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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets [A Complete Guide]

Painting the kitchen cabinet is a great way to boost your kitchen outlook. It not only boosts the kitchen outlook but also raises the home value. But before you attempt painting, it’s necessary to get ideas about the cost.

How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges from $500 – $1,500. The cost greatly differs on the size of your cabinets. As a result, the cost will be more if the cabinets are bigger. The quality of the paint also determines the cost of the project. The higher the quality of the paint is, the more it’s gonna cost you. Apart from that, you have to calculate the labor cost as well.

It doesn’t look so simple now, does it? But don’t worry. I have got your back. In this piece, I’m going to help you prepare the complete budget list.

What’s the delay for? Let’s get started!

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Cost Calculator

The cost of this project isn’t much unlike the cost of hardwood floor refinishing. But still, you would need a heads up before starting this project. For your ease, I have added a cost calculator for you.

Here you can calculate the cost of each factor for different cabinet sizes. Finally, you’ll get the combined result of the total cost for the project. I hope this saves a bit of your research time.

Total cost calculation for 3.75 sq. ft.-

AspectsEstimated Cost
Paint Cost$101.25-$150
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$26.25-$48.75
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$37.50-$93.75
Labor Cost$7.50-$22.50
Total Cost$371.50-$735

Total cost calculation for 6.75 sq. ft.-

AspectsEstimated Cost
Paint Cost$182.25-$270
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$47.25-$87.75
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$67.50-$168.75
Labor Cost$13.50-$40.50
Total Cost$509.5-$987

Total cost calculation for 8.25 sq. ft.-

Aspects Estimated Cost
Paint Cost$222.75-$330
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$57.75-$107.25
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$82.50-$206.25
Labor Cost$16.50-$49.50
Total Cost$578.5-$1,113

Total cost calculation for 9.35 sq. ft.-

AspectsEstimated Cost
Paint Cost$252.45-$374
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$65.45-$121.55
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$93.50-$233.75
Labor Cost$18.70-$56.10
Total Cost$629.1-$1,205.4

Total cost calculation for 10 sq. ft.-

Aspects Estimated Cost
Paint Cost$270-$400
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$70-$130
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$100-$250
Labor Cost$20-$60
Total Cost$659-$1,260

Total cost calculation for 14 sq. ft.-

Aspects Estimated Cost
Paint Cost$378-$560
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$98-$182
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$140-$350
Labor Cost$28-$84
Total Cost$843-$1,596

Total cost calculation for 18.75 sq. ft.-

Aspects Estimated Cost
Paint Cost$506.25-$750
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$131.25-$243.75
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$187.50-$468.75
Labor Cost$37.50-$112.50
Total Cost$1,061-$1,995

Total cost calculation for 22 sq. ft.-

Aspects Estimated Cost
Paint Cost$594-$880
Cost of Tripping, Sanding, & Applying Putty$154-$286
Materials & Equipments$199-$420
Glazing Cost$220-$550
Labor Cost$44-$132
Total Cost$1,211-$2,268

Need some help here? Then the cost breakdown section can help you. 

But before that, let’s get some idea on the basic measurements of kitchen cabinets. Don’t skip this part! Otherwise, the cabinet measurements might seem unfathomable to you.

Kitchen Cabinet Sizing

Before you go on to painting the cabinetry, you need to know its measurements. Kitchen cabinets can be built in three ways. The base kitchen cabinet, wall kitchen cabinet, and tall kitchen cabinet. 

The measurement varies depending on the cabinet type. In many household kitchens, you’d see all three types of cabinets. The cost to paint a kitchen cabinet depends greatly on the cabinet size. 

