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How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A King-Size Comforter [Answered]

Who doesn’t want to have a king-sized comforter for their king-sized bed? Its name itself gives away the answers. But there’s a little problem with them. Most comforters need to be dry-washed. As a result, you’ve to know the cost of doing that.

How much does it cost to dry clean a king-size comforter?

The cost for dry cleaning a king-sized comforter ranges from $30 to $50. You might get a final amount in the receipt. But the amount is decided by evaluating quite a few factors. These include cleaning supplier costs, service fees, labor fees, and taxes. All these combined determine how much you’ve to pay for the dry cleaning. 

That was the sneak peek. Clearly, you need a bit more of an explanation. That’s why read along till the end to find all the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s get started!

Dry Clean King Size Comforter Cost Calculator

The receipt you get from your dry cleaning store doesn’t always mention the details. You’d see the final amount and think how did it come to this? But the amount you’ve been charged is determined by quite a few factors.

Want to know how these factors are being evaluated? Then this dry cleaning cost calculator might be of your help. 

I have included the cost for each factor separately. I have included the final cost as well. 

Here’s the cost calculator for dry cleaning a king-sized comforter-

Factors Estimated Cost
Cleaning Supply Cost$5-$9
Labor Cost$8-$13
Service Cost$12-$17
Taxes $2-$5
Additional Cost$3-$6
Total Cost$30-$50

Still, have some questions? The next segment might hold all your answers. Let’s get moving!

Dry Clean King Size Comforter Cost Breakdown

When you’re paying for dry cleaning you just pay the total fee at once. But that amount gets divided into many sectors. For example, the money you pay will be used to buy the cleaning product.

It will cover the service fees of using electricity and necessary equipment. It will also cover the cost of the labor fee. 

Most of the time we do not think much of these. But these little details can mean a lot when you’re trying to save money.

Dry cleaning a comforter is always costly. But there aren’t many great alternatives either. At times you will have to pay for the dry cleaning of your comforter. 

I have included the cost breakdown for dry cleaning a king-size comforter here. Hopefully, that’ll give you an idea about how your cleaning fee is being utilized.

Cleaning Supplier Cost

For dry cleaning, the comforters are sanitized with a liquid solvent other than water. The solvent that is usually used to sanitize the comforter is called perchloroethylene. 

It is a non-flammable, colorless solvent that can dissolve oil, grease, and wax matters. Some dry cleaning stores mix a small amount of mild detergents with perchloroethylene.

That is because mild detergents work as a surfactant. It reduces the surface tension over the clothing product. It helps the liquid to reach the fabric and remove any soil or stain. 

The cost for perchloroethylene and detergent is about $5-$6 of the total fee. If the detergent is costlier, the price may increase to $7-$9

Labor Cost

Dry cleaning doesn’t require much labor. But the people working there still need to be paid. The cost of labor is usually decided on many required operations during the cleaning.

For example, it includes the cost for the staff members who manually work there. They do the inspection and pretreatment if necessary. Leasing of the location to dry clean can also be added with this. 

The cost for labor ranges from $8 to $13 of the total fee.

Service Cost

Service cost covers the biggest portion of the dry cleaning fee. It is decided on many operations. 

Firstly, it covers the cost of using cleaning equipment and machines. The electric bill is also added to this list.

The inspection and pretreatment service might also be included in the list. Because it is not only a labor service. It is also a facility that the store is providing. The same goes for the drying and finishing part of the cleaning.

After cleaning the comforters are dried at 77 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a combined job that requires equipment and labor work. It’s the same for finishing as well.

The cost for service usually ranges from $12 to $17 from the total fee.


Dry cleaning stores include the local tax and other service charges to the fee. It is included in a small portion of the total amount. Apart from the usual taxes, it also covers permit-related expenses.

Using chemical solvent requires some permit fee. It increases the tax fee as well. 

That’s why the combined cost is handed down to the customers in the receipt. It may be included in the service cost. Or it might be included in the form of vat price.

The tax cost ranges from $2-$5 of the total price to be paid.

Additional Services

The stores usually provide some extra services while dry cleaning a product. This is upon inspecting if they might find a tear, holes, or any other fabric damages. Whenever they discover such flaws they first inform you of it.

Most of the time they offer repair services for damaged fabrics. If you agree then they may repair and include the cost for it. 

It is usually included with the service cost. So, if you see a little higher charge than the usual, don’t be surprised.

The additional service may be $3 to $6 of the total amount.

Factors That Affects The Total Cost Of Dry Cleaning A Comforter

The cost of dry cleaning a comforter can be affected depending on some factors. I have talked about most of them in the previous segment. But there are a few extra factors as well.

Because of these factors, you may have to pay more than the usual price. Here I’ll explain them in detail for you.

Size Of The Comforter

Size measurements of your comforter directly influence the dry cleaning cost. Dry cleaning the comforter is already costly. But depending on the measurement of the comforter the cost may vary. 

A king-sized comforter is used on a king-sized bed. The mattress measurement for a king-sized bed would be 80 by 76 inches. This means the length of the mattress is 80 inches and the width is 76 inches.

