To make a perfect cut follow the process below:

Before starting cutting trees or stumps make sure which tree it is. Roots like a pine tree might insist you take a different uprooting approach. Because such trees have a deep taproot with a shallower root system. 

However it is, let’s get into the details of uprooting trees and shrubs. If you’re experienced digging roots for post holes, you can do this!

First of all, fix the cutting point one foot above the ground. Take the Chainsaw and start cutting at a 45-degree angle. Make sure you’re cutting in the right way to fall toward the desired direction. 

You should continue until you are in the middle of the stem. Apply the same process from the opposite side also. This cut should be halfway through the trunk.

Now as your cutting is done, start pushing the tree until it begins to fall. If it doesn’t work then you should use a bow saw. Continue to cut through the tree until it starts to fall.

Follow the same steps for the rest of the trees that are to be cut down. 

There are a couple of ways to remove the tree stumps. But it depends on the size and quantity. Here we’ll discuss the two most common ways to remove the stumps. 

If the stumps are smaller in size then a shovel would be enough. Uncover the roots by digging through the soil. Then use an ax to cut to stump loose. Lastly, pull out the stump from the ground by hand. It’s as simple as that. 

And for medium to large stumps with robust roots, a stump grinder might help you. This machinery is expensive and needs special skills to operate. So it’s recommended to rent it from home accessories stores near to your residence. 

If you’ve followed our way, you might end up eliminating all your trees. However, this method isn’t compatible with your shrubs to remove. So now we’ll learn about how to trim the shrubs down.

To cut off the shrubs you might need a pruning saw or a shovel. As the shrubs vary in size, different tools are matched accordingly. After managing your tools your work is pretty simple. 

If the shrub is quite dense then it’s better to prune some smaller branches. You can use your pruning saw to accomplish this task. Later on, just dig out the roots using your shovels or hands for loose roots. 

Here we’ve suggested the best tools for your convenience:

Product 1Product 2

Thus you can clear up your lawn’s trees and shrubs following these few steps. 

Step 4: Cut Down The Weeds And Reminders

After dealing with trees and shrubs, you’ve something else to handle now. The weeds, vines, and tiny brush are included in the list. But clearing them out is as simple as cutting the grass.

Take your string trimmer, lawnmower, shrub, or tree trimmer and get into the work of excavation. Use the string trimmer to cut off the reminders of vegetation. If it can’t be done in a single step, repeat it twice for perfect finishing. 

However, monkey grass is difficult to get rid of. You’ll need to spray glyphosate contained liquid for permanent expulsion. Otherwise, it might create a nasty environment in the future. 

Additionally, clearing off thin bushes demands the usage of a lawnmower. This is the best tool to deal with thin bushes. Also, use a tree pruner to cut off thicker vines and brambles. 

Step 5: Excavating The Surface Soil

Once you’ve done clearing all the trees, shrubs, and vines, it’s time for the next step. Here, you’ll excavate the topsoil to get rid of vines and bushes. Use a mini excavator to dig over the topsoil covers and foliages. 

As the excavation is finished, fill the area with extra soil, marl, and compact the ground. To make a new lawn, make sure to fill the area with loamy soils in depth. 

Step 6: Final Touch

If you’ve completed it till now, you might have observed a huge dump heap. So, finally, you need to manage the waste that has been produced. 

You may carry that wastage to a dumping site. Or you may keep them in a green container for future beneficial usage. 

Lastly, you can use a shredder that will offer mulch for further use.

You’ve ended up clearing your wooded backyard and made it ready for your purpose. 

Quick Tips

In this section, we’ll share some useful tips that’ll boost up your activity to an extent. 

Tip 1

Before getting into the working field, make sure to wear this safety equipment. Otherwise, you might get hurt by thorny vines, rough limbs, poison ivy, or ship corners. 

Tip 2

While clearing small trees is quite handy to cut off. But cutting off the medium and large trees is quite risky and tedious. So, in such cases, we prefer to call on a professional for safe execution. 

Tip 3

Before dumping your waste into the dumpster, you need to inform the rentals. Because they might or might not allow the disposal of trees and shrubs. So, it’s better to be in a safe zone.

Hope these tips will help you a bit. Try to follow these whenever you’re in the working field. 


Question: How would it cost to clear a wooded backyard?

Answer: It’ll cost around $3000 to complete the process. On average $1.30 to $2 per square foot. And $3,000 to $5,600 per acre for a usual backyard. 

Question: How would it take to finish the task?

Answer: Approximately 2-3 hours for a mid-size backyard. These depend largely on the area of your yard and dense forest. 

Question: How do I stop my brush from growing back?

Answer: A chemical herbicide like ‘Triclopyr” is used for that purpose. You can use it on the cut stumps, stems, or by mixing it with soil. 

Final Words

That’s all we’ve gathered for you. We hope you have got an idea of how to clear a wooded backyard. By following our tutorial you can make your backyard ready for any purpose you want. 

Best of luck!