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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shed: A Complete Guide

A shed can be used as storage for your house. You can easily store big equipment or toxic materials there. Besides, it also increases the overall value of your house. That’s why it’s common to want a shed for yourself. 

How much does it cost to build a shed? 

Sheds come in different sizes and materials. Roofing also plays a big role in the total estimate. The average cost to build an 8’ x 8’ shed is around $4,185 on average. A bigger shed, for example, a 10’ x 12’ shed can cost almost double; around $7,560. High-end sheds can cost up to $30,000. It’s because of high-quality materials and architectural designs. 

Anyhow, that was just the short version of the entire discussion. I’ve talked about different sectors of cost and provided individual breakdowns. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about sheds and their relevant cost.

Building A Shed Cost Calculator

But before I head into the detailed discussion, here’s a small gift from me. I’ve simplified the entire discussion and brought everything under one category. 

With the help of this calculator, you can easily predict the total estimated cost. And you can do it the way you want. 

Total Cost To Build A 4’ x 7’ Shed

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor + Material$235 (Resin)$1,400 (Wood)$5,600 (Brick)
Roofing $182 (Tin)$228 (Asphalt)$1,080 (Metal)
Site PreparationN/A$250$400
Total $417$2,078$7,380

Total Cost To Build An 8’ x 8’ Shed

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor + Material$1,070 (Vinyl)$3,200 (Wood)$12,800 (Brick)
Roofing $308 (Tin)$385 (Asphalt)$1,850 (Metal)
Site PreparationN/A$400$400
Total $1,378$4,185$15,350

Total Cost To Build An 10’ x 10’ Shed

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor + Material$1,670 (Vinyl)$5,000 (Wood)$20,000 (Brick)
Roofing $430 (Tin)$530 (Asphalt)$2,550 (Metal)
Site PreparationN/A$600$900
Total $2,100$6,330$23,750

Total Cost To Build An 10’ x 12’ Shed

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor + Material$2,000 (Vinyl)$6,000 (Wood)$24,000 (Brick)
Roofing $490 (Tin)$610 (Asphalt)$2,930 (Metal)
Site PreparationN/A$750$1,000
Total $2,490$7,560$28,230

Total Cost To Build A 12′ x 16’ Shed

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor + Material$3,200 (Vinyl)$9,600 (Wood)$38,400 (Brick)
Roofing $705 (Tin)$880 (Asphalt)$4,250 (Metal)
Site PreparationN/A$1250$1,700
Total $3,905$11,930$44,650

Have you calculated the total approximate? What kind of price range were you expecting? Anyway, if the prices seem weird to you, I have explanations for them. 

I’m going to discuss all the cost factors that I mentioned here individually. After that, I’m going to talk about all the possible options under that factor. 

It’s because there’s a lot to take into accounts. These will help you understand more and get the best out of your budget. 

Building A Shed For Your House: A Full Analysis

Construction of a shed is certainly one of the smaller types of house projects. Just like calculating the cost to build a fence. But trust me, both are equally hard and quite complex. 

I once took a fence project and paid heavily because of a single miscalculation. Since then I’ve learned to make a fail-proof plan every time I take on projects. Because otherwise, you’ll need to pay extra to fix those mistakes. 

But there’s no need to be stressed about it. I’ve got your back. I’ll guide you through everything and notify you of what to consider and whatnot. 

For now, you’ll need to know what your maximum budget is. That’s going to be a key factor here. 

After that, you’ll need to consider what type of shed you’re making. When that’s done, consider the size and the materials. 

Average Shed Building Cost By Size 

Square foot pricing is super common in house projects. The shed projects aren’t any different. The total cost will be greatly affected by the total size of your shed. 

That’s why it’s advised to be fully sure about the usage of the shed. Because otherwise, you’ll be paying way extra for no reason. 

For example, if you only need to store some equipment; a small shed is more than enough. But if you’re keeping multiple horses, you’ll need a big one. 

Now that I’ve warned you about the size, let’s cut straight to the point. The average cost to build a shed is between $15 to $150 per square foot. 

There are around 15 sizes of sheds you can build. The smallest sheds are usually 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. The total area of these sheds is 24 sq. ft. 

On the other hand, the big sheds have an area of 320 sq. ft. These sheds are 16 feet long and 20 feet wide. Perfect for keeping horses or bigger vehicles or equipment. 

