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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Furnace Blower Motor [Explained]

It’s not uncommon to see your years’ old furnace blower motor go bad. The choice is to either repair it or replace it. Repairing is not always fruitful as it’s not a long-term solution. So, it’s better to replace it.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace blower motor?

The standard cost to replace a furnace blower motor ranges from $250 – $2,000. The cost for replacing mainly consists of the motor price and the installation cost. But the size and speed of the motor determine its price too. Other factors like the brand value, warranty, installation complexity also regulate the price.

That was the quick sneak peek of the entire issue. Clearly, it’s not enough to get the whole picture. So, here I’m inviting you to read this piece to gather all your answers.

Let’s begin!

Replacing Furnace Blower Motor Cost Calculator

It’s normal to get confused about the total cost of replacing your furnace blower motor. Because many factors work behind determining the cost. 

But to help you out, I’ve made a simple cost calculator. It’ll help you to get an exact money figure for the total cost-

HorsepowerCost By SizeInstallation CostTotal Cost
One-Quarter Horsepower (¼)$100-$550$150-$250$250-$800
One-Third Horsepower (⅓)$100-$800$150-$250$250-$1,050
One-Half Horsepower (½)$120-$1,000$150-$250$270-$1,250
Three-Quarter Horsepower (¾)$175-$1,500$150-$250$325-$1,750
One Horsepower (1)$250-$2,000$150-$250$400-$2,250

Still confused? I understand. That’s why I have broken down this cost calculator and explained every cost factor. 

Replacing Furnace Blower Motor Cost Breakdown

The cost of replacing a furnace blower motor isn’t much. But it might still cost more than the cost of replacing a water heater. So, it’s best that you gather some idea of the cost of blower motors.

In my above segment, I’ve mentioned the total figure you might need for replacing. But now, I’ll be breaking down the costing factors in more detail for you. This way you can calculate the total cost by yourself.

Cost Of New Furnace Blower Motor

The cost of a new furnace blower motor depends on its type & size. When choosing a motor, know that it’ll carry 80% of the total cost. For replacing a blower motor, it’s best to get an exact model replacement unit.

That is replacing the same type of blower motor that you had previously. To know which type of motor you had, check out the serial number. The serial number of your blower motor should be labeled on its body.

Clarify with the manufacturer to see if the same model can be achieved. If not, find some other model that will be compatible with your furnace. 

There are always some universal models available that are compatible with almost all furnaces.

After deciding on the model and brand, decide the motor size. Blower motor size is decided by its horsepower. 

Here’s the pricing list for different sizes of blower motors-

HorsepowerCost By Size
One-Quarter Horsepower (¼)$100-$550
One-Third Horsepower (⅓)$100-$800
One-Half Horsepower (½)$120-$1,000
Three-Quarter Horsepower (¾)$175-$1,500
One Horsepower (1)$250-$2,000

Normally it would be better to take some professional help when choosing the motor. An HVAC professional can tell you exactly what you’re going to need. They can even help with upgrading the parts. 

Installation Cost

The installation cost of a furnace blower motor heavily depends on the motor type. The higher the size and power of the motor, the more complex it’s to install. 

The average installation cost of a furnace blower motor is $150-$250. The minimum installation cost you can expect is $100-$200. Usually, HVAC technicians charge $75 to $125 per hour.

The time needed for the replacement is 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The technician would first inspect the faulty motor and then diagnose its problem. After that, comes the removal part of the old motor.

Once he’s done removing, the new motor will be installed. And lastly, he’ll check if the motor is working properly or not. For additional changes, the technician might charge more. 

Here’s a list of the installation costs for different motor supplies-

Types Of Motor & SuppliesInstallation Cost
Single Speed Motor$85-$175
Multi-Speed Motor$115-$430
Variable Speed Motor$280-$875
Blower Wheel (if necessary)$70-$215
Capacitor $4-$15
Installation Accessories $10-$20

Factors That Determine Furnace Blower Motor’s Replacement Cost

The above two mentioned factors are the ones that mostly determine the total cost. But other than those, there are some other factors too. 

I’ve discussed them below-

Type Of Furnace Blower Motor

When it comes to the blower motor you have two choices. One is ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) and another is PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor).

First, you’d need to know the dissimilarity between both types. Then you can choose which one would be a better match for your furnace. You can just rely on your HVAC specialist in this case too.

