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How Much Does It Cost To Add A Half Bathroom? [Explained]

Adding a half bathroom to your house is never a waste. You can always use an extra bathroom to your convenience. Adding a new half bath also increases your house value by 10%.

How much does it cost to add a half bathroom?

Adding a regular half bathroom nearly costs about $8,372 – $38,328. For mid-range, the cost jumps to $17,742 – $50,128. Luxury half bathrooms costs around $27,742 – $68,028. The price range depends on many factors. For example, materials, permits, installation fees, labor fees, and many more are to deal with. You’d also have to count the cost of electric and plumbing works.

That was only a part of the whole discussion. To know more details about it, you’d have to read till the end. Because we’ve broken down the cost factor by factor.

Without any further delay, let’s begin!

Total Cost Calculator for Adding a Half Bathroom

We’ve created a half bathroom cost calculator for an ideal-sized half bathroom. The ideal size is considered to be 35 sq. ft. 

This calculator shows the total cost breakdown for an ideal half-sized bath. We’ve added different total costs based on the luxury, mid-range, and regular price-

Electrical work$1,000-$5,000$1,000-$5,000$1,000-$5,000
Fixtures & accessories installation $1,392-$4,628$1,392-$4,628$1,392-$4,628
Ventilation $350-$400$350-$400$350-$400
Drywall $1,000-$1,500$1,000-$1,500$1,000-$1,500
Painting $150-$500$150-$500$150-$500

Curious about how we’ve come up with such a huge amount? We can help you solve that mystery. We’ve explained the cost breakdown for a half-bath in detail in the following sections.

Important Note before Getting into the Details

We have added important info for you here before getting into the details. The average cost of adding a half bathroom is $200 to $250 per sq. ft. This is the cost range for building a half bathroom in an existing place. 

The cost is higher when you build a new addition. You’d need an entirely new space for building a new half bathroom. The plumbing and electrical systems are also to be built from scratch. As a result, the price ranges from $400 to $600 per sq. ft.

The ideal size for a half bathroom is 35 sq. ft. Building a 35 sq. ft. half bathroom costs $7,000 – $8,750. That is when built on an existing place for the bathroom. The cost ranges from $8,372 – $68,028 when built as a new addition.

In this article, we’ve explained the cost based on adding a completely new half bathroom. 

New Half Bathroom Cost Breakdown

Building a half bathroom depends on more than one or two factors. Planning, permits, material cost, installation, labor fees, finishing, there’s a lot to think about. If you wish to build a new bath, you must consider all these factors.

It’s important to make a proper budget before you start with your renovation project. Every renovation project requires cost planning. Just like how you’d plan the cost for building a tiny house in advance. 

If you calculate them all together, you can make a proper budget for yourself. After all, from luxury to mid-range to typical, half-baths need budget planning. For better understanding, we’ve included the cost breakdown of an ideal-sized half bathroom. 

This is the total cost-breakdown for an ideal size or 35 sq. ft. half-bathroom-


To add a new half-bath in your home you’d need proper planning. You can make the Interior design by taking a consultant’s help. This will cost you around $150-$500. After you get the design, you can hire a contractor. 

The contractor’s work includes plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other labor costs as well. So, if you hire a contractor you won’t have to worry about other works individually. The cost range for hiring a contractor is $300-$400 per day.


To build a new bathroom you’d need a building permit. To get the permit you’d have to contact your local building department. They will tell you all the necessary procedures that you have to follow. For adding a half bathroom, the permit cost will range from $200-$500.

Working with a general contractor will help a lot in this case. Contractors are aware of the legal procedures for building permits. Generally, you’d need a permit for the following addition to your home-

  • Building walls or adding space to your home (applies to adding a new bathroom)
  • Adding electrical lines 
  • Adding plumbing lines

Some of the states have different requirements mentioned on the permit. Once the building is completed, it’ll be checked by the local building inspection team. That’s why you must assure that the work is done as it should be. 


Raw materials are a big part of the total cost of building a bathroom. It might even exceed the cost of moving a garage. When talking about a half-bathroom, you wouldn’t need many components like a master bath. But if you have more space, you can always add different materials up to your choice.

It’s important to know the market price of the components that you’re gonna use. That way, your budget plan would be more detailed and precise. We’ve made a list of the cost for materials based on their price range. 

So, get your list ready right now-


Making a half-bathroom doesn’t cost a lot if you compare the average cost. But the cost will definitely get higher if you plan on using luxury materials. A lot of people want to build luxury half-baths even if the space is small. 