Anyways, I’ve made you a small chart to save your time. Here’s what you’re looking for- 

Shed SizeTotal AreaBudgetAverageLuxury
4 ft. x 7 ft. 28 sq. ft.$300$1,500$2,500
6 ft. x 4 ft.  24 sq. ft. $250$1,200$2,000
6 ft. x 9 ft. 54 sq. ft.$500$2,700$4,500
8 ft. x 8 ft. 64 sq. ft.$650$3,200$5,500
8 ft. x 10 ft. 80 sq. ft.$800$4,000$7,000
8 ft. x 12 ft. 96 sq. ft.$1,000$4,800$8,000
10 ft. x 8 ft. 80 sq. ft.$800$4,000$7,000
10 ft. x 10 ft. 100 sq. ft.$1,500$5,000$10,000
10 ft. x 12 ft. 120 sq. ft.$2,000$6,000$13,000
10 ft. x 16 ft. 160 sq. ft.$3,500$8,000$17,000
10 ft. x 20 ft. 200 sq. ft.$5,000$10,000$21,000
12 ft. x 16 ft. 192 sq. ft.$4,700$9,600$20,500
12 ft. x 24 ft. 288 sq. ft.$7,000$14,400$30,000
16 ft. x 12 ft. 192 sq. ft.$4,700$9,600$20,500
16 ft. x 16 ft. 256 sq. ft.$6,500$12,800$27,000
16 ft. x 20 ft. 320 sq. ft.$8,000$16,000$35,000

From this table you can easily guess your total estimate by your preferred size. But it doesn’t end there. 

There are still a lot of things to talk about. For example, the roofing of the shedding. 

If you want something decorative, it’s going to cost you extra. Besides, if you want something like a flat roof, it’s going to cost less. 

Simply put, based on these figures, you can predict the price range. But the actual price will vary a little based on the constructions and decorations. 

Average Shed Building Cost By Material 

After talking about the square foot pricing, it’s time to consider the materials. Just like sizes, materials can affect your total budget. It can either cost less or it can increase the total cost by miles. 

There are mainly 6 types of material that you can use to build a shed. These are resin, metals, wood, vinyl, concrete, and brick. Among them, bricks and woods are super common among homeowners. 

The average price range for different materials is from $1,000 to $24,000. Expect to pay between this price range for all sorts of sheds. 

Anyways, I’ve come forward and made you a small table to clear everything out- 

Material TypeTotal AreaBudget AverageHigh-end
Resin120 sq. ft.$250$1,000$2,000
Vinyl120 sq. ft.$400$2,000$5,000
Wood120 sq. ft. $2,000$6,000$9,000
Brick120 sq. ft.$5,000$24,000$30,000
Metal120 sq. ft.$1,500$4,500$7,000
Concrete120 sq. ft.$4,000$18,000$25,000

This table may give you an overview about the prices. In this table, I’ve used a shed that is 10 ft. long and 12 ft. wide. Thus, you can see the price differences for the same size. 

Resin Shed 

Resin is the cheapest material that you can use for your shed. They are plasticky and super lightweight. These sheds can be built by only using kits.

The customization choices are severely limited which you should remember. If you plan to upgrade the decoration later, you should consider something else. 

Another thing you should note is that these sheds don’t have floors. This means there will be no flooring costs. But you’ll have to prepare the ground for sheds anyway. 

These sheds require around $1,000 for construction. That’s based on a 10’ x 12’ of course. Smaller sizes will cost you significantly less. 

Vinyl Shed

Vinyl is another material that is used to build sheds. They aren’t as popular as wood or bricks. 

To build an average vinyl shed you’ll need about $2,000. Vinyl sheds are sturdier than resin sheds but not like wooden sheds. But considering the price range, they’re a great middle ground. 

If you need some sturdiness under a low budget, vinyl is the best option.

Wooden Shed 

Wooden sheds are the most common out of all types. They’re also the most custom-built sheds as well. The best part of this option is its customization and versatility. 

Wooden sheds can have a siding that can resist water damage. You can also use different roofing and flooring materials. Building a wooden shed takes at least $6,000 on average. 

One extra thing you should remember is that wood requires maintenance. That’s why if you choose wood for roofs and floors, the cost will go up. One can spend up to $9,000 on a fully wooden shed. 

Brick Shed

After wood, next up are the bricks. Brick sheds are the second most popular material for sheds. 

