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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Commercial Kitchen?

We might often need to rent a commercial kitchen. It might be difficult to find the correct one at a reasonable price. The cost to rent a commercial kitchen can vary dramatically depending on different perks.

How much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen?

The cost of renting a commercial kitchen is $15-$35 per hour. It varies from kitchen to kitchen depending on size, location, amenities of that kitchen. You can rent a shared or private commercial kitchen, a current restaurant’s kitchen. Also, you can look for some non-traditional commercial kitchens as well.

In case you are still confused, we got your back. We’ll discuss everything on the cost of renting a commercial kitchen. So let’s dive right into the details!

Benefits Of Renting a Commercial Kitchen

There can be many reasons behind renting a commercial kitchen. Many small food businesses often use commercial kitchens to serve greater numbers of consumers.

A lot of chefs who don’t have establishments, use commercial kitchens to serve their food.

Many start-up restaurants also try out their food in the market through commercial kitchens. Since it doesn’t require large investments it serves as a demo for their food.

This also helps the businesses to have access to expensive machineries without investing much. Another big reason is that the kitchen already meets food regulation laws.

The chefs can use the kitchen without any legal worry. Because it’s short-term, chefs can use commercial kitchens according to their needs.

Small businesses without access to expensive amenities can access them through commercial kitchens. These are a few of the most important reasons to rent a commercial kitchen.

Cost of Renting a Commercial Kitchen

The cost of renting a commercial kitchen is determined by a number of factors. The renting cost mostly depends on location. Also, size, style, storage, type, amenities, etc are determining factors of the rent.

Normally, renting a commercial kitchen can cost from 15$ to 35$ per hour. But a more expensive location will lead to higher rents.

Commercial kitchens can also be rented for a month. The monthly rental cost can range from 300$ to 800$ depending on the location. You can also rent many commercial kitchens for a day.

The monthly renting plan is generally the most cost-effective.

Think about convenience more than the looks of a kitchen. Like, staggered or straight tiles in the kitchen. Emphasize utility more than looks.

Primarily two types of commercial kitchens can be rented. One is shared and another is private. The cost of renting differs drastically between rents of these two types of kitchens.

Additionally, you can rent a restaurant’s kitchen and some non-traditional commercial kitchens. Both of these do the same job as a private or shared commercial kitchen.

Renting a commercial kitchen comes with some added fees. So, let’s discuss all of this now.

Shared Commercial Kitchen

Renting a shared commercial kitchen can be ideal for serving a smaller crowd. In need of smaller space and storage, a shared commercial kitchen is optimal.

The cheapest choice for renting a commercial kitchen is to use a shared commercial kitchen. It can cost approximately around $15-$25 hourly and $250-$350 monthly. But the cost can get higher depending on its location and features.

It’s cheaper because you are not paying to rent the kitchen alone. But, finding a shared kitchen according to preferences can be quite challenging. Also, lack of privacy can be an issue for many people.

It’s a shared kitchen and people will move around a lot. This might hinder a lot of people’s work. Along with that, the lack of specialized equipment can be a problem for many.

You’ll have a fixed time slot to use the kitchen.

Scheduling the perfect time slot according to your needs can be quite challenging. But it is worth the trouble once you find the suitable one for you.

Private Commercial Kitchen

Renting a private commercial kitchen is the most expensive choice. It’s similar to a shared commercial space but with more space and storage. It also offers specialized features.

A private commercial kitchen can cost 30$ to hundreds of dollars per hour. Monthly rents can cost from $750 to $1200 approximately depending on the location. 

Some specialized equipment and machinery can be found. In private kitchens, you will also have more storage for your convenience. 

Mostly, the commercial kitchens that are given on rent are huge. And you’ll have access to the entire kitchen. So, if you’re looking for more workspace then you will be benefited. It is ideal for serving a larger crowd. 

You should also look for essential kitchen amenities before renting a kitchen.

Chefs who need specialized equipment can benefit from this type of kitchen. Working for a longer period and on a great scale is optimal.

Thus, hiring a commercial kitchen is significantly more expensive than a shared commercial kitchen.

Restaurants Kitchen

Many restaurants rent out their kitchen when they are not active. If your working hours don’t overlap the restaurants you can easily rent their kitchen.

A restaurant kitchen can cost the same as a shared or private commercial kitchen. The price is mostly determined by the kitchen’s features. Also, negotiation between the two parties contributes to determining the rent.

Ideally, the restaurant’s kitchen will have all the necessary amenities you need. Additionally, it is less costly than renting a commercial kitchen.

This will provide you with the benefit of having your own kitchen while saving money.

Non-traditional Commercial Kitchen

We have talked about the traditional commercial kitchen. Now let’s talk about non-traditional commercial kitchens.

In this case, you have a lot of options in your hand.

In most cases, this will cost you less money than the other two. You can rent kitchens of different institutions, such as universities, schools, churches,  etc. So let’s get down to business.


Universities have big kitchens even though they don’t use them regularly. Many universities are open to renting out their kitchens for extra income. As a result, they may perform the same functions as a professional kitchen.

Also, universities also focus on the well-being of the students. Kitchens might cause accidents and harm the students. Thus commercial kitchens include carbon monoxide detectors. Even a slight problem in an oven can set off a carbon monoxide detector.

Culinary Schools

Culinary schools are hard to find but they have amazing kitchens. If your area has one then you might as well try to rent theirs.

Community Centres

These centers aren’t always booked. So when it’s vacant you can try to rent their kitchen for your use. You’ll have access to all of the amenities of a full-fledged kitchen without difficulty.


Schools have decent kitchens which they don’t always use. So when schools are closed you can rent their kitchen for your use.

Even though school kitchens might have issues. For instance, you might have to adjust old cabinet hinges before using them. But, It is still a viable option.


Kitchens in churches are mostly inactive except Sundays and special days. So when it is vacant you can rent the kitchen for your use.

Additional Costs

Renting a commercial kitchen also comes with several additional fees. Depending on your preferences, you will require various tools and accessories.

Some kitchens require memberships, security deposits, business licenses, etc. These requirements can cost thousands of dollars to fulfill. 

The cost of membership might range anywhere from $300 to several thousand dollars. On top of that, the security deposit can also be quite a lot.

A business license may be required to rent a commercial kitchen. From registration to licensing, the whole process can cost from $75 to $7000.

The cost depends on your type of business and location.

Additionally, you may need a food handler card and product liability insurance. This can also cost hundreds of dollars.

Lastly, if you need to make changes in anything, don’t do it by yourself. For instance, if you need to extend the kitchen faucet supply line. Don’t do anything that might damage the accessories of the kitchen.

Otherwise, you may have to pay an additional charge.


Question: What happens if I cross my paid time for the kitchen?

Answer: People mistakenly go overtime in the kitchen very often. Then the renter has to pay extra money to compensate for the mishap. 

Question: How much does it cost to build a commercial kitchen?

Answer: Building an industrial-grade kitchen can be very costly. Depending on size and location it can vary from 100,000$ to 500,000$. On top of that, the facilities and machinery will also determine the cost.

Question: How do I find a suitable commercial kitchen?

Answer: There are websites and public databases where you can look for commercial kitchens. Filter the kitchens based on your preference and shortlist them. After finalizing your choice, contact the rentee for further information.


Got your answer on how much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen? Hopefully, we were able to address all your concerns through this guide. If you have any further queries about anything do let us know.

Look forward to seeing you in the future post!