But I have decided to give you some insight into both types. So that you’ll be able to decide on your own. Let’s start with ECM blower motors. 

ECM motors models are based on variable speed units. It can adjust the airflow of the furnace to an optimal level. 

It is done by measuring the right temperature needed for the home. An ECM blower motor auto generates such temperatures.

PSC blower motors have only one speed and that is full speed. The motor blows at full speed all the time when it gets activated. 

So, as you can see it is overkill. Because it’s always performing at full force even when it’s not necessary.

Despite working at full force, ECM motors are costlier than PSC motors. That is because ECM motors can have multi-speed functionality. So, it can provide more efficient air movement by using less energy.

ECM motors are also quieter than PSC motors. PCS motors use high energy. So, your electric bill might be skyrocketing every time you’re switching it on. Generally speaking, an ECM motor is the better choice here.

Replacing the PSC motor with an ECM motor is also possible. Nowadays, people shift to using ECM motors for better performance and efficiency.

Motor’s Cost By Parts

It’s not always the whole motor that is malfunctioning but a certain part is. Maybe a single part has gone bad and the motor is not functioning properly. Then replacing the whole motor is not the only option for you.

Just replacing the faulty parts would be enough. But how to tell which part has gone bad? 

This is the job of the HVAC technician so you don’t have to worry. For part replacement, you just have to buy newer parts.

The cost for the installation will also vary depending on the motor part. The easier it is to replace, the less it’s gonna cost to install. 

For you to know better, I’ve included the cost of different parts below-

Blower Motor PartsInstallation Cost
ECM repair kit$40-$60
Belt $5-$100
Blower Wheel/Squirrel Cage$50-$275
Housing $100-$300
Pulley $50-$250
Shaft $50-$200
Capacitor $150-$450

The capacitor is the costly one among other parts of the motor. So, it’s important that you choose a premium quality capacitor. Need some help here?

These are some good quality capacitors then will last for a long time-

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure to do some maintenance of the blower motor every now and then. That way it’ll serve you better all the time.

Motor’s Cost By Size

As you’ve already seen, the price of the motor is dependent on its size. The bigger the size of the motor is, the more it costs. I’ve mentioned the cost for regular-size blower motors above.

The blower motor size is decided by the furnace size. You’d need a compatible-sized blower motor for your furnace. To know the blower motor size, first, do the CFM measurement. 

Once you calculate the CFM, you’ll know what horsepower motor you’ll need. You can do the calculation yourself. 

But it’s not really necessary. Because the HVAC technicians usually deal with this part.

Motor’s Cost By Speed

Motor speed is another factor. Furnace blower motors can be single-speed, variable-speed, or multi-speed. Depending on which type of speed you’re gonna pick, the product’s price will vary.

For example, a variable speed motor’s installation costs more than a single variable motor’s. Similarly, a multi-speed motor’s installation cost will be more than a variable-speed motor. 

A PSC motor works at only a fixed speed. So, you won’t see price variation for PSC motors based on speed. 

But ECM motors are made of variable speed. You can even get multi-speed ECM motors. 

And of course, they’ll cost you more than single-speed motors.

Motor’s Cost By Brands

There are many superior brands in the market to choose your bowler motor from. The brand of the motor is important. Buying from a renowned brand has its own pros and cons.

Some of these brands have a higher price on their product due to name value. Most of their products also provide a good service. But when it comes to buying an HVAC unit some brands overcharge their product.

The same product can have a large price difference. This can happen even though both companies are using the same quality parts. That’s why do your research before you’re going to buy an HVAC product.

Getting advice from an HVAC professional will come in handy here. The table below shows the average price of a blower motor by different brands-

Name Of The BrandsAvg Cost Of Blower Motor
Carrier $100-$1,600
Lenox $150-$1,500
Trane $175-$1,500
Rheem $250-$900
Goodman $75-$800

York is the most renowned brand when it comes to buying HVAC units. But it is also the costlier among other brands. 

Trane, Carrier, and Lenox are also good companies. But the pricing is high.

Rheem & Goodman would be a good choice if you’re looking for a moderate price. Their product gives good service. Also, the cost is way less than brands like York, Carrier, or Trane.

Adding A Blower Wheel

Sometimes the replacement of the blower motor comes with changing the blower wheel. They are made to retain the air moving back and forth of the furnace. 

After many years of use, the blades of the wheel can go weary. The build-up dirt ends up clogging the blades of the wheel. And when this happens the furnace ends up working in overdrive.