This is the price range for luxury bathroom materials-

MaterialsLuxury Price Range 
Bathroom Vanity$3,000-$5,500
Faucets $1,500-$2,500
Door & Windows$1,000-$3,000
Total $21,000-$40,500

Note that not all of the materials are needed to be used for half-bathrooms. Because there’s a space limitation in half baths. Anyhow, the total price ranges from $21,000 – $40,500. With this price range, you can even cover the cost of remodeling a bathroom.


Even mid-range materials can give your bathroom a luxurious look. If your budget is not good enough for luxurious half-baths, choose from here. The total price ranges from $11,000 – $22,600.

MaterialsMid-Range Price
Bathroom Vanity$2,000-$3,500
Door & Windows$500-$2,000
Total $11,000-$22,600


This pricing list is appropriate for a tight budget plan. The total price range is $1,630 – $10,800. Within this price range, you can easily build a good enough half bath. 

Here’s the list for the regular material’s price range-

MaterialsTypical Price Range 
Bathroom Fan$50-$300
Bathroom Vanity$300-$3,000
Faucets $250-$1,000
Door & Windows$200-$1,800
Total $1,630-$10,800


The plumbing cost for a half bathroom ranges between $1,000 to $10,000. The cost range depends on the layout of the bathroom. The distance between the designated place and the existing plumbing line also matters. The cost increases with the distance.

The plumber fee ranges from $85-$120 per hour. The cost range varies depending on the type of plumbing work. For installing high-end and complex plumbing routes the cost is higher.

Electrical work

Doing electrical work for a half bathroom costs about $1,000 to $5,000. You’d need new electrical components to install in your bathroom. 

Here’s a price list of them-

Cost FactorsPrice Range
Electrical panel & wiring installation$600-$1,200
Breaker panel upgrade$500-$1,500
GFCI Outlet $40-$60 (each)
Switch $150-$200 (each)

Apart from these costs, you’d also have to pay the electrician fee. Electricians charge from $85-$120 per hour. 

Fixture & Accessory Installation

Just buying fixtures and accessories isn’t enough. You have to calculate the installation fee as well. The installation cost for luxury items is slightly higher than the regular installation cost. 

The table below shows the installation price range for both regular and luxury materials. Here’s the price range for installing fixtures and bathroom accessories-

FixturesInstallation Cost
Toilet $122-$228
Faucets $150-$300
Vanity $500-$2,000
Cabinets $400-$1,500


Flooring a half bathroom will cost you around $1,500 – $4,500. The price range depends on what material flooring you’re choosing for the bathroom. It’s advisable to use waterproof flooring.

Here are some recommended choices for flooring-

Types Of MaterialPrice Range (per sq. ft.)
Linoleum $5-$10
Luxury Vinyl Plank$5-$10
Ceramic/ Porcelain$5-$15
Stone $5-$12

Tile installers will cost you $5-$10 per sq. ft.


The current code of the building requires installing exhaust fans in every bathroom window. Building a bathroom window can cost you $500 to $900. An exhaust fan costs around $350 to $400 including the installation cost. 

There are many good-quality exhaust fans available in the market. These are our picks based on their longevity and productivity-

Product 1
Product 2

It’s pretty important to add a proper ventilation system to your bathroom. Otherwise, mold and mildew can affect the walls and floor very quickly.

Drywall & Painting

Installing drywall will cost you around $1,000 – $1,500. It cost $2 per sq. ft. to install drywall. You’d also have to count the cost of painting. Painting a half bathroom costs around $150-$500. Wall painters work for $40-$75 per hour.

Cost Of Adding A Half Bathroom For Different Sizes

The cost of building a new bathroom depends on many factors. But it mostly depends on its size. 

Now, you might not want to add the ideal size half bathroom. Because there are actually lots of size options available. That’s why we’ve also calculated some common half-bathroom sizes per sq. ft. and the cost for adding it. 

See the table below to get a clear idea of it-

Size Average Cost For Existing PlaceAverage Cost For Building In a New Place
18 sq. ft.$3,600-$4,500$7,200-$10,800
21 sq. ft.$4,200-$5,250$8,400-$12,600
25 sq. ft.$5,000-$6,250$10,000-$15,000
28 sq. ft.$5,600-$7,000$11,200-$16,800
32 sq. ft.$6,400-$8,000$12,800-$19,200
35 sq. ft.$7,000-$8,750$14,000-$21,000
40 sq. ft.$8,000-$10,000$16,000-$24,000

Cost For Adding Half Bathroom In Different Places [Optional]

Half bathrooms can be added in many free spaces of the house. But there are some popular spots that you can use to build one. We’ve mentioned the approximate cost for building a half bath in such spaces.

