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How Much Does It Cost To Move A 3 Bedroom House: Full Breakdown

If you’re stressed about moving out, well you’re not alone. It often costs a lot depending on the furniture and the designated location. It’s also super easy to be scammed and pay extra. That’s why you’ve to be really careful when moving your house. 

How much does it cost to move a 3 bedroom house? 

To move a 2000 sq. ft. house locally, you’ll need around $1,785 to $2,190. But to move interstate, it’ll cost between $4,000 to $6,400 per 1000 miles. Simply put, the total moving cost depends on your total house size. If you’re moving locally, it’ll be counted by total hours. But if you’re moving interstate, total miles will be counted instead.  

Anyways, that was only a short answer, which obviously isn’t descriptive enough. That’s why we’ve talked and tried our best to provide the breakdown of the entire cost. We’ll also show you how to save money at the end as well.

Stay with us and keep reading if you want to know more about moving!

Total Moving Cost Calculator: Intrastate & Interstate

We’ve made a calculator for you to have a glance at everything at once. This will give you a heads-up before you start making a plan. 

Total Cost For Loading & Unloading (Intrastate):

House SizeBudgetAverageHigh-end
1500 sq. ft.$375 – $525$750 – $1050$1650 – $2310
2000 sq. ft.$525 – $675$1050 – $1350$2310 – $2970
2500 sq. ft.$700 – $900$1400 – $1800$3080 – $3960
3000 sq. ft. $900 – $1100$1800 – $2200$3960 – $4840

Total Packing Cost (Intrastate): 

House SizeBudgetAverageHigh-end
1500 sq. ft.$375 – $525$525 – $735$750 – $1050
2000 sq. ft.$525 – $600$735 – $840$1050 – $1200
2500 sq. ft.$700 – $800$980 – $1120$1400 – $1600
3000 sq. ft.$800 – $1000$1120 – $1400$1600 – $2000

Total Intrastate Moving Cost (Loading & Unloading + Packing): 

House SizeBudgetAverageHigh-end
1500 sq. ft. $750 – $1050$1275 – $1785$2400 – $3360
2000 sq. ft.$1050 – $1275$1785 – $2190$3360 – $4170
2500 sq. ft.$1400 – $1700$2380 – $2920$4480 – $5560
3000 sq. ft.$1700 – $2100$2920 – $3600$5560 – $6840

Total Weight Cost (For Interstate):

Total WeightBudget ($0.50/lbs)Average ($0.60$/lbs)High-end ($0.80/lbs)
5000 lbs$2500$3000$4000
8000 lbs$4000$4800$6400
9000 lbs$4500$5400$7200
10000 lbs$5000$6000$8000
12000 lbs$6000$7200$9600

Total Interstate Moving Cost (Weight + Distance):

Total WeightShort (1000 mi)Average (2000 mi)Extreme (3000 mi)
5000 lbs$2500 – $4000$5000 – $8000$7500 – $12000
8000 lbs$4000 – $6400$8000 – $12800$12000 – $19200
9000 lbs$4500 – $7200$9000 – $14400$13500 – $21600
12000 lbs$6000 – $9600$12000 – $19200$18000 – $28800

Total Rental Cost (DIY Interstate):

Truck SizeShort (1000 mi)Average (2000 mi)Extreme (3000 mi)
10 ft. Rental Truck$1500$3000$4500
16 ft. Rental Truck$2200$4400$6600
26 ft. Rental Truck$3500$7000$10500
4×8 ft. Trailer$100$240$400
5×8 ft. Trailer$200$400$650
5×10 ft. Trailer$220$450$750
6×12 ft. Trailer$300$560$1000
Freight Service$1700$3400$4100

Do the numbers feel confusing? If so, no need to worry! Keep reading and go through all the sections for a better understanding. 

Moving A 3 Bedroom House: Full Analysis

Failing to guess the correct estimate can create an unpleasant situation. It’ll put you in an awful spot and can potentially jeopardize the entire thing. 

Moving a house requires a solid plan. This is the same as planning the total cost of adding a second story. There are a lot of things to consider in your account.

Without a fail-proof plan, you’re bound to make mistakes. 

Types of House Moving: Intrastate vs Interstate

Total moving cost is calculated in two different ways. One of them is hour-based and the other is distance-based. 

If you’re moving to another neighborhood or down another block, consider local services. This is called intrastate travel. This cost is counted by total hours. 

But if you need to go to another state, consider interstate moving options. Interstate moving is counted by total miles, weights, and space. 

Intrastate Moving: Total Cost By Hour 

Most services complete intrastate moving in a single day. That’s why local moving costs depend on the total hour spent. 

Total Loading & Unloading Cost

This mainly depends on the number of movers and the total time it takes. The total hours consist of loading and unloading time. 

The average size of a 3 bedroom house is around 2000 sq. ft. But there are other sizes available too. That’s why we included all possible sizes. 

Here’s how much it takes for both loading and unloading- 

House Size MoversLoading UnloadingTotal Time
1500 sq. ft.3 Movers3 – 4 Hours 2 – 3 Hours5 – 7 Hours
2000 sq. ft.3 Movers4 – 5 Hours3 – 4 Hours7 – 9 Hours
2500 sq. ft.4 Movers4 – 5 Hours3 – 4 Hours7 – 9 Hours
3000 sq. ft.4 Movers 5 – 6 Hours4 – 5 Hours9 – 11 Hours

As you can see, it’s possible to finish everything within a single day. And that’s regardless of the house size! 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, most households are around 2000 sq. ft. For a house like that it’ll take about 9 hours to finish the job. 

For houses bigger than that, it’ll take at least 4 movers. With 4 movers, it’ll require almost the same time. The cost can also be higher due to the different rooms of a house

For a luxury house with 3000 sq. ft, it may take around 11 hours. 

Anyways, let’s move to the pricing. There are usually 3 types of services around; budget, mid-range, and high-end. 

Most services range between $25 to $50 per hour. But some high-end services can charge around $110 to $150 per hour as well. 

The prices differ due to service reputation and mover’s experience. A professional mover will have better planning and it’s safer. But their hourly cost is also higher. 

Here are a full breakdown of the estimate-

House SizeNumber of MoversTotal TimeEstimated Average ($50/hour)
1500 sq. ft.3 Movers5 – 7 Hours$750 – $1050
2000 sq. ft.3 Movers7 – 9 Hours$1050 – $1350
2500 sq. ft.4 Movers7 – 9 Hours$1400 – $1800
3000 sq. ft.4 Movers 9 – 11 Hours$1800 – $2200

Since most services are $50 per hour, this is the total you’re looking at. Expect to pay more if you hire a better service. 

For a normal 3 bedroom house, you’ll have to pay between $1,050 to $1,350. But if your house is bigger than 2000 sq. ft. then you’ll have to pay more. 

Other than that, you’ll get charged extra for huge items. Some of those items are piano, hot tubs, pool table, and so on. 

Total Packing and Moving Cost By Hour

There are a couple of house moving tricks to pack faster. But for a convenient approach, you can hire a packing service separately. 

Packing costs depend on furniture and other household items. The labor fee is counted by hours.

Some services will offer to do the packing for you. They will then move the items to the designated location. After that, they’ll unpack everything if you hire the service.

But most American households do the unpacking themselves. It can take 2-3 months depending on you. That’s why we’re going to count the packing cost only.

Most services will charge you around $25 to $50 per hour for packing. But the average cost is $35 per hour. However, you can always choose a budget option. 

Here’s a small chart we’ve made just for you-

House SizeTotal PackersPacking TimeEstimated Cost(35$/hour)
1500 sq. ft.3 Packers5 – 7 Hours$525 – $735
2000 sq. ft.3 Packers7 – 8 Hours $735 – $840
2500 sq. ft.4 Packers7 – 8 Hours$980 – $1120
3000 sq. ft.4 Packers8 – 10 Hours $1120 – $1400

For a 2000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house, it’ll cost you around $735 to $840. If you hire more than 3 packers, you’ll need to pay a higher hourly rate. But it’ll reduce the time. 

Some items take extra time to pack because of disassembling. Things like piano, sofa, bookshelves require extra time to pack. 

Anyways, here’s the total cost if you hire both packing and moving service- 

House SizePacking CostMoving CostTotal Cost 
1500 sq. ft.$525 – $735$750 – $1050$1275 – $1785
2000 sq. ft.$735 – $840$1050 – $1350$1785 – $2190
2500 sq. ft$980 – $1120$1400 – $1800$2380 – $2920
3000 sq. ft$1120 – $1400$1800 – $2200$2920 – $3600

And that’s pretty much everything that you need to know! 

But if you decide to do the packing yourself, you’ll need packing boxes. These boxes can ease your job by miles! 

To help you out, we’ve picked some of the very best-

Product 1
Product 2

You can now get whichever you like the most! 

Interstate Moving: Total Cost By Miles 

Unlike intrastate moving, interstate moving is counted differently. There are a lot of factors that you’ll need to consider first.

But it mostly depends on total weight and total distance. If you’re using a freight service, you’ll pay for the space too. 

That’s why selling old furniture is a great idea if you’re moving interstate. 

Total Items’ Weight Cost (Excluding Labor & Materials)

One of the biggest factors in long-distance moving is the total item weight. A 3 bedroom usually has at least 9000 pounds of items and furniture.  

But depending on the size of your house, it can be less or more. That’s why we’ve provided a comparison to give you a clearer picture. 

Most companies will charge $0.50 to $0.80 per pound of weight. This is for 1000 miles of travel. If your total move is less than 1000 miles, the total cost will decrease. 

Here’s what it looks like-

Total WeightBudget ($0.50/lbs)Average ($0.60$/lbs)High-end ($0.80/lbs)
8000 lbs$4000$4800$6400
9000 lbs$4500$5400$7200
10000 lbs$5000$6000$8000
12000 lbs$6000$7200$9600

From this table you can realize how expensive it is to move interstate. These are all the prices that you’ll pay if the distance is 1000 miles

For a cross-country move, you have to pay more due to the higher distance.

Total Moving Cost By Miles 

Any house move consisting of more than 400 miles is considered long-distance. It can even apply to some intrastate moving. But that’s very rare. 

Interstate and cross-country moving are generally 1000 miles to 3000 miles. Most 3 bedroom households have items weighing around 8000 lbs on average. That’s why we are going to use 8000 lbs as an example. If you have more weight, it’ll increase. 

Here is a complete breakdown for 8000 pounds of weight- 

Total Distance BudgetAverageHigh End
800 mi$3200$3840$5120
1000 mi$4000$4800$6400
1500 mi$6000$7200$9600
2000 mi$8000$9600$12800
2500 mi$10000$12000$16000
3000 mi$12000$14400$19200

For 8000 pounds, expect to pay around $4,000 to $6,400 per 1000 miles. For 9000 pounds, it will be $5,400 instead. If you hire expensive services, this price will increase even higher. 

This is a lot of money. We totally understand that. That’s why we’ve compared some DIY options with freight and professional services. 

How Cheap Are DIY Methods Compared to Professional Service? 

Here, we’ll discuss how cheap DIY methods really are in comparison. We’ll talk about the total costs depending on different DIY options. After this, you’ll be able to compare DIY prices with professional service costs. 

To save some time, we’ve made you a short chart. Please have a look-

Moving OptionsBudget AverageHigh-End
Rental Truck$2200$4400$6600
Cargo Trailer$2000$3000$4000
Freight Service$2000$3000$4300
Moving Company$4500$8000$11000

There are 3 DIY options to choose from. As you can see, they’re much lower than professional costs. These are rental costs as you’ll do the packaging yourself. 

We’ve discussed all three options to give you a clearer picture- 

Option 1: Rental Truck 

If you want to do everything by yourself, a rental truck is an option. Choosing this option means you’ll pack, load, and unload everything by yourself. 

This option may not be great if you have any physical issues or you’re old. But it’s one of the best options if you don’t want to spend much. 

But a truck isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. There are other expenses like gas and food that should be planned prior. 

Nevertheless, renting a truck can be tricky since there are different sizes and costs. It’s the same as commercial kitchen sizes and related costs

But with a proper plan and enough knowledge, you can always pick the best. 

There’s only one negative side though. You need to have some experience in truck driving. Because any damage to the truck must be paid. Otherwise, you’ll have to get insurance, which is a lot of money. 

Bigger houses have more items. Based on your house size and total items, you can rent 3 types of trucks. For your convenience, we’ve made a small chart-

House SizeTruck SizeWeight CapacityTotal Space
1500 sq. ft.10 – 12 ft. 5000 lbs 800 cu. ft.
2000 – 2500 sq. ft.16 – 20 ft.7500 lbs960 – 1020 cu. ft.
2500+ sq. ft.22 – 26 ft. 10000 lbs1200 – 1800 cu. ft.

Note that, if you have bigger furniture, you may have to disassemble it. Those will also require more space. 

On top of that, the bigger truck will also cost more. A 26 ft. truck will cost almost double than a 10 ft. truck. The average cost to rent a truck is $1.50 to $3.50 per mile. 

For renting the trucks, this is the estimate you’re looking at – 

Total Distance10 ft. truck16 ft. truck26 ft. truck
800 mi$1200$1760$2800
1000 mi$1500$2200$3500
2000 mi$3000$4400$7000
3000 mi$4500$6600$10500

Always remember that these costs are not final and might vary. Different services offer different rates due to insurance and their own policies. Some truck rental services may charge you an additional $20 to $50 per day.

Other than that, you’ll need to have some upfront cash for gas, food, and tires. Since you’ll be on the road, it’s best to be prepared. 

Option 2: Cargo Trailer

Another great option that you should consider is the cargo trailers. But it requires a towing mechanism behind your car. 

Cargo trailers are the cheapest out of all options. But they’re small in size so you’ve to sell most of your belongings. 

This is a great choice if you plan to buy new furniture later. 

Cargo trailers come in different sizes. The most used cargo trailers are 5×8 ft. and 6×12 ft. trailers. The total cost depends on total mileage, gas, lodging fee, etc. 

Here’s what you should expect for cargo trailers- 

Trailer SizeWeight CapacityTotal Space Estimated Cost
4 x 8 ft. 1650 lbs 142 cu. ft.$240/week
5 x 8 ft.1800 lbs208 cu. ft.$400/week
5 x 10 ft.1550 lbs 230 cu. ft.$450/week
6 x 12 ft.2480 lbs396 cu. ft.$560/week

From the table you can see how cheap it is to rent a cargo trailer. Make sure to return the trailer as soon as possible to avoid paying extra. 

Option 3: Freight Service (Semi-DIY)

Freight service is a semi-DIY option. It’s because you’re hiring a service for transportation. But you’ll be doing the packing and loading by yourself. 

It’s a great option if you don’t want to pay for commercial services. This saves a lot of money.

Most freight moving services charge around $1.16 to $3.05 per mile. Some services may offer a reduced price if the total mileage is high. 

Here’s an estimate that can clear your confusion- 

Total DistanceBudget ($1.16/mi)Average ($1.70/mi)High-end ($3.05/mi)
800 mi$930$1360$2440
1000 mi$1160$1700$3050
1500 mi$1740$2550$4575
2000 mi$2320$3400$6100
3000 mi$3480$5100$9150

Besides, you’ll need to pay a linear foot pricing for the cargo. The more space your cargo requires, the higher the cost. It varies from service to service so don’t forget to ask for a quote. 


Question: Why is moving so expensive?

Answer: Moving means a lot of work. There is a lot of packing, loading, unloading to do. All of these require a lot of labor which needs to be paid. There are also weight costs, gas bills, insurance costs, etc. 

Question: How far in advance should you book movers?

Answer: Movers should be booked at least 2 months prior to the move. But 12 weeks or 3 months is the most ideal time. This will allow you more options and you can book movers for cheap. Try to book movers in the middle of a workday.

Question: What should I do a month before moving?

Answer: The first thing you need to do is to downsize the items as much as you can. Sell old furniture to clear up some space. About two weeks prior, start packing everything except for everyday items. This will save you a lot of money on moving day. 

Parting Words

That was everything on how much does it cost to move a 3 bedroom house. We hope these were enough to clear your confusion.

Calling multiple services can help you determine the cost faster. Don’t forget to check for reviews and authenticity to avoid scammers. 

Finally, have a nice day!