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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A 12×12 Room: A Full Guide

Painting a room is not as easy as you may think. There are a lot of sectors that need to be covered during the preparation phase. One such sector is the total cost. That’s why you must make a foolproof cost-based plan before you start a project.

How much does it cost to paint a 12×12 room? 

The total estimated cost to paint a 12×12 room starts from $1590. This includes the basic labor and paint costs for budget users. For a better look, you’ll have to increase your budget to $2120. Lastly, for a fancy finish, the cost is about $4000. But the cost can vary depending on different factors such as wall height, ceiling, and floor type. 

Anyways, that was just a short summary of the entire discussion. Here, we’ve categorized the process and provided a full breakdown. 

Keep reading if you want to stop guessing and estimate accurate prices like a pro!

Total Cost Of The Painting Project Calculator

To save you some time and effort, we’ve provided a calculator. With this, you can easily estimate how much the total costs are going to be. 

Labor Cost to Paint Walls:

Wall HeightBudget ModerateLuxury
8 ft.$694$1041$1388
9 ft.$790$1185$1580
10 ft.$886$1329$1772
11 ft.$982$1473$1964
12 ft.$1078$1617$2156

Labor Cost to Paint Ceiling: 

Ceiling TypeBudget ModerateLuxury
Flat $115$173$216

Labor Cost to Paint Floor:

Floor TypeBudgetModerateLuxury

Labor Cost to Paint Trims:

Interior Trims BudgetModerateLuxury
Chair Rails$48$96$192
Crown Molding $96$192$240
Window Frame$25$50$100
Door Frame$40$80$200

Total Paint Cost:

Wall Paint$40$70$140
Ceiling Paint $20$40$60
Interior Paint $20$40$60
Floor Paint$25$30$50

Total Cost for Painting 12×12 Room:

Wall (9 ft)$790$1185$1580
Ceiling (Flat)$115$173$216
Floor (Laminate)$144$288$432
Paint cost$105$180$310

Up for a more detailed breakdown of every section? Well, in that case, we’ve got your back! 

12×12 Room Painting: Complete Cost Analysis 

Guessing the total estimate blindly is the biggest mistake a homeowner can make. Sadly, it’s too common and the consequence is super heavy. 

Whether it’s building a tiny house or just painting, you’ve to be accurate. The thing is, there are a lot of factors in a painting project. These factors require an estimate of their own. 

Failing to guess one of these accurately can alter the total cost. This, in turn, will jeopardize your entire plan. 

That sort of situation is something you don’t want to face. That’s why carefully go through each sector to correctly estimate the total price. 

Factor 1: Labor Cost To Paint 

This sector is going to take the lion’s share of the budget. Pay attention as you’ve to calculate this part correctly at the very least. 


To calculate the correct area, you’ve to measure the height of the wall. The height becomes the width because it’s the wall you’re going to paint. 

The average height of the wall in a standard American house is 9 feet. But some houses can have 10 ft. or taller walls. Most two-storied houses have a 9 feet wall on the ground floor. The 2nd floor’s wall, however, is usually 8 feet long. 

Multiply the sides with the length to get the perimeter. In this case it’s 12×4 = 48 ft. Then multiply the height to get the total area. 

There are also doors and windows in a room. The average area of a door is usually 21 sq. ft. As for the windows, they mostly have an area of 16 sq. ft. 

Calculate the total area of the doors and windows. Subtract the area from the total area to get the actual coverage area. 

Let’s assume there’s only one door and window each. If you have multiple windows, calculate and subtract accordingly. Here’s what it looks like- 

Wall Height Total Area Coverage Area 
8 Feet 384 sq. ft.347 sq. ft.
9 Feet432 sq. ft.395 sq. ft.
10 Feet 480 sq. ft.443 sq. ft.
11 Feet528 sq. ft.491 sq. ft.
12 Feet 576 sq. ft.539 sq. ft.

These are the actual areas that are going to be painted. It’s time to calculate the labor cost. 

The labor costs can vary depending on what type of labor you’re buying. Some contractors may charge a higher price. But some contractors may charge low just to outbid someone else. 

An average painter charges $2 per sq. ft. on average. This is common as interior painting is costlier than the exterior. Some services may charge $3 or $4 per sq. ft. if they are renowned and trusted by many. 

This is the estimate you’ve been looking for-

Wall HeightCoverage AreaLabor Cost ($2 per sq. ft.)Labor Cost ($3 per sq. ft.)Labor Cost ($4 per sq. ft.)
8 Feet347 sq. ft. $694$1041$1388
9 Feet395 sq. ft.$790$1185$1580
10 Feet443 sq. ft.$886$1329$1772
11 Feet491 sq. ft. $982$1473$1964
12 Feet539 sq. ft. $1078$1617$2156

Depending on wall height and labor costs, these are what you’re going to pay. This is as accurate as it can get. 


After the walls, let’s talk about the ceiling. Painting the ceiling is slightly cheaper than interior walls. 

