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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom? [Answered]

The bathroom is the most frequently used room in a house. It can be used by one to multiple people. That’s why people often think about remodeling their bathrooms.  But the cost of remodeling the bathroom is a lot.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The total cost of remodeling a bathroom ranges from $2,500-$28,000. The cost mainly depends on the size of the bathroom. It also depends on what materials you’re gonna use. Labor fee is another important portion of the whole cost. 

Based on area location material prices can vary. 

That was the preview of the whole discussion. Read along with us to know in-depth about the bathroom remodeling cost.

Let’s start!

Remodeling Bathroom Cost Calculator

For your comfort, we’ve added a remodeling cost calculator. You can see the total remodeling cost without the labor fee. We didn’t add the labor fee because it varies a lot. But the typical cost will be $65 per hour.

MaterialsTypical Price RangeMid-Range PriceLuxury Price Range 
Bathroom Fan$15-$50$60-$190$200-$400
Bathroom Vanity$300-$3,000$2,000-$3,500$3,000-$5,500
Faucets & Plumbing$250-$1,500$800-$3,800$1,500-$3,500
Door & Windows$200-$1,800$500-$2,000$1,000-$3,000
Total $2,445-$15,900$20,410-$38,640$40,250-$68,900

Wondering how you’ve come up with such an amount? We’ve explained all the cost criteria in detail to you.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

Bathrooms go under renovation pretty often. But if you’re planning to remodel the whole bathroom you’d need a solid plan. The remodeling cost of a bathroom depends on many factors. That’s why the whole project should be properly planned. Just like how you’d calculate the cost for building a tiny house beforehand.

Determining a budget for bathroom remodeling can be tricky. That’s why you should list down the main criteria to understand the whole budget. These are where you should start from-

  • Room size
  • Materials quality
  • Labor cost
  • Regional price differences

Make your plan based on these criteria before working on remodeling. Whether it’s a master bath, half-bath, or small-bath the criteria apply to all.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Based On Size

The first thing to look out for is the bathroom size. Depending on the size you’d get a rough idea of the remodeling cost. 

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

A master bath remodeling costs $10,000-$30,000 or $10,000-$15,0000 on average. Luxury bathroom remodeling can go up to $50,000 that includes high-end fixtures and accessories. The Master bathroom’s size differs from 100 sq. ft-160 sq. ft. usually. You can use high-end and custom-made designer products to make them luxurious. 

The main costing comes from a separate tub and shower, double vanity, and storage. People also include separate changing areas, separate toilet rooms designed for two people. You can make a shower dimension for two-person with so much space. High-end flooring and painting for the master bathroom cost a fortune.

Half Bathroom Remodel Cost

A half bathroom size differs from 25-50 sq. ft. The price range for remodeling a half bath is $5,000-$15,000. If it’s only partial remodeling the cost comes down to $1,500-$2,000

A half-bathroom contains only a sink and toilet. The sink might be installed in the vanity or on a pedestal. You can choose wall-hung toilets as well but that’ll cost you a little more. Usually, the sink is installed facing forward to the bathroom entrance. In some older homes, the sink may be installed at the opposite end. You can also tile the corners of your bathroom floor at this cost.

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

A typical small bathroom remodeling costs from $2,500-$10,000. These bathroom sizes vary from 15-25 sq. ft. Since the area is small, you’d need fewer materials for your bathroom. So, it’s easy to minimize the cost on small scale bathrooms

You might be wondering about other sizes. Well, here’s the approximate remodeling cost based on square foot area at a glance-

SizeSquare Feet AreaAverage Renovation Cost
3’x5’15 sq. ft.$1,800-$4,100
4’x6’24 sq. ft.$1,900-$4,400
5’x7’35 sq. ft.$3,500-$7,000
5’x8’40 sq. ft.$4,000-$8,000
5’x10’50 sq. ft.$5,000-$10,000
7’x7’49 sq. ft.$4,900-$9,800
8’x10’80 sq. ft.$8,000-$16,000
10’x10’100 sq. ft.$10,000-$20,000

This calculation is without the consulting and labor fee. 

Material Price

Material cost carries 50% of the total cost when renovating a bathroom. It may even exceed the cost of moving a garage. It can’t be helped since the bathroom materials are costly.

You may or may not plan to change all materials. But it’s important to have an idea about the price range for each. We’ve made a list of the prices based on luxury, mid-range, and typical material cost.

Get your budget list ready according to the range-


The total estimated price of material for a luxury bathroom is $40,050-$68,500. A luxurious or deluxe bathroom remodel is usually done in the master bath suite. Having a luxury master bathroom is like a dream for most of us. Master baths are built with a lot of space. So, the remodeling cost is automatically higher. 

Now, let’s take a look at the price range of materials for luxurious baths-

MaterialsLuxury Price Range 
Bathroom Vanity$3,000-$5,500
Faucets & Plumbing$1,500-$3,500
Door & Windows$1,000-$3,000
Total $40,050-$68,500


Mid-range bath remodeling falls under the average costing range. The total material price range is approximately $20,350-$38,450. This type of budget is usually selected for an expensive half-bathroom and a cheaper version of master bathrooms

You can remodel small bathrooms with such materials as well. But as they are smaller in size, not all materials would be needed.

Below we’ve mentioned the cost breakdown-

MaterialsMid-Range Price
Bathroom Vanity$2,000-$3,500
Faucets & Plumbing$800-$3,800
Door & Windows$500-$2,000
Total $20,350-$38,450


This price listing is most appropriate for a tight budget plan. The total price range is $2,830-$17,950. This pricing list is appropriate for small and moderate half-bathrooms

Here’s the listing-

MaterialsTypical Price Range 
Bathroom Fan$50-$300
Bathroom Vanity$300-$3,000
Faucets & Plumbing$250-$1,500
Door & Windows$200-$1,800
Total $2,480-$16,100

Labor Fee

Labor cost is a significant amount when it comes to bathroom renovation. In most cities, the labor cost per hour is $50- $75. This takes up a lot of your budget amount. That’s why always calculate the labor cost while you’re about to renovate something with professional help.

To remodel a bathroom you’d need to hire a contractor who sub-contracts other works. To remodel a bathroom, you’ll need to take account of these costs-

  • General constructor rate: $300-$400 per day
  • Plumber fees: $1,000-$2,000 (depends on the work)
  • Interior design consultant fees: $150-$500
  • Carpenter fees: $70 per hour
  • Electrician fees: $40-$100 per hour
  • Tile Installers:  $5-$10 per square foot
  • Wall painters: $40-$75 per hour

For bathrooms with less than 100-square feet area, it’s best to hire a handyman. Because half-bathrooms or bathrooms under 100 sq. ft. are too small projects for contractors. Hiring a handyman will cost you 50$-$100 per hour

Location-Based Cost

The pricing of different materials varies depending on the location. The remodeling price may be higher or lower in some areas than the said amount-

City/StateAverage Cost Range
New York, NY$8,900-$28,700
Los Angeles. LA$7,500-$24,000
Chicago, IL$7,700-$24,600
Philadelphia, PA$7,600-$24,300
Houston, TX$6,500-$20,700
Dallas, TX$6,500-$20,700
Detroit, MI$7,200-$23,000
Denver, CO$6,800-$21,600
Seattle, WA$7,500-$24,200
Washington, DC$6,900-$22,100
Las Vegas, NV$7,200-$23,100
Oklahoma City, OK$6,600-$20,900
Kansas City, MO$6,900-$22,100
Virginia, VA$6,400-$20,300
New Jersey, NJ $800-$18,750
Atlanta, GA$6,600-$21,000
Portland, OR$7,100-$22,700
Miami, FL$6,500-$20,300
Boston, MA$6,500-$19,500

This pricing includes the material fee, labor fee, and installation fee. It’s roughly the whole amount of money needed for the bathroom remodeling.

Other Types Of Bathroom Remodel [Optional]

It’s a pretty common scenario where you may need to expand your bathroom size. The cost for expanding the bathroom size is a bit expensive. But it’s still worth it if you can increase the area for your bathroom.

Another important fact is making your bathroom accessible for people with disabilities. We’ve added a proper product table for it.

Bathroom Space Expansion Cost 

Expanding the size of your bathroom might cost you from $1,000 to $15,000. The main worries are electric routing, plumbing lines, and structural engineer fees. Here are the factors where you’d need to spend money-

Plumbing line cost: $450$-$1,800 per fixture

Rerouting electrical wires: $2-$4 per square foot

Upgrading electrical panel: $800-$1300 for more power

Structural engineer: $350-$750

Architect fees: $1,000-$2,000

Drywall installation cost: $1.60-$2.35 per square foot

The demolition cost of the bathroom ranges from $350-$1,000. This amount might get added if you need to demolish your toilet. The price range differs on the bathroom size. The cost will increase with each square foot area. Also, to demolish and expand the toilet size you might need a residential permit.