Cost For Adding Half Bathroom On Basement 

Adding a half bathroom in the basement will cost around $10,000 – $15,000. It would be a good location to build a half bath for home offices. Also, it would be convenient as it would be free of usual foot traffic. Keeping it clean would be easier.

You can save some money if you build the bathroom under an existing one. You can save up to $1,000 to $2,000 of the plumbing expenses. But there are some drawbacks to basement bathrooms.

Installing the ventilation and sewage-ejector system would be difficult in the basement half baths. Ensuring the system is properly routed to your house plumbing is the main challenge. You would need good professional plumbers to do the job effectively for you.

Cost For Adding Half Bathroom In Closet

Adding a half-bathroom in your closet will cost you around $5,000 – $15,000. The range varies depending on space, purpose, and installation costs for it. If you build the half-bath on the existing place it’ll save you some cost.

But you would need a good amount for installing the ventilation system to it. Closet baths are convenient and popular these days.

Cost For Adding Half Bathroom Under Staircase

Many homeowners pick the empty space under staircases to build half baths. Similar to closet baths it’s also a good place considering the use of space. Many staircases have empty spaces that are usually used as storage areas. Making a half bath out of such space will increase your home value.

Before planning make sure the area has at least a height of 5 sq. ft. Also, it should support a proper ventilation system for building a half bath. The average cost for building a half-bath under the staircase is $3,000 – $9,000.

Cost For Adding Half Bathroom On Hallway

The cost to build a half-bath on the hallway is $5,000 – $15,000. Building under an existing place will save you $2,000 to $3,000

Hallways are a pretty common location for building half baths. It can provide a good amount of open space for half baths. Also, installing windows, HVAC systems is easier compared to other locations. 

A hallway half-bathroom is convenient for guests to enter and exit easily. It also increases the house value to a great amount. But you have to be smart in determining the location for plumbing and electrical. 

The water, sewage, and electrical routes can be located near the main routes. Attaching the bathroom to existing plumbing will save you a lot of money. The same goes for electrical and HVAC systems.

Cost For Converting Laundry Room To Half Bathroom

Converting a laundry room to a half bathroom costs around $5,000 – $12,000. A laundry room can provide a good location for building half baths. Because laundry rooms are usually spacious. It also has an existing plumbing line to it. As a result, it’ll save you some plumbing costs.

Laundry rooms are usually out of foot traffic. It also includes a ventilation system. Altogether, it’s a logical spot for building half baths. Keeping it clean is also easy.

How To Save Money On Adding A Half Bathroom?

As you can see, adding a new bath is not cheap at all. If you’re not careful it can take your bank balance to a poor state. That’s why you’d need to think of ways to reduce the extra cost. But the question is where can I reduce my cost?

Here we’ve gathered some tips for reducing the overall cost of adding a half-bath.


You can reduce a lot of the extra cost if you’ve a DIY mindset. Start with doing the demolition on your own. Clear out the area where you plan to build your bathroom. Don’t wait to pay the labor fee for this. You can do this yourself. 

But make sure you aren’t hurting your home’s structure. Otherwise, it may bring more trouble than ease.

Paint On Your Own

Painting is the easiest and fun job out there. You only need to be a little cautious. Otherwise, the job is super easy. Spending money on hiring a painter is not necessary if you’ve a tight budget. 

Simply take a pair of gloves, your paint, and a paint roller. Now, paint all the walls yourself and show your creativity. Even if you make a few mistakes it can be forgiven.

Tile The Floor/Wall On Your Own

Tiling the bathroom floor or wall isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need is some little guidance for it. You can take suggestions from a professional or someone who’s done it before. 

With a little practice, you can even master this art. Tiling by yourself will save you a lot of money.

So, how is your budget plan going? Hopefully, now you’ve got an idea of the factors you need to count on.


Question: Does adding a bathroom increase taxes?

Answer: Adding more square footage to your house will increase its value. But doing so will increase the taxes as well. However, the good news is the owner will be the one to pay them.

Question: How much time is needed to install a new bathroom?

Answer: The time needed for installing a bathroom depends on its size. Building a big master bath can take 3-4 weeks of time. For small and half-baths it takes around 5-7 days for full installation.

Question: How to add a bathroom with an existing bathroom?

Answer: Adding a bathroom with an existing bathroom is done by attaching the plumbing line. Since the plumbing line already exists with the old one you can use that. Doing this will reduce the plumbing cost greatly.

Parting Words

That was all about how much does it cost to add a half bathroom. Hopefully, our piece was of use to you.

Just draw up a nice budget plan for making your new half bathroom. Don’t forget to use our cost calculator. It’ll help you immensely.

That’s it for today. Good luck with your renovation!