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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A 10×10 Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

It’s super easy to get bored of the design or old appliances. However, you can always spice it up by remodeling your kitchen. It can also increase your house value. But remodeling a kitchen involves a lot of money so you’ve to plan ahead. 

How much does it cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen? 

The average cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen is around $22,000. But the national price range is between $13,000 to $30,000. The price mostly varies kitchen layout and appliances. Painting, flooring, and rewiring will cost you some extra as well. The average cost to remodel a 10×20 kitchen is almost double. They range between $19,900 to $49,000. 

Anyhow, that is just a short preview of the whole discussion. We’ve provided more than breakdowns and discussed different cost factors. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about remodeling and other relevant processes!

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Calculator

Want to calculate how much kitchen remodeling is going to cost you? With the help of this, you can easily count the overall estimate by yourself. 

10×10 Kitchen

Design Fee$520$880$1,200
Plumber Cost$520$880$1,200 
Kitchen Sink $390$675 $900
Kitchen Faucet$390 $675 $900
Rewiring$260$440 $600
Lighting$325$550 $750
Backsplash$650$1,100 $1,500
Painting$780$1,320 $1,800
Flooring$845$1,430 $1,950
Counter Replacement$1,300$2,200 $3,000
New Appliances$1,690$2,860 $3,900
Cabinet Remodeling$2,860$4,840 $6,600
Doors & Windows$520$880 $1,200
Installation & Labor$1,820$3,040 $4,200
Others$130$230 $300
Total $13,000$22,000$30,000

10×20 Kitchen

Design Fee$700$900$1,500
Plumber Cost$1,200$1,500$4,000 
Kitchen Sink $390$675 $900
Kitchen Faucet$390 $675 $900
Backsplash$650$1,100 $1,500
Counter Replacement$1,300$2,200 $3,000
New Appliances$3,000$5,000 $8,000
Cabinet Remodeling$4,500$6,500$9,000
Doors & Windows$800$1,100$1,500
Installation & Labor$3,000$6,100$8,500
Total $19,930$32,200$49,000

Shocked to see numbers like these? Well, no worries because we’ve got your back. Keep reading to find out how these numbers have been measured. 

10×10 Kitchen Remodeling: Full Cost Breakdown

Whether you’re furnishing the whole house or remodeling a kitchen, you’ll need solid plans. Because all house projects consist of multiple cost factors. And all of them are equally important. 

That’s why you’ve to count the overall estimate for kitchen remodeling. The same goes for when you’re calculating the cost to furnish a 3-bedroom house

There are multiple factors that are going to affect your total cost. To help you understand better, we’ve categorized the process into different sections. 

Each aspect has a lot to talk about. There are a lot of upgrade options you can consider within every single category. 

Just sit back, relax and read the following sections one by one. By the end of the discussion, you’ll be able to guess the total estimate accurately!

Design Fee

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll need to get some designs. Depending on the complexity of the design, the price will vary. 

Having a solid design or a 3D rendering image can make your job easier. For design, you can consider paying about 4% of your total budget cost. 

For example, in a $30,000 budget, you can spend at least $1,200 on designs

You can also hire a kitchen designer or a specialist to design your kitchen. They can take up to 17% of your total budget. 

We’ve listed the total possible cost for different options:

Design Fees$520$880$1,200
Kitchen Designer$3,000$4,000$5,100

The specialists will charge you a lot of money. Unless you’re remodeling a fancy kitchen, there’s no need to hire them. A simple design plan or a designer should suffice. 

Plumber Cost

Plumber cost is the total fee charged by your plumber. Like a designer, you’ll also need a plumber to work on your kitchen.

If you’re changing sinks or faucets, a plumber will be necessary. An average plumber can charge you from $45 to $200 per hour

This rate depends on how complex the plumbing will be. The more plumbing there is, the higher the charge will be. 

But some partial plumbing can be done by yourself. Like, you can always install the faucet diverter yourself. It’s easy and hardly requires a plumber. 

This option will certainly save you money. 

Kitchen Sink

In kitchen remodeling, changing the sink is a must. Your kitchen won’t feel new if you still keep the old sink. 

Simply put, your kitchen’s overlook partially depends on your kitchen sink alone. That’s why you’ll need to spend at least 3% of your budget on kitchen sinks. 

There are two kinds of kitchen sink remodeling. Remodeling by type and remodeling by material. We’ve discussed both to give you a better picture. 