That’s why we’ll take a look at the cabinet types and their measurements. First, one to introduce is the base cabinet. It’s built on the floor with the countertop above. The measurement for base cabinets are-

Base Kitchen Cabinet DimensionsMeasurements(inches)
Standard Height 34 ½” 
Standard Width 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 33”, 39”, 42”
Standard Depth 21”, 24”

Next is the wall cabinet. It’s the top cabinetry that is built above the countertop. The measurements for wall cabinets are given below-

Wall Kitchen Cabinet DimensionsMeasurements (inches)
Standard Height 30”, 36”, 42”
Standard Width 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 27”, 30”, 33”, 36”
Standard Depth 12”, 24”

Tall cabinets are also called pantry or utility cabinets. They are not found in all kitchens, especially if the kitchen is small. 

They are mostly made custom-built to fit your kitchen. For a tall kitchen cabinet, the measurements are-

Tall Kitchen Cabinet DimensionsMeasurements (inches)
Standard Height 84”, 90”, 96”
Standard Width 18”, 24”, 30”, 33”
Standard Depth 24”

You can calculate the cost of painting kitchen cabinets from the measurements above. But in most cases, the calculation is done by sq. ft. measurement. 

The paint, labor, and additional cost are usually calculated in sq. ft. That’s why you’d need to find your cabinet size in sq. ft. first.

For this calculation, first, measure the height and width of the cabinets in inches. Multiply the height with the width and note down the result. Divide the result by 144 and you will get your measurement in sq. ft. 

For example, let’s say your cabinet height is 34” and width is 24”. The multiplication of both will be 816”. 

If 816 is divided by 144 the result is 5.67 sq. ft. By following this process now you can calculate and measure your kitchen cabinet size. 

I’ve included some of the common measurements for kitchen cabinets in sq. ft. Hopefully, it’ll help you understand the measurements better-

Type of Kitchen Cabinet Measurements in sq. ft.
Base Kitchen Cabinet3.6, 5.67, 6.7, 9.35, 10
Wall Kitchen Cabinet3.75, 6.75, 8.25, 10.5
Tall Kitchen Cabinet14, 18.75, 22

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Total Cost Breakdown

To paint your kitchen cabinet you should make a budget plan first. Now that you know your kitchen cabinet size, counting the cost will be easier. 

To calculate the cost more accurately, I’ve listed the total cost breakdown for you. 

Paint Cost

Painting per sq. ft. area of a cabinet ranges from $2.90-$10.48. The cost for paint mainly depends on what kind of paint you’re gonna use. 

Using flat finish paint will cost you less than using high gloss paint. Their average price ranges from $27-$40 per gallon. 

High gloss paint costs $30-$120 per gallon. One gallon of paint can cover approximately 25-30 sq. ft. area. The area to cover may vary depending on the paint type. 

Let’s take a look at the paint cost for some standard kitchen cabinet sizes-

Kitchen Cabinet SizePaint Cost 
3.75 sq. ft.$101.25-$150
6.75 sq. ft.$182.25-$270
8.25 sq. ft.$222.75-$330
9.35 sq. ft.$252.45-$374
10 sq. ft.$270-$400
14 sq. ft.$378-$560
18.75 sq. ft.$506.25-$750
22 sq. ft.$594-$880

Stripping, Sanding & Applying Putty Cost

Stripping, sanding, and deglossing are a must before applying paint on kitchen cabinets. The cost for doing all these takes $5-$10 per sq. ft. After sanding and deglossing, you need to apply putty to the cabinets. 

Applying putty is also necessary as it hides the damaged parts. It also repairs any cracks left on the cabinet’s surface. The cost for applying putty on kitchen cabinets is $2-$3 per sq. ft.

Here’s a list of the total cost for tripping, sanding, and applying putty on cabinets-

Kitchen Cabinet SizeCost of Tripping, Sanding & DeglossingCost For Applying PuttyTotal Cost
3.75 sq. ft.$18.75-$37.5$7.50-$11.25$26.25-$48.75
6.75 sq. ft.$33.75-$67.5$13.50-$20.25$47.25-$87.75
8.25 sq. ft.$41.25-$82.5$16.50-$24.75$57.75-$107.25
9.35 sq. ft.$46.75-$93.5$18.70-$28.05$65.45-$121.55
10 sq. ft.$50-$100$20-$30$70-$130
14 sq. ft.$70-$140$28-$42$98-$182
18.75 sq. ft.$93.75-$187.5$37.5-$56.25$131.25-$243.75
22 sq. ft.$110-$220$44-$66$154-$286

Materials & Equipments 

The materials and equipment selection depends greatly on the type of cabinet you have. To say more precisely, it’s the kitchen cabinet material that matters. Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood.