That is to keep the air circulating. Due to this the heat changer also gets damaged. The heat exchanger would gradually get hotter and raise your electric bill significantly.

It also lowers the life expectancy of the furnace. Avoiding changing the old blower wheel might end up damaging the furnace. And the cost of replacing a furnace is no joke. 

Rather than shortening your furnace lifespan, it’s better to change the blower wheel. It’ll only add a few hundred to your total cost. But at least it’ll keep your furnace safe.

Installation Complexity

The installation complexity of replacing blower motors can raise your cost. The complexity of the installation lies with the location selected for installation. 

It’s usually installed near the base area of the furnace. The air filter should be located next to it. Sometimes installing locations might need to be changed or customized. 

Your HVAC technician would notice you if such a case arises. If the installation becomes complex, the cost may rise to a few dollars.

Nevertheless, the installation process can’t be much of a complex job. You won’t have to worry about other HVAC works like running ductworks through truces.

Those might only come with replacing the total furnace. So, you don’t have to be too worried about the installation costs.


The cost of blower motor replacement can be reduced if you have a warranty. Most major companies give 5 to 12 years of warranty for blower motors. That’s an advantage of buying blower motors from good brands.

Even separately installed motor parts have a warranty issued. If you don’t remember the warranty period, check on the manual of the product. 

You can also find the warranty period on the internet. Just look for the model number with the brand’s name on the internet.

If the motor goes bad during the warranty period, you can just exchange it. You might just have to pay the installation price for it. But make sure to check all the warranty conditions first.

How To Save Money On Replacing Furnace Blower Motor?

The cost of replacing a furnace blower motor isn’t much. But the urge to spare a few dollars isn’t unnatural. Especially if you’re tight on budget at the moment. 

Although there isn’t much scope for it here are some tips that might help-

Reduce the Budget On Motor

Reducing the budget for the motor doesn’t necessarily mean buying a bad product. I have mentioned before that the blower motor’s price differs by brand. 

You can’t buy an undersized motor for your furnace. But you can reduce the price by buying the motor from less expensive brands. Even with a lower budget, you can get a great blower motor. 

There are many brands out there that will offer you great products at moderate prices. All you need to do is conduct some research time on it. Also, try to get professional suggestions on this. 

DIY Install For Motor

Installing the blower motor can also be an option if you know how HVAC works. Installing the motor is not a complex job for many. You’d just need some prior electrical and HVAC knowledge for it.

With some replacement instructions for the blower motor, you can do it by yourself. But only attempt to do it if you’re more or less knowledgeable on this. Prior experience in HVAC or electric works will be helpful.

But if it’s a completely new thing to you, don’t go for DIY installation. There’s always a chance that you might jumble up everything and hurt yourself. That might even result in spending more than the initial installation cost.

So, if you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, leave it to the professional. Spending a few dollars is better than risking the new motor and your health.

Hopefully, you’ve got a general idea about all the costing factors now. Choosing a new blower motor for replacement should be easier now. 


Question: How to tell if your furnace blower motor has gone bad?

Answer: There are a few signs that indicate if a furnace blower motor has gone bad. You’ll firstly find frail airflow from the vents. It might even appear that no air is flowing from the vents. But the energy bill keeps skyrocketing. And you might hear weird noises when the heater is turned on. The blower might be overheating and sometimes there’s a weird smell as well. These are all the signs that tell that it’s time to replace the motor.

Question: What kind of sound indicates a bad blower motor?

Answer: You might be hearing a loud banging or a thumping sound from your furnace. It might even be a metal clanking sound as well. The loose or broken metal parts could be the reason for it. Whenever you hear such noises, shut off the furnace completely. It’s not safe to run the furnace with a malfunctioning blower motor inside.

Question: How to reset a furnace blower motor?

Answer: To reset your furnace blower motor, first shut off the power of the furnace. Remove the blower compartment on the furnace afterward. Let the blower cool down completely. After it’s cooled off, locate the reset button and press it. The blower motor should be successfully reset now.

Final Words

That was all from me regarding how much it costs to replace a furnace blower motor. I hope you’ve got all the answers you were looking for.

Changing HVAC parts is a critical job. But it can be done with ease if you hire an expert HVAC technician. 

So, always try to hire a good technician for your work. Even if they cost a little more it’s worth it. 

That’s it for today. See you on another project!