Sink Type

There are mainly two types of kitchen sinks; single and double. Almost all designs of kitchen sinks can be categorized into these two sections. 

Both of them have different costs and other positives and negatives. Expect to pay between $375 to $675 if you’re installing a new sink. 

For now, here’s a list we’ve made about kitchen sinks:

Sink Type BudgetAverageLuxury
Single Sink$375$430$500
Double Sink $475$550$675

As you can see, a single sink costs less money than a double sink. But there is only a $100 difference. That’s why it may not be that big of an issue for some people. 

Sink Material 

Changing the material of your kitchen sink also falls under remodeling. By adding marble or stainless steel kitchen sink, you can enhance the aesthetic.

There are a lot of options to choose from. For an acrylic kitchen sink, you’ll need to spend around $250 to $450. But a granite sink will cost you between $400 to $700

Here, we’ve listed the materials and their price range:

Sink MaterialBudgetAverageLuxury
Stainless Steel$375$430$575
Cast Iron$400$550$700
Copper $800$1,000$1,200

These are approximate of what you’ll likely spend. That’s why I spend wisely when getting a new kitchen sink. Always make sure you’re staying within your budget. 

Kitchen Faucet

Like kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets can also enrich the look of your kitchen. There are many types of kitchen faucets you can choose from. 

Among them, the monoblock and single-handle faucet cost less. They cost between $150 to $250. But fancy faucets like this are priced around $350 to $1,000. 

We’ve made you a shortlist of faucets for you:

Faucet TypeBudgetAverageLuxury

Keeping your faucets clean at all times can also increase your kitchen looks. So, don’t be disheartened if you can’t manage a solid budget for faucets. 

Speaking of faucets, we’ve listed some of our favorites:

Faucet 1
Faucet 2

You can now choose between them and buy the one you like the most!


The total rewiring cost depends on how many appliances you’re changing. It can also increase if you change the layout of your kitchen. 

The average rewiring cost for a 10×10 kitchen is between $260 to $600. But they can increase high depending on what remodeling you’re doing. 

Here’s a short table to help you understand better:

Rewire TypeBudgetAverageHigh-end
Partial Rewiring$250$350$500
Full Rewiring$400$600$800

As long as you’re not changing layouts, you won’t be charged high. 


A kitchen also needs proper lighting to look good. A kitchen without gorgeous lights won’t be able to achieve a nice finish. Kitchen lighting is essential for the overall ambiance & theme.

There are different concepts of lights; ambient, accent, and task lighting. Choose your theme beforehand before completing the lighting. 

As usual, there are different lights to choose from. Some are within budget; some aren’t. But it’ll cost you around $325 to $750 to get some good lighting. 

We’ve made you a list and elaborated on this furthermore:

Lighting TypeBudgetAverageHigh-end
Wall Lighting$100$250$450
Pendant Lighting$150$300$450
Under-cabinet Lighting$400$450$500
Toe Kick Lighting$400$450$500
Recessed Lighting$800$1,300$2,000

Lighting can take up to 8-9% of your budget sometimes. But try to keep it under 3% if your budget is under $30,000.


A backsplash is mandatory for protecting the wall from water damage. It can also prevent the back of cabinets from getting stained. 

Installing a backsplash isn’t cheap. Actually, the cost is pretty high. But we don’t recommend skipping it. A backsplash should cost at least 5% of your budget. 

Depending on the material, the cost can vary. We’ve included different types of backsplashes to give you a better idea:

Backsplash Material BudgetAverageHigh-end 
Porcelain Tile$600$800$1,200
Ceramic Tile$600$850$1,200
Stainless Steel$900$1,200$1,500
Glass $900$1,000$1,200
Aluminum $900$1,200$1,500

From the table you can realize that it’s a lot of money. But by managing your budget properly, you can easily manage the cost.


It won’t be a remodel if you keep the old painting. Painting is essential and can give life to your kitchen. 

For painting jobs, you can expect to pay at least $600 to paint your kitchen. For a better job, the price will gradually increase. 

Try to keep a solid 5-6% budget for painting and you’ll be just fine. For example, a small budget of $13,000 should have $700 reserved for painting. 


Like painting, flooring is also important to ensure a great look. Material-wise, there are multiple choices when it comes to flooring. 

Average flooring will cost you around $300 to $4,000. Some stone flooring can cost up to $23,000 for a 100 sq. ft. kitchen.

To save you time, we’ve made you a small list:

Floor MaterialBudgetAverageLuxury
Cork $900$1,200$1,500

All of these prices are based on a 10×10 kitchen. Therefore, you’re likely to spend money around these price ranges.