The ceiling area is measured by just multiplying the room length and width. For a 12 by 12 ft room, the total area will be 144 sq. ft. The average rate for ceiling painting is a bit less than wall painting. 

If there’s nothing on the ceiling, simply multiply the area with the rate. But if there is, calculate and subtract from the total area.

For the ceiling, the labor cost alone is $0.80 to $1.50 per sq. ft. Note that this is without the paint and materials cost. 

The height of the ceiling can be a factor too. If the wall is too tall, you’re going to need a ladder. This makes the job harder and as a result, you’re going to get charged more. 

By ceiling height, these are the estimates- 

Ceiling Height Ceiling AreaLabor Cost (Avg. per sq. ft.)Estimated Price
8 feet 144 sq. ft.$0.80$115
9 Feet (Avg.)144 sq. ft.$1.20$173
12 Feet144 sq. ft.$1.50$216

As you can see, the price increases with the ceiling height. Measure the height of the wall and you’ll find your estimate. 

Now, most households have a flat ceiling type. But some fancy houses may have other luxury ones. 

Based on shape, the total cost can vary. Note that, we’ve only used the flat ceiling to estimate the total cost. 

To save you some time, we’ve made an estimate based on all the ceiling types-

Ceiling TypeCoverage AreaLabor Cost (Avg. per sq. ft.) Estimated Price
Flat 144 sq. ft.$0.80 to $1.50$115 to $216
Acoustic144 sq. ft.$0.80 to $2.30$115 to $330
Vaulted144 sq. ft.$1.70 to $3.30$245 to $475
Popcorn144 sq. ft.$1.70 to $2.80$245 to $403
Cathedral144 sq. ft.$1.70 to $3.30$245 to $475

Note that, we’ve used 144 sq. ft. as an example. Depending on your ceiling type, you may have more or less area. 


Floors are as important as your walls. Without a good color for floors, your room will be incomplete.

The measurements for floors are similar to the ceiling. You’re going to paint the entire floor so there are no other calculations involved. 

The cost of painting the floors can depend on floor types. You see, painting a concrete floor isn’t as easy as painting a laminate floor. 

Here’s a full breakdown based on floor material. Have a look for yourself-

Floor Type Coverage AreaLabor Cost(Avg. per sq. ft.)Estimated Price
Hardwood144 sq. ft.$1 to $4$144 to $576
Laminate144 sq. ft.$1 to $3$144 to $432
Tiles144 sq. ft. $4 to $10$576 to $1440
Concrete144 sq. ft.$1.45 to $3 $208.8 to $432

Only walls, ceilings, and floors have labor costs in square feet. For interior trims, doors, and windows, labor costs are counted hourly. 


The average hourly labor cost to paint trims is between $20 to $50. But the labor cost can also be counted in the linear feet. 

To get the accurate labor cost, you’ve to measure the entire trim length by yourself. There are also different types of trims. Calculate those trims separately and then multiply them with the rates. 

Here’s everything that you need to know- 

Interior TrimEstimated Cost
Trims$1 to $4 per linear foot
Baseboards$1 to $4 per linear foot
Chair Rails$1 to $4 per linear foot
Crown Molding $2 to $5 per linear foot
Window Frame$25 to $100 per piece
Door Frame$40 to $150 per side

You can also measure the total painting cost by calculating the total linear length. 

Caulking & Furniture Removal 

The cost of caulking is $2 per sq. ft. on average including labor and materials. This is considered the prepping phase.  

But furniture removal cost depends on the number of furniture and their sizes. Some services may charge you more for bigger furniture than others. 

Some services will charge you by the hour instead. They tend to work faster and promise a good result within a period of time. 

The average hourly cost for the whole painting job is between $25 to $50. This range mostly differs based on the painter’s experience and reputation.  

That’s why hiring a good painting contractor is important no matter what. 

Factor 2: Total Cost to Buy Paint

Painting cost is completely independent and depends on the homeowner. The end result depends on what material has been used on what surface. 

Price Differences by Type

First, we’re going to compare the type of paint. There are a couple of them and each gives a different finish. 

There are primarily 5 types of paint finish. These are matte, satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, and high gloss. All of these paints have different prices and reflect light differently. 

Have a look at this short table to get the full idea- 

Paint TypeColorDurabilityCost (Per Gallon)
MatteDarkest Decent$10 to $70
EggshellDark Great$11 to $60
SatinShiny Great$12 to $60
Semi-glossShinier Super$12 to $70
High-glossShiniest Super$17 to $80

These should be enough to give you an estimate of the painting price. Also, note that wall paint and ceiling paint aren’t the same. So, we’ve mentioned the prices for those separately below.

Speaking of paints, here are some of our top picks-

Product 1
Product 2

Both paints are great. Choose whichever you like and get started! 

Paint For Walls

A gallon of paint can cover an area of 400 sq. ft. But a single coat of paint isn’t enough to bring out the best look. For that, you’ll need to coat the wall twice.