They are loved by homeowners for their durability and versatility. But they are really expensive. It’s because working with bricks is super hard compared to others. 

You can use wood as framing materials if you want to. A full brick shed cost about $24,000 on average. The price may seem super high but it’s worth the money if you consider longevity. 

Metal Shed 

Metallic sheds are less common but quite popular. They are also purchasable with kits. They allow you to DIY build the shed yourself. 

Metallic sheds offer high durability but there’s a condition. You can’t use metal if you live in cold or snowy weather. Another negative on top of that is its limited customization. 

But it has a lot of versatility options. For example, it can be built anywhere with a wooden frame and a roof. The average you’ll spend to construct a metallic shed is around $4,500. 

Concrete Shed

Our last sub-category in materials is concrete. It may seem new to you. Trust me, I also didn’t believe it myself when I first heard about it. 

But it’s possible to build a shed with concrete and at a low cost. We all know concrete so there’s no need to mention the durability. Build one and they’ll last you 50 years without any damage. 

The customization choices are more than plenty which is a big plus. You’re likely to spend at least $18,000 on average if you build one.

Average Roofing Cost For Shed

It’s not just the walls and flooring that you need to worry about. A big part of the total cost will be spent on the roofs. If you care about appearance, you’ll need to match the shed roof with your house roof. 

Usually, a flat roof is considered the best for sheds. They’re super cost-effective. 

But they may look bland as they won’t match your house roof. That’s why you’ll need to spend some extra to have better roofs. 

Different types of roofing have different square foot pricing. The most common materials are tin, asphalt, metal, bitumen, and tiles. 

I’ve brought everything under one table to paint you a clear picture-

Roofing Material Average Cost (per sq. ft.) 
Tin$1.50 to $2.50
Bitumen$2.00 to $5.00
Metal$5.00 to $20.00
Asphalt$2.00 to $2.50
Tiles$3.00 to $30.00

These were the average cost per square foot. But the total price will depend on the total area of your roof. Flat or classic roofs are going to cost you a lot. 

That’s why make sure to calculate the total area of the roof. After that, choose an appropriate material that falls under your budget.

Average Labor Cost To Build A Shed

Every house project requires a tremendous amount of labor. In almost all projects, labor takes up around 30% to 40% of the total budget. So, you can safely say, what is a house project without labor?

Labor costs can either be counted by hours or by total square footage. It actually depends on the size of the project. Besides, some services may offer you a certain quote based on total hours or square footage. 

The average labor cost to build a shed is around $70 per hour. No matter wherever you live in the US, you’re expected to pay that price. For a 10’ x 12’ shed, it may cost $3,000 or more just for labor alone. 

Services may choose to build the shed at your place. They can also choose to build a shed in their place and deliver it later. 

Besides, remember that you may need different professionals when building a shed. For example, a shed requires a carpenter, an electrician, and a handyman. 

Site Preparation

If the selected place is dirty, it has to be cleaned up first. Services may ask you to do a grading which means a soil elevation test. 

For grading, you’ll pay around $4.70 to $6.00 per square foot. It’s the most common land preparation phase. 

Site preparation involves cleaning, so you’re going to need a big dumpster. Luckily, you can easily rent a dumpster or buy a bagster online. 

To help you out, here’s my top picks-

Product 1
Product 2

You can now easily get whichever you like and get started!

Insulation Cost

If the shed is going to be an extended living space, then insulation matters. Without proper insulation, it will lack good thermals. 

Insulation has a fee of its own. Basic sheds can cost around $200 if you insulate them. 

Average Shed Building Cost By Shed Type

I’ve pretty much talked about everything by now. But there’s still one factor you haven’t considered yet. 

And that’s the type of shed you’re building. This section is independent and just an average estimate by type. 

Another similar example of this would be kitchen remodeling. The total cost to remodel a kitchen completely depends on the appliances and layouts. 

Likewise, there are more than 5 types of sheds that you can build. But I’m going to talk about the 5 sheds that are mainstream among homeowners. 

Out of all sheds, modern sheds have been getting popular. They’re versatile and can be converted to a small house if necessary. 

The price range to build a modern shed is between $1,000 to $30,000. The average cost to build one is around $3,500. 