For a king-sized comforter, there’s no exact measurement. The length of the comforter usually ranges from 102 to 110 inches. The width ranges from 86 to 98 inches. 

This is certainly almost four times bigger than a crib-sized comforter. Thus, the cleaning cost would also be a few times more.

Fabric Material Or Fabric Condition

Comforters can have different types of surface fabric. Some of the comforters can be made from very delicate fabrics. These fabrics are too fragile and must be dealt with caution. 

For example, they must ensure that the cleaning supplies are compatible with the fabric. That’s why these types of comforters will cost more for dry cleaning. 

Other than delicate fabrics, damaged fabrics can also be a hassle. Sometimes the workers at the store refuse to take comforters with damaged fabrics. Because they also tend to be dealt with more care.

In such cases, the cost might rise to $5-$7.

Location Of The Store

The location of the store is an important factor when it comes to dry cleaning. Because the cost of living varies from city to city. The area where you’re living might have higher living expenses than other cities.

If that is the case the cost of community service will also be higher. It applies to the dry clean stores too. 

If it’s a high-end store then the cost will be higher as well. Regular dry cleaning shops usually charge a moderate amount.

How To Save Money On Cleaning Comforters?

Saving money is important for any cost project. No matter how big or small it is. 

Whether it’s the cost to remodel a bathroom or dry cleaning a dirty comforter. It’s a good habit if you’re trying to save your money.

Dry cleaning a dirty comforter is troublesome. And it’s hard to save money on this project. Sometimes it’s not possible to spend $30-$50 on cleaning a comforter due to some things. 

In this case, you need to think of cheaper ways to do the job. For this, I’ll provide you with some tips to save money on cleaning comforters.

Machine Wash Your Comforter

Dry cleaning your dirty comforter isn’t the only cleaning option you have. You can clean it at home with your washing machine. The cleaning time will be the same as dry cleaning.

But firstly, make sure your washer is big enough to fit in your comforter. Never force your oversized comforter forcefully into your washer. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the washer leaking water on the floor.

It’ll take two to three hours to dry the comforter after a machine wash. Since you’ll be doing it at home, you’ll pay the detergent and electricity cost. This will save you from paying the dry cleaning fee.

But be careful with using the cleaning supply. You wouldn’t wanna use an inappropriate product on your comforter and regret it later. 

The best cleaning products to clean comforters are these-

Product 1
Product 2

Also, avoid washing the comforter in hot water. Wash them in a delicate cycle. Moreover, do not forget to dry them in a low-heat setting.

Dry Clean At Home

If dry cleaning from the store stresses your budget, dry clean it from home. But for this, you’ll be needing a dry cleaning kit. You can collect one from the laundry section of any store. 

These dry-cleaning kits have special cleaning cloths to use on your item. It also contains disposable bags. You can dry clean your comforter from home using these. 

But keep in mind that these kits can’t handle overly-stained comforters. If your comforter hasn’t been washed in a long time then it might not help. Leaving it to a local dry cleaning store would be better in that case.

Also, never use any abrasive type cleaners for washing comforters. These will damage the comforter.

Explore Customer Services 

Explore your customer service options if you’re a frequent customer in the dry-cleaning store. Ask for a discount if you need to come here a couple of times a month. 

Nowadays many stores give membership services. If you’re a regular customer keep an eye on the membership discounts. Perhaps, you might be able to use it on cleaning your comforter.

Alternatives For Comforters

When you’re purchasing something it’s important that you check the tag on the product. Most clothing products come with a tag inside. 

This tag provides information about the fabric material. It also mentions how the product should be cleaned.

You’ll often see instructions like “Hand-wash only”, “Do not bleach” or “Dry clean only”. When you already know it’s a dry-cleaning product you can avoid buying it. Instead, look for fabrics that can be easily washed with hands.

The same goes for comforters. Look for duvets or blankets that don’t require dry cleaning only. 

Hopefully, that was enough information about dry cleaning a king-sized comforter. 


Question: How often should I dry clean my comforter?

Answer: Your comforter should be dry cleaned two to three times a year. For best practices, dry clean it once in four months. But you must use a top sheet or cover to prevent touching it bare. The comforter is less likely to be dirty if you’re using a cover. If you’re not using a cover then it may need dry cleaning every week.

Question: Should I dry clean or wash my comforter?

Answer: The cleaning method depends on what your comforter care label instructs. Some of the comforters only support dry cleaning. Comforters that can be washed have it mentioned in the care label. You can find the step-by-step cleaning instructions in it. It should also mention the temperature setting and other important guidelines.

Question: Where to take my comforters to be washed?

Answer: If you don’t have a washer, you can take it to a local laundromat. Many people clean their comforter at a laundromat. Sometimes the washers at home are not big enough for comforters. But local laundromats have big front-loading washers, which would be enough to fit them. They even have extra-large dryers. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about where to clean your king-size comforter.

Final Words

Now you know how much it costs to dry clean a king-size comforter. I hope the information I have provided was enough. But I have a final tip for you- 

Always take pictures of your comforter before you leave them to dry clean stores. It’ll work as proof in case your product ever gets damaged from dry cleaning. 

That’s all for today. See you next time!