The permit cost for such cases ranges from $350-$1800.

Bathroom With Disability Support Remodel Cost 

To remodel a bathroom that supports disabled people will cost you $1,500-$9,000. The costing area will include handicap-accessible products like grab bars, railings, walk-in bathtub, etc. 

Sometimes you’d need to think of the toilet and sink heights as well. Barrier-free shower widened doorways, and handheld showerheads are also to be included in the list.

You only need to change a few fixtures and accessories to make it disability-supported. Here’s the pricing list of the accessible products that need to be replaced.

MaterialsTypical Price Range 
Barrier-Free Shower$600 – $3,000
Cabinets/Vanity$1,200 – $2,500
Sink & Faucet$100 – $1,000
Grab Bars$100 – $500
Toilet$400 – $1,000
Doors$700 – $1,500

How To Save Money On Remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling isn’t a cheap project. You have material, labor, and installation costs to think about but that’s not all. You’d have to hire contractors and engineers for this project. But if you’re a DIY mindset you can reduce a lot of extra expenses. 

You can try the following tips to save money on remodeling your bathroom-

Do The Demolition Yourself

The demolition price for the bathroom ranges from $350 to $1,000. You can do it yourself unless you need to break down a wall. Demolition works like ripping out old tiles, uninstalling a bathtub can be done by yourself. All you’d need is some equipment to do the job.

Doing such small parts all together can save up a lot of amounts. But you must be careful with the equipment so that no damages are caused.

Do Your Own Painting

Painting the walls is one of the easiest jobs you can do by yourself. Although it takes skill for giving a smooth finishing, some mistakes can be overlooked. Most of the painters work for $40-$75 per hour. This labor cost can be avoided if you paint the walls yourself.

For small bathrooms, you won’t even need that long to finish the painting. If the bathroom is bigger in size, take your time to paint it. There’s no need to rush the work and make mistakes.

 But make sure you’re picking the right paint for the bathroom ceiling and walls. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the results and will have to spend more. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. According to us, these are the paint we suggest you use-

Product 1
Product 2

Use any of these to get the perfect results. 

By the way, some paints have mold inhibitors added to them. Using such paint is safer for your bathroom. It also lengthens the longevity of your wall painting. Even if your paint isn’t mold-resistant, you can add mold inhibitors to your paint.

Buy Off-The-shelf Fixtures & Accessories In Clearance Sale

When we say products bought-in-clearance sale there’s always a misconception about them looking cheap. But that’s not the case all the time. 

You can buy pretty decent products on sale as well. But you’d need a bit of luck and patience for that. 

Even if they don’t look like high-end products, they are still new. They will give your bathroom a new and fresh look.

Reuse Bathroom Fixtures

When remodeling a bathroom you’d want to upgrade everything. But if you’re tight on budget, use the components that are still well. 

Bathroom fixtures like sink, toilet, bathtubs are not easily broken. So, if those don’t have any major issues, reusing them will save you some extra money.

Hopefully, you’ve got a rough idea about bathroom remodeling costs. As you are already thinking of remodeling. You can look into bath fitters to improve the appearance. Don’t forget to include the cost of bath fitters.


Question: Do I need a building permit for remodeling my bathroom?

Answer: If remodeling your bathroom doesn’t involve changing the structure then no. structure changing refers to wall demolition, rearranging plumbing, and electrical lines, etc. Simply changing fixtures, tiles, cabinets won’t require taking a building permit.

Question: How much does it cost to retile a bathroom?

Answer: The cost for retiling depends on the bathroom’s size and the tile’s price. The lowest amount to retile bathroom is $500. The price range can be as high as &6000 if you retile the full bathroom.

Question: How much does it cost to remove a bathtub and install a shower?

Answer: To make bathtub to shower conversion you’d need around $1,200-$1,000. The cost of this project depends on several things. For example, the tub’s condition, its weight, and how hard it’s to uninstall matters. Also, the shower’s size material and mold-mildew condition, water damage can raise the cost.

Final Words 

That was all about how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom. Hopefully, now you can draw up a nice budget plan to remodel your bathroom. Don’t forget to prioritize accessibility over luxury. We hope the provided information comes to your help.

Good luck with your renovation project! See you next time!