Apart from wood, wood veneer, Medium-density fibreboard(MDF), laminated cabinets are used for kitchens. The paint and the primer selection will vary depending on the cabinet material

A professional contractor can inform you on which product you’ll be needing. Clean up supply also depends on the cabinet material. You can use regular soap and water for the job. 

But it’s still better to use the designated products. Use the cleaning supplies that are used on cleaning unfinished wood

If you want to spray the paint then you’d need a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer will cost you $300-$400. If you rent it’ll cost you $100 per day

For sanding 80, 150 and 220-grit sandpapers are the best choices. Here’s the total product list-

Tools & MaterialsAverage Cost
Sandpaper $5-$10
Oil-based Primer $20-$80
Paint Roller$12-$20
Safety Goggles$5-$20
Drop Cloths$25-$50
Plastic Sheeting$50-$75
Protective Tape$10-$20
Clean-up Supply$7-$10
Additional Cost$55-$100
Total Cost$199-$420


Glazing comes after applying paint to the cabinets. It’s to give the cabinets a new gloss over the surface. 

It also protects the cabinets from water or dirt stains. The cost for glazing is $10-$25 per sq. ft.

Here’s a table for the glazing cost of kitchen cabinets for better understanding-

Kitchen Cabinet SizeGlazing Cost 
3.75 sq. ft.$37.50-$93.75
6.75 sq. ft.$67.50-$168.75
8.25 sq. ft.$82.50-$206.25
9.35 sq. ft.$93.50-$233.75
10 sq. ft.$100-$250
14 sq. ft.$140-$350
18.75 sq. ft.$187.50-$468.75
22 sq. ft.$220-$550

Glazing the cabinet doors is enough to call an end to the painting jobs. But some may choose to seal the cabinets

It’s to make the cabinet more long-lasting. Still, it’s an optional choice. Even without the sealing, the paint will work as a fine protective layer. 

Labor Cost

Hiring a contractor for the job will cost you $2-$6 per sq. ft. Contractors take payment on either sq. ft. base or hourly based. The labor pay ranges from $20-$50 per hour.

Painting cabinets isn’t much of a lengthy process. But it may take more time than necessary in some cases. It could be the weather or the condition of the materials.

That’s why it’s better to hire contractors on area measurement-based payment. Here’s a table for the labor cost of the whole project-

Kitchen Cabinet SizeLabor Cost 
3.75 sq. ft.$7.50-$22.50
6.75 sq. ft.$13.50-$40.50
8.25 sq. ft.$16.50-$49.50
9.35 sq. ft.$18.70-$56.10
10 sq. ft.$20-$60
14 sq. ft.$28-$84
18.75 sq. ft.$37.50-$112.50
22 sq. ft.$44-$132

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost Across Different States [Optional]

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets varies depending on different locations. The paint cost may differ per gallon in different areas. But the painting material cost for cabinets is fairly minimal in most states.

The tools, paintbrush, primer, or paint cost doesn’t differ much. It’s the labor fee that makes a big difference in the total cost. I have included a list of the kitchen cabinet painting costs for different states.

Hopefully, this will give you a surface idea of the cost for different locations-

StatesEstimated Cost For Painting Kitchen Cabinet 
Seattle $1,000-$1,500
Boulder, Co$580-$850
Raleigh, NC$640-$850
Minneapolis $650-$900
Burlington, VT $1,130-$2,000
New York$950-$1,650

Tips To Save Cost On Painting Kitchen Cabinet 

Who wouldn’t want to save some money on home renovation projects? 