Counter Replacement

Countertops are one of the most important parts of the kitchen. It’s where you work and that’s why it must be top-notch. 

Because of that, countertops should take at least 10% of your entire budget. For example, in a budget of $30,000, $3,000 should be spent on countertops

The average size of kitchen countertops is 30 square feet. That’s why we’re going to guess the estimate based on that area. 

Here’s what you’re looking for:

Stainless Steel$1,500$4,000$7,500
Slate $1,500$3,500$6,000
Soapstone $2,100$2,600$3,600

These costs were based on 30 square feet. Expect to pay more or less if your countertops are bigger or smaller respectively. 

New Appliances 

You can’t call it a remodeling if you don’t replace the old appliances. The total estimate will depend on how many new appliances you choose to get. 

New appliances cost a lot of money. Because of that many homeowners choose to replace only a handful of appliances. 

Here’s the average estimate of new appliances:

Appliances BudgetAverageLuxury
Coffee Machine$50$100$200
Garbage Disposal$150$250$500

That’s why new appliances should be bought wisely. Because otherwise, you won’t be able to spend freely on other things.

Cabinet Remodeling

Cabinets consist of a lot of space in your kitchen. That’s why changing cabinets is always a must. 

The average cabinet cost of a 10×10 kitchen can total between $2,860 to $6,600. This cabinet cost is counted by linear foot. The longer your cabinet, the higher the estimate will be.

Here’s what you should expect to spend on cabinets:

Cabinet TypeEstimated Price (per linear foot)
Wall Cabinet$100 – $300
Base Cabinet$150 – $500
Corner Cabinet$180 – $1,000
Utility Cabinet$500 – $3,000

Based on the types, these are prices you’re likely to be asked. 

Cabinet Remodeling By Material

The cost can also be impacted by the material you’re using. If you’re using wood, the average cost will be $100 to $300 per linear foot

But for steel cabinets, it’ll be $1,000 to $1,500 per linear foot

Here, we’ve listed the most used materials and their estimated cost:

Cabinet MaterialEstimated Price (per linear foot)
Plywood $100 – $300
Steel$1000 – $1,500
Hardwood $150 – $600
Acrylic$5,000 – $20,000 (per cabinet) 

And that brings us to the end! Some materials have a really high price. As a result, no need to be bamboozled! Fancy kitchens require some fancy cabinets, right? 

When remodeling a kitchen, you’ll need to keep your kitchen utilities somewhere else. During this period, a dumpster/bagster works like a charm. Both options work and they’re low cost too. 

Here are some of our top recommendations:

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure to get big enough boxes so that you can pack everything perfectly. 

10×10 Kitchen Remodeling: 2 Different Ways To Guess the Total Estimate

We have so far mentioned the cost based on kitchen size. But there are 2 other ways to calculate the price. Let’s say you’re calculating the cost of rewiring a house. This cost can vary depending on what level of rewiring you choose to do. 

Similarly, depending on your remodel type and layout, the cost can vary. On top of that, if you want a luxury finish, the total cost will skyrocket. 

That’s why we’ve discussed different layouts and remodel types:

Cost Factor 1: Kitchen Remodeling Cost By Different Layouts

For a 100 sq. ft. kitchen, there are 2 layouts that work the best. Galley layouts are the most common. The other one is called the L-shaped layout.

These layouts can bring a significant change in total remodeling cost:

Layout TypeBudgetAverageLuxury

This table can be confusing if you don’t know anything about the layouts. That’s why we’ve given a short preview of all of them. 

Galley Layout

In the galley layout, you can have one or two kitchen walls. Galley kitchens can extend up to 12 feet long. So, this layout is perfect for a 10 feet kitchen. 

For a good galley kitchen, expect to pay between $5,000 to $25,000 for remodeling.

L-Shape Layout

For an L-shape layout, you’ll need at least 100 sq. ft. of space. It allows you to have a more open area than other kitchens. 

The average cost to remodel an L-shaped kitchen ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. 

U-Shape Layout

The U-shaped layouts aren’t that common in a 10×10 kitchen. But depending on your house, it may be possible to install that. 

This layout is also called a horseshoe layout. It has 3 sides and they can be shortened by adding cabinets vertically. 

It takes around $15,000 to $50,000 to remodel a U-shape cabinet. 