Other sheds have different price ranges. For your convenience, I’ve brought all information into one table- 

Shed TypeBudgetAverageHigh-end 
Modern Shed$1,000$3,500$30,000
Storage Shed$500$2,500$15,000
Garden Shed$300$700$2,000
She Shed$5,000$12,000$18,000
Horse Run-in Shed$2,000$5,000$10,000

As you can see, different sheds have different cost ranges. Since these sheds have structural differences, you can expect to pay more or less. 

But before I head into the next discussion, I’m going to talk about the shed types a little. Little previews about them will paint a better picture in your head! 

Modern Shed Installation Cost

As the name suggests modern sheds have an essence of luxury. These sheds can be used as a studio or a photography room. 

Simply put, these sheds are architecturally beautiful and have a stylish look. You can then turn the shed into anything you want. These sheds are good for you if you need a special room for yourself. 

You’ll need about $3,500 to build one of these modern sheds. If you choose to tile the floors or use pricy materials, the price will go up. Think of what you want to do in the shed and plan accordingly. 

Because you can spend up to $30,000 behind modern sheds. These sheds can have marble walls, a GFCI approved built-in bathroom and lots of other decorations. 

Storage Shed Installation Cost

The most basic shed out of all types of sheds. These sheds are built focusing on better storage efficiency. 

These storages have to be built with shelves, racks, etc. You can also add some ladder if you’re storing something vertically. Based on the size and storage capacity, the price will go up and down. 

If you’re building something basic, then you’ll only need about $500. They’re small in size and perfect for storing small things. 

But the average cost to build a storage shed is around $2,500. These storage sheds let you store big equipment and machinery. 

If you’re storing huge equipment, then you’ll need a bigger shed. On top of that, you’ll have to consider adding ladders, sturdier shelves, etc. These storage sheds can cost up to $15,000.

Garden Shed Installation Cost

Garden sheds are the third type of sheds that I’m talking about. These sheds mostly focus on storing garden equipment. 

A basic garden shed is enough if you’re just storing some garden equipment. Building these sheds only costs $300 to $500. You can of course spend a little extra to enhance its looks. 

The average cost to build a garden shed is around $700. These sheds are bigger in size and will let you store more equipment. If you have a big garden, these sheds will perfectly suit your needs. 

The biggest garden sheds are useful if you have a nursery. Having a nursery may require storing seeds and thus require shelves and bigger space. These types of sheds can cost as high as $2,000. 

She Shed Installation Cost 

Sheds are special types of sheds. These are favored by women and they often are made to be fancy. These sheds have bigger windows and fancier roofs. 

You can easily build a budget she shed under $5,000. Don’t worry you can have your fancy windows and roofs in this option too. But depending on interior decoration, the price might go up. 

On the contrary, you’ll need at least $12,000 or more to build an average she shed. These sheds contain fancy windows and doors. 

Anyways, within this budget, you have ample room to spend enough to get a fancy roof. The fanciest and most beautiful sheds can cost around $18,000. 

Horse Run-in Shed Installation Cost

If you’re looking forward to keeping horses, these sheds are for you. These sheds are triangular and three-sided structures. These sheds can act like great pasture shelters. 

The average cost to build a horse run-in shed is around $5,000. But depending on the number of horses, you may need to increase the budget. A basic run-in shed costs at least $2,000 to build. 

The big run-in sheds cost a lot, just like the other ones. For a huge run-in shed, you’re likely to spend around $10,000 without a doubt. 


Question: Is it cheaper to build a woodshed or buy one?

Answer: Building a shed is always less expensive than buying a pre-built one. Since you can select your own materials, there are a lot of options. On top of that, you won’t need too many tools to build a shed. This reduces your total building cost.

Question: What type of shed lasts the longest?

Answer: If you have a tight budget, consider vinyl sheds. They have a high resistance to weather and crack less often. If you have a high budget, then consider brick sheds. They tend to last for a long time. 

Question: Are sheds going up in price?

Answer: Yes, sheds are indeed going up in price due to timber shortage. Recently, the shed prices have gone up about 50%. House renovations and warm winters are also the reasons behind this price increase. 

Take Away

That was everything on how much does it cost to build a shed. I hope I was able to answer everything that you were looking for. 

One last thing before you leave us. Be sure to contact multiple services before you finalize a deal. This way you can get the best out of your money. 

Besides, if you decide to buy a kit, make sure to go through proper tutorials. Making a mistake in house projects often costs you a lot of money. 

Finally, last but not least, have a nice day!