For example, if your room is 360 sq. ft. of area, you’ll need at least 2 gallons of paint. Because you’ve to cover a total of 720 sq. ft. area. 

Like before, calculate the total area first. Subtract the area of the door and window afterward. This will get you the total coverage area. Simply multiply the area by 2 (coatings) and then divide by 400 (total area).

To save your time, we’ve calculated some demo costs for two coatings- 

Wall Height Coverage area Total Paint Estimated Cost (25$/Gallon)
8 ft.347 sq. ft.1.8 Gallons$45
9 ft. 395 sq. ft.2 Gallons$50
10 ft. 443 sq. ft.2.2 Gallons$55
11 ft.491 sq. ft.2.5 Gallons$62.50
12 ft.539 sq. ft.2.7 Gallons$67.50

Most walls are 9 ft. tall. That’s why having 2 gallons of paint usually does the trick. If you want to be really safe then buy some extra can of paint.

Paint For Ceilings 

It’s much easier to calculate the ceiling’s painting cost. There are mainly two types of paints; ceiling paint and latex paint.

This is the estimated price for two coatings-

Paint TypePrice Ceiling AreaTotal Paint Total Price
Ceiling Paint$25/gal144 sq. ft.0.72 Gallon$18
Latex Paint$30/gal144 sq. ft. 0.72 Gallon$21.60

As you can see, it’s the cheapest to paint the ceiling. Don’t try to skip a coating just because it’s the ceiling. 2 coatings of paint are more durable than a single coating.

Paint For Floors

Floor painting depends on the floor material. For instance, semi-gloss paint won’t work with concrete floors. But it’ll work with tile floors. 

Here’s what the paint-based cost looks like for your 12×12 room floor- 

Paint TypePriceFloor AreaTotal PaintTotal Cost
Concrete Paint$40/gal144 sq. ft.2.88 Gallon$115.20
Latex Paint$30/gal144 sq. ft.0.72 Gallon$21.60
Semi-gloss Paint$25/gal144 sq. ft.0.72 Gallon$18

Concrete paint can only cover up to 100 sq. ft. with one coating. Because of that, for two coatings, it takes 2.88 gallons to cover 144 sq. ft. twice. 

Paint For Interior Trims, Doors & Windows

All that’s left is to calculate the total paint cost for trims, doors, and windows. Calculating paint cost for interior trims is a little bit different. 

The paint cost for the interior is counted as linear feet. All you need is the perimeter of the room. For a 12×12 room, the perimeter is 48. 

Here are some examples of approximate cost based on the total trim length- 

Trim Length Required Paint (2 Coatings)Estimated Cost ($25/Gallon)
125 ft.0.625 Gallon$15.62
144 ft. 0.72 Gallon $18
160 ft.0.8 Gallon$20

Price Differences By Quality

There are 3 categories of paint you can find based on quality. This quality indicates shiningness, durability, and many more. 

With this information, you can now estimate the total by paint quality. For this, we’ve picked 5 different wall heights first. We’ve then subtracted the trim, windows, and door area. 

Here’s what it looks like- 

Coverage AreaTotal PaintEntry Level ($20/gallon)Medium Tier ($35/gallon)High Quality ($70/gallon)
347 sq. ft.1.8 Gallons$36$63$126
395 sq. ft.2 Gallons$40$70$140
443 sq. ft.2.2 Gallons$44$77$154
491 sq. ft.2.5 Gallons$50$87.50$175
539 sq. ft.2.7 Gallons$54$94.50$189

High-quality paints are more durable and give a better finish than entry-level ones. But for most homeowners, medium-tier paints are more than enough.

Painting Material Cost

Gallons of paint aren’t the only thing you’re going to need. You’ll need brushes, primers, painting kits, etc. 

Here’s a list of the materials you’re going to require-

Materials Cost per unit
Primer $10 to $20
Painting Brush$3 to $20
Tapes$3 to $10
Drop Clothes$5 to $30
Tray $2 to $5
Rollers$20 to $100
Painting Kits$20 to $30
Total$63 to $205

If your surface requires a primer, don’t think about skipping it. Some people may try to use white paint instead

But this is not a good idea as white paint doesn’t provide enough durability. 


Question: How much paint do I need for a 12×12 room?

Answer: If your wall height is 8 feet then 1.5 gallons of paint is enough. If you’re painting the ceiling too, then a total of 3 gallons should do the trick.

Question: How long does it take a painter to paint a 12×12 room?

Answer: If you’re only painting the wall, then it takes only 5 to 6 hours. But trimming, painting the ceiling, and caulking will add more time.  

Question: Why do painters charge so much?

Answer: Painters can charge high because the whole project depends on the finishing. Without a good painter, it’s impossible to bring a vibrant look to your house. 

Parting Words

That was all on how much does it cost to paint a 12×12 room. We do hope that was enough to give you a surface idea about the total cost. 

By the way, always make sure to verify the service’s authenticity before hiring. You can do that by contacting multiple services. 

Finally, have a nice day and happy painting!