Cost Factor 2: Kitchen Remodeling Cost By Remodel Type

Have you decided what sort of remodeling you’re considering for your kitchen? If not, you should as kitchens, bathrooms remodeling costs also vary by project type. 

For instance, projects involving only painting and cleaning cost less money. But if you’re changing everything top to bottom, it’ll cost a lot! 

Based on remodeling types, the average cost can range between $5,000 to $75,000. 

For a clearer picture, we’ve made you a small chart:

Remodel TypeBudgetAverageHigh-end 

As you can see, remodeling types can affect the overall cost greatly. That’s why I always make sure to plan a specific remodel type. 

Cosmetic Remodeling

This involves painting or repainting the walls and cabinets. Simply put, improving the overall looks of a kitchen. That’s why it only costs between $7,000 to $10,000. 

Mid-range Remodeling

In this budget, you can replace a lot of appliances. Depending on them, the average cost ranges between $11,000 to $25,000. 

Full-scale Remodeling

Full-scale remodeling means a complete change in layouts and appliances. These projects can cost around $26,000 to $50,000. 

Luxury Remodeling

This remodeling is the same as full-scale remodeling. The only difference is you install the top-grade appliances. 

For a luxury remodeling, expect to pay between $50,000 to $150,000.

Remodeling Cost Differences for 10×20 Kitchen

10×10 kitchens may be super common among most American households. But there’s a lot of 10×20 kitchens as well. One of the biggest advantages of having a 10×20 kitchen is the extra space.

A 10×20 kitchen is considered twice the size of a 10×10 kitchen. You can also add island layouts that require a counter in the middle. Most of the remodeling is the same; so it’ll be brief. 

An average 10×20 kitchen has a size of 200 sq. ft. So, the cost is likely to increase a lot. You’ll need to pay more for plumbing, rewiring, flooring, and painting. 


Unlike 10×10 kitchens, 10×20 kitchens provide you with more layouts options. That’s why we’re mentioning this first.

Before we’ve only talked about the Galley, L shape, and U shape layouts. But with 10×20 kitchens, you can try Peninsula and Island layouts:

Layout TypeBudgetAverageLuxury
Peninsula Layout$10,000$30,000$75,000
Island Layout$20,000$40,000$100,000

As you can see, these are both high-end layouts. These kitchens can boost your house value sky-high. If you’re doing them to increase house value, think about the neighborhood as well. It’s hard to sell a high-end house in a common area. 

Painting & Flooring

Bigger kitchen requires more resources to paint and floor. And that total cost is affected by it. That’s why you’re going to spend more in this category. 

Painting fees are almost the same but it may require some extra time. The cost differences can be considered negligible.

But flooring will require extra resources and it’ll cost you almost double. Here are the total approximate based on 10×20 kitchen:

Floor MaterialBudgetAverageLuxury
Cork $1,800$2,400$3,000

These are the main factors that you should be looking out for. The rest of the cost will be comparatively high but not so much. Most Americans end up paying more for floors, layouts, and appliances. 


Question: Can you remodel a kitchen for $5,000?

Answer: It mostly depends on the remodeling that you’re trying to do. If you’re just repainting and changing some appliances, it’s doable. $5,000 is more than enough for basic remodeling. But you can’t change layouts or plumbing under that budget. Except, if it’s a small kitchen. An 8×8 kitchen can be remodeled for $5,000. 

Question: In what order should you remodel a kitchen?

Answer: Start by hiring a plumber to inspect your kitchen. Then do the plumbing and rewiring. When that’s done, paint the kitchen and finish the flooring. Install the countertops and add the cabinets afterward. If you’re changing the lighting and other features, it’s best to do it now. Then, place the appliances and do the rest. 

Question: How can I save money on my kitchen remodel?

Answer: Re-using old appliances and cabinets is a great way to save money. You can also DIY install sinks and faucets to further reduce the cost. Most importantly, do not change the kitchen layout. Refrain from changing the lighting and fixtures. Because rewiring and plumbing can boost the total price really high. 

Question: What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Answer: The answer actually depends on you. But on average cabinets cost a lot of money. The more stylish cabinets you want, the more it’ll cost you. Besides, lighting and appliances can also cost a lot of money. Other than that, changing layouts may require a professional plumber and electrician. 

Final Words

That was everything on how much does it cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen. We hope that you’ve found the answers to all the questions you’ve had. 

Make sure to get multiple quotes from different services. This way you can avoid paying extra. Your city or state can also be a cost factor, so remember that too. 

Finally, have a nice day!