When we’re talking about painting it makes even more sense to do so. You can save a lot of extra money on a painting project if you’re being careful.

Don’t know how? Then keep on reading the next segment. I have shared some exclusive tips from professionals to save up your hard-earned money.

DIY Painting For The Kitchen Cabinet

DIY painting projects are one of the best ways to save money. If you do the project yourself, you won’t have to pay the labor fee. It also saves you from the hassle of finding a contractor.

Painting the kitchen cabinet is not too tough of a job. With proper guidelines, you can do the painting yourself. But for DIY painting you must make a detailed plan first.

Even if you’re experienced, you should plan out the whole procedure. Otherwise, the total cost may even cross the cost of painting a 12’x12’ room.

A word of caution, DIY only if you’re sure about what you’re doing. If you’re not then it’s better to leave the job to the professionals. Because stripping, sanding, deglossing takes some level of skill at least.

If not done correctly, you might leave stains or scratches on the cabinet surface. Rather than that, it’s better to pay some extra money for the project. After all, it’s important that your kitchen cabinet looks nice.

Product Selection

Product selection is an important part of the kitchen cabinet painting project. Whether you do it by yourself or by hiring professionals. Start with picking a suitable paint and primer for your kitchen cabinet. 

Take professional suggestions if needed, it’s important. Calculate the sq. ft. area that the paint must cover as well. Make sure you’re buying the right amount of these products.

Buying the wrong product might ruin the whole thing. Also, buying more than the necessary amount is a waste of money. That’s why be careful when buying paint products.

Choosing Easy Paint

Depending on the color or designing the total cost of the project may vary. If your cabinet has designs and patterns on it the labor cost may increase. In that case, try to reduce the paint cost if possible.

There are many types of paints at different prices available now. Take more time to research the paint. 

Choose the types that are easier to apply. Paints that are complex to use might increase the labor fee.

Here are the expert suggestion regarding the paint for you-

Product 1
Product 2

These paints are easy to apply to kitchen cabinets. They are long-lasting as well. 

Buy Products On Sale

Buying products on sale doesn’t always mean they are bad. Sometimes stores give paint products on stock clearance sales. 

Keep an eye on it if you want to save some extra bucks on it. But make sure to check the expiration date of the product.

Even pieces of equipment are sometimes included with a clearance sale. Most of the equipment you’re gonna buy is not gonna be used that frequently. So, it’ll be better if you could save extra money on buying them.

Hopefully, all this information was helpful for your kitchen cabinet painting project. Now, draw up a nice budget plan and you’ll be good!


Question: Which one is Better between spray paint and roller paint?

Answer: Using a spray or roller painting is both effective methods for painting projects. Which one is better actually depends on your requirements. If you are in a hurry then spray paint might be a better option. It also reaches the corners that are hard to cover with a paint roller. If you have time and even-colored surface paint rollers might be the better option here.

Question: How long can paint last on kitchen cabinets?

Answer: Kitchen cabinet painting can last up to 8 to 10 years. But it depends on the inner condition of the kitchen. A kitchen is the busiest part of a household. The moist, smoke, and vaporized oil from cooking harms the paint over time. Your cabinets may lose color and get stains earlier than the stated time.

Question: Is it necessary to apply primer before painting the kitchen cabinets?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary. Some may suggest you paint without applying primer on the cabinets. But it won’t be a good decision in the long run. Applying primer after sanding hides the old color, stains, and imperfections on the surface. It also prevents water and dust stains from inhibiting the cabinet doors. Most importantly, it helps adhere the paint on the surface and makes it long-lasting.


That was all about how much it costs to paint kitchen cabinets. I hope that was enough to give you all the cost ideas you needed. Hopefully, your kitchen cabinet painting will be a huge success.

By the way, don’t forget to check up on the maintenance for painted cabinets. It’ll lengthen your cabinet’s lifetime.

Until